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  1. i have some big plans for when i inevitably become crazy famous

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    2. The Dark Chronicler

      The Dark Chronicler

      I know. First thing I learned is to always lie about my plans. Ruling the world is so boring. Who would want that much responsibility and pressure.


      No, my plans are better than that.


      Or are they?

    3. Voxumo


      The fact you are trying to shed doubt about your original statement shows that it was your original plan and that you are now ashamed by it

    4. The Dark Chronicler

      The Dark Chronicler

      Nah, ruling the world means everyone else who wants to rule it will want to kill you, plus you have to deal with constant rebellion and the fact that the normal people heavily outnumber you. Not only that, but all of your time would have to focus on trying to deal with problems, such as people complaining about taxation or suggestions that your minions are allowed to have a more diverse dress code, or raises. The levels of work needed to merely hold onto that power simply isn't worth it.

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