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    1. Bonkle


      I can grasp the concept of Pepe and an array of other memes but I still do not understand vaporwave or aesthetic in the slightest

    2. user-402520536
  2. Heeeeey happy birthday!

    1. doodleloot


      Didn't see your comment until now, thanks!

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    2. Arzaki


      Yeah, that's definitely one of my favorite albums I've heard.

    3. Dane-gerous


      A E S T H E T I C G R I P S

    4. user-402520536
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    2. The Forgotten Chronicler

      The Forgotten Chronicler

      But I have a few Engex left from the 1980's movie, how much does the pinker one cost?

    3. user-402520536
    4. The Forgotten Chronicler

      The Forgotten Chronicler

      *Flies the Lost Light and opens up the cargo area, revealing Engex all through the ship*

      I forgot to mention, I was the guy who produced the Engex for the movie

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    2. user-402520536
    3. Bonkle


      My math teacher always asks us a question before class starts like what's your favorite superhero or whatever. One time, he asked us what it means to be human, knowing full well there were two near-geniuses in the class. It sparked a debate that took nearly the entire period. It was funny to see them argue and watch the idiots try to sound smart.

    4. user-402520536
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    1. Nescent


      Thanks Aerixx, glad you like it! Hopefully I can get some new music uploaded before too long.

    2. user-402520536
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    2. Sybre


      Definitely. And if he's seeking to right his wrongs, he'll get his socks knocked off by the tidal wave of respect coming at him.

    3. user-402520536
    4. Sybre


      Darn, that's true. People get an opinion and stick with it! But hey, if at least a hundred people are convinced, that's still significant when you think about it.

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