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  1. On the promotional material it always said "72+ ?". In my opinion the "misprints" are definitely intentional. It's too big of an oversight from Lego.
  2. Of course it makes most sense that if a Demo like this would have been released we would have known of it after all these years. But I like that some people never give up their hope, and it gives me hope too By just keeping the LOMN discussion alive, there's always a higher chance of someone finding some version of the game, even if it's a developer Demo, Alpha or Beta... Anyway, looks like someone on youtube ripped videos from one of the 2001 demo CDs. It seems that these demos in fact probably just includes videos. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLh9o-GvfXb1ga8xO9SJGKpY9EblHf74gR Biomedia also has one of the Demo CDs as an ISO http://biomediaproject.com/bmp/lmp/promo-cds/
  3. One week later and this still feels surreal! I am so grateful to the anonymous person that ended up finally leaking this game to us fans. Like everyone else I am now super excited to see if we can get hold of a Beta version as well!
  4. This is extremely interesting indeed! Has anyone made any progress to debunk this yet?
  5. Fixing the colors are number one priority when I make another run of these! Thanks for the other feedback, I will see if it's something I can work on I do not want to make reproductions of already released sets, as I think it crosses the line of counterfeiting. I only want to make original unreleased boxes if I am going to start any new projects!
  6. Thank you for the compliment! I spent so many hours working on the deign, and I am happy to hear when other collectors appreciate it
  7. FOR SALE Selling custom designed boxes for the unreleased Sand Tarakava set and 8530 Mask Pack! These are custom boxes ONLY, no parts included! PLEASE NOTE: The colors from the printing process are a bit off compared to other 2001 sets. It has more saturated blue tones. (See last pictures for comparisons to official sets) The boxes will be shipped flat for safest delivery.Shipping worldwide!Standard shipping does not include tracking but can be added for additional cost. Ebay Feedback IMGUR Album: https://imgur.com/a/AsU4W *Sand Tarakava: The Sand Tarakava is an unreleased Prototype of the "8549 Tarakava". A handful of prototypes are said to have been released to collectors.The set has gained a high status for collectors, and is very popular to build replica MOCs for, since the set goes so well together with the 2001 Bionicle line.The box design and size are based off of the Nui-Rama set.Dimensions: 23,8 x 14,3 x 5,8 cm Price: 19USDShipping: 7USD *Mask Pack This artwork was never officially released for the European Mask Pack, (which were released as polybags). The stock-image artwork has been frequently used (wrongly) by database sites though.The box design and size are based off of the 8525 Mask Pack.Dimensions: 9,4 x 7 x 3,6 cm Price: 13USD Shipping: 4USD
  8. I just made the thumbnails smaller, if you check the bottom of my first post I have a link to the imgur album with high-res images!
  9. Hey guys, I finally took the time to get some scans of the old flyers that I kept from back in the day. These were usually stacked in the Bionicle cardboard displays some toy shops had. I firstly wanted to share the ones I got my hands on, but I also ask you guys to share yours if you have any additional ones that I never saw They seem to be fairly rare nowadays, I haven't seen anyone else post anything about them Enjoy! Kraata Rahkshi Bohrok Kal 2003 Booklet Link to Imgur album: http://imgur.com/a/bNMfK
  10. Is 50USD+ Shipping too little for the VMKK CA? Do you have other VMKK?
  11. x6 SEALED 8538 Muaka & Kane-Ra, hahah what??? xD Your inventory is just insane, cannot believe how many sealed products you have collected!
  12. Nice display! Looks very good with the LEDs I have the majority of my collection stashed in boxes, the sets are in their canisters or bagged. Here's what I do have on display at the moment though:
  13. Well it's not uniquely molded for just the Bionicle masks, we have seen them on several other comic con figures, that's why I thought that it seemed plausible that Lego perhaps had mass-produced it and used it for some other "easy to get" promotional set. Thanks anyway for the response
  14. Hey BZP, I have a concern and question about the blister packs that we have seen the promotional translucent masks in, as well as some other lego minifigs from Comic Con. Sadly these are quite fragile, and if not shipped right they will easily get damaged. Do you guys know any cheap, or easy to get sets that has these blisters and that would be possible to use as a replacement? Or did Lego pretty much only release them for Comic Con? (Picture as example of the packaging) Thanks
  15. How much is the shipping to Sweden? Very interested
  16. Haha wow that was a really great deal, I'm not suprised that both of the lots are gone already
  17. I think about 0,77USD / 0,5GBP per kraata is a fair price to aim for
  18. I had to get Pohatu first as he was my first Gen1 set aswell
  19. Oh lord... I genuinely feel bad for the person winning this. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lego-very-rare-white-metal-Krana-Kal-bionicle-mask-Lot-2-/291543140054?hash=item43e15346d6%3Ag%3AqUwAAOSwd0BV08NY&nma=true&si=E%252FK7%252FASHsnnzXe1RQyORcKurhIc%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  20. The IKEA Ribba frame is about 18USD, and I think I spent about the same amount on the Lego pieces for it including the shipping The black background paper was only a few dollars I think and the certificate holder was just something I had laying around, as I also collect trading cards. The rest are just standard supplies like paper and glue. I do have to mention that you need to have someone helping you when doing this though, I would never be able to build it if I didn't have some help to discuss the measuring and most importantly, someone beeing able to hold rulers etc when you do the gluing Anyhow, I guess the total cost for this would be something like 40USD or less?
  21. Thank you guys so much! I will actually have this displayed at a local Lego exhibit here in Sweden this fall, that's why I added the informational box in the corner to make it look even more displayable And yes the purple krana were released in two shades! Unfortunately I don't have the variant set completed yet as you have to buy random lots of them on bricklink and 'hope' to get the shades you need, because they are always listed as just "purple" which makes it a bit hard
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