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  1. I was thinking same thing. Save them for my children.
  2. Thanks. I will tell you most barbaric thing ever said on this forum)))) I had 2004 Toa Vakama and Onewa, Turaga Vakama, Gahlok, Takanuva 2008, Takanuva 2010, Avak, Dekar, Defilak, Ehlek, Gaaki, Malum, Mata Nui. Out of these Vakama Oneva Vakama, Gahlok, and Malum were given away without my knowledge year ago, and my Avak, Ehlek and Mata Nui, Takanuva 2010, and Takanuva 2008 sets fell apart because of 2006-2009 joint socket quality.........i had to trow them away back in 2017 mainly because they were not worth anything, and i did not want to waste time to sell them. Now i feel little bit of regret, but hey, what's done is done. I keep my Bionicle remaining sets mostly for nostalgia. They are nostalgic for me too. And i feel pretty much same as you do, they were part of my childhood. Especially my Kopaka. He is my first toa. I see what i do with them.
  3. Good luck with your thing)). I guess i can try to sell them. I dont know any thrift stores in my city, but i see what i can do. But i'll keep at least Kopaka, because he is my first Bionicle. Thank you. It gets me little comfortable.
  4. As i'm getting older, i cannot help but think, that i need to do something with my Bionicle. But i wonder, do any of you guys still have your Bionicle sets? I'm asking because im getting 30 soon, and i feel little bit of discomfort, cuz i chouldn't keep 7+ sets. Especially because i have only 5 Toa Mata sets and thier canisters, Makuta titan form, and Titan Mata Nui. I don't think they would be interested to anyone since they are all in used condition. That brings little shame on me, because i'm 30 years old, and still have Bionicle sets.
  5. Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition, and Immortals Fenyx Rising
  6. their boxes have logo style similar to Toy Story logo
  7. It's a matter of time, if you ask me. Bionicle was great toy line for its time, and generation. But certainly there would be more successfull franchises in the future.
  8. Where did you get translucent yellow Ignika? Did you made it by yourself, or it was promotional mask?
  9. I was wondering, why is Spartan Minifigure is so expensive? Is it because of it's rarity, or because something else?
  10. Don't mind it. Do not take it personally. Not all of the fans are like that. I once had a post about quality of joint sockets of 2007-2009 that tey are worse than those of 2001-2005. Some people were like you said, called me hater, or like that, but some were civil, and we had normal conversation. Generally, almost every time i ask something here, people are answering normaly, and explaining some stuff i dont know.
  11. Raph

    Bots on BZP?

    How do i understand if it is a bot? For example, how can i understand that the topic is started by a bot? I just never encountered one here.
  12. Perhaps they have had initial plans from the beggining, but changed them since.
  13. Hi again gathered friends. Listen again my question about Bionicle. I noticed, that in Bionicle universe there are no wheels. At least i didn't see them not in comic books, not in the movies. I remember that when i watched Bionicle 2, in the scene when Vakama Nokama and Matau are going to Canyon of Unending whisper to free thier friends they are travelling in some sort of multipedal wehicle. Now, i strictly remember that on some old forum, if i would be able to provide the link i will, Greg mentioned that when Bob Thompson was in charge of Bionicle story team, he established some rules, one of which was that there are no wheels used in Bionicle, at least not in MU. Now my question is, do any of you have any particular anwer, as to why this rule was established?
  14. Thanks for such a detailed response. Indeed it is ironical that it protects some fans. But my thought, if we may call it that way, is not that i want for LEGO to somehow press on fans who use thier products to print aforementionet prints for example. It's just for me as a fan of original BIONICLE series, is somewhat unpleasant to see that they are faking them. I mean, they can produce something on thier own. Why duplicate that, which is already exists? Only because it is simplier? Whell, if that makes some of them comfortable.....
  15. He was laid off then. You were right. I wasn't able to read his post, because i wasn't registred on linkedin. I'm sorry.
  16. What makes you think so? As i see in this topic, he just said that his journey with LEGO may come to an end. It does not mean that he was laid off.
  17. I think he just decided to leave LEGO on his own. It does not have to be so bad, him been kicked out by LEGO. The man has been writing and working with LEGO for 20 years. 20 YEARS. He just got tired. As for Bionicle, i agree, afther 2010 story, each and every of us just finished G1 with his\her own imagination. Personally for me Bionicle canon was never some restriction, but mere support for my creativity. Shame that some stories were left unfinishe thou.
  18. that may have some logic in it, considering what Turaga Lhikan said to Makuta: "Makuta! You were sworn to protect matoran" indicating that Makuta was a protector at the start. Maybe Makuta convinced Dume, that he needs Mask of time for some research purposes. Anyway, thanks. But i like to hear more theories.
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