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  1. Don't make your trolling this obvious next time, 'kay?
  2. So..... anybody here like Star Trek?
  3. I guess in Soviet Russia, guns don't kill people, people kill guns.
  4. I vote for me. 'Cause. (if that's not permitted, I vote JL)
  5. I think you're missing the point. The problem isn't that all-male casts exist, it's that they are, as you said, predominant. Ideally we'd have all-male casts, all-female casts, and mixed casts (and we do, just not as often as we should).
  6. I think we should have that as an actual option in the next Mafia game. Whoever's hosting next, take note. Please.
  7. Beyond the Eyelids -- Riverside That is some seriously cool bass.
  8. Well, gosh dang it. We're all gonna die.
  9. Well, I did not see that coming. Can we lynch them both, just in case?
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