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    Anyway, I like Reading, Gaming, Bionicle, Lists, and More.

    My favorite Bionicle(that I own) is Gadunka

    My favorite book is Dune(but not the sequels)

    I'm currently reading:
    -Neon Genesis Evangelion
    -Lorien Legacies
    -The Order of the Stick
    -Gundam Origin

    I've seen a few anime, here's a short list:
    -Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    -Naruto Shippuden
    -Gundam 00
    -Persona 4 the Animation
    -Devil Survivor 2 the Animation
    -A Certain Magical Index
    -Attack On Titan
    -Soul Eater
    -Gurren Lagann
    -Haruhi Suzumiya

    And I'm currently watching Kyousougiga and Nichijou

    I'm going to watch:
    -Madoka Magica
    -Rebuild of Evangelion

    I own a couple of games:
    -Icewind Dale I & II
    -Civ 2
    -Civ 3
    -Minecraft Pocket Edition
    -SD Gundam Capsule Fighter
    -Spore(no expansions yet)
    -Cave Story Classic
    -Dwarf Fortress
    -PC Minecraft
    -Maldita Castilla
    -Infra Arcana(Omg I luv this game)
    -Bloodline Champions
    And 2 games from this site:
    -Piraka Mania
    -Bionicle Fighter: Broken Virtues

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  1. So, I see people here have been following TTP to. Zapdos is the new false prophet D:
  2. I finished Madoka! And I will never find a way to watch Rebellion
  3. Now I have the image of Makuta Yagami in my head.
  4. The Anime fixes the pacing a bit. And the art looks 100% better.
  5. I finished Steins;Gate yesterday! All in All, pretty awesome. And it fills out my Top 5! TLW'S TOP 5 ANIME(as of now) -Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood -Fate/Zero -Bakemonogatari -Steins;Gate -Gurren Lagaan
  6. BZPRPG weapons? and the Perk system looks cool. reminds me of Smite
  7. still not as good as the Man Your Man Could Smell Like
  8. BOUNCY BLOCK?! We'll need to make a trampoline at spawn then I concur
  9. Same. Thirded. The colloquial term will eat all. four.....fithed? fourthed? fourfthed? 4ed. there, that works
  10. those bass battles were awesome. and if you like the movie, the final two exes were very different in the comic. plus the comic is better IMO
  11. Y'know, someone played this song on a Musical Tesla Coil
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