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  1. They're a bit strange, but they act like all they do is for the Greater Good. What do you think?
  2. So I have enough money for a Rolls Royce Phantom or a house. Which one should I pick?
  3. Well, nothing dies truly. Fingers crossed, I guess. I just hope that the quality of the sets gets better, becasuse the last 3 years of Bionicle were pretty badly designed.
  4. Well, the identity of the GB's Biosector01 page has been editted already. Go on to Biosector01.com at your own risk
  5. Where in the Bionicle Universe do you think the Shadowed One and Ancient's homeland is located?Note: Odina is probably not where they came from, as it seems the Shadowed One and Ancient travelled the Universe to look for a place to launch the Dark Hunters. Odina also does not match the description of The Shadowed One's homeland in the Dark Hunters book either.
  6. Can someone explain to me what Spirit Stars actually are in the Bionicle Universe? I rewatched the second Bionicle movie, and now I'm sort of confused.
  7. Angonce. Although we only found out about him recently, he was one of the Great Beings to support Mata Nui being built
  8. 2010 and 2011, Greg's original movie plans. Another good year would have been 2008.
  9. It's definitely been a while since the last update to this story. Good luck to Greg for finishing up the final story lines
  10. Spiriah. He had an interesting backstory. I wasn't particularly happy with him dying, but oh well
  11. Draw between the Shadowed One and Vezon. The Shadowed One is completely insane and doesn't seem to really care about anyone besides himself and his Dark Hunters Organization. Vezon is deranged in a somewhat comedic way, but still deranged.
  12. Since the Ignika was trying to follow the example of Matoro and start following the Toa Code, killing something, even if it was an enemy, isn't exactly going along with the rules.
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