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  1. Sounds great, thanks! I tried to PM you but it doesn't seem to be going through. Feel free to reach out anytime
  2. Hi there, i realize this post is old but are any of your Rahi Control S1 still available? I'm very close to completing a full set Thanks!
  3. Ahh you're so close too! Unfortunately I don't have spares of those either I've heard Cyclone is particularly hard to find, I suspect their color scheme is more prone to being listed incorrectly on BrickLink (metal blue vs sand blue vs light blue and the various gray options for the tail). If I come across any you need I will give you a heads up
  4. Hi everyone, I'm 4 kraata from a full set and would love to buy the remaining ones at very generous prices. I'm looking for Illusion (green/tan stage 6) and Cyclone (metal blue/pearl light gray stages 2,5,6). I would also consider trading some spare Kanohi or Kanoka. Thanks!
  5. The 2.0 sets. Cookie-cutter designs got old a while ago
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