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  1. Nice! Any chance we can know the shipping costs before buying? Edit: Never mind, it's in the Checkout process.
  2. Lol sweet MOC, it fits the bill rather well. Almost tempts me to make a Toa Ruby to match it. XD
  3. The gun definitely fires... but you can only reach the trigger in scythe mode. XD So... maybe something to work on someday. :P
  4. The idea of making Qrow's weapon has crossed my mind. I don't have any plans on doing it at the moment, but hey, maybe when I get tired of this scythe... =P The thing is unfolded piece by piece. I don't even want to think about what kind of system it would take to make the whole thing transform on the push of a lever. XD Yeah, my creations tend to be far more bulky and technic heavy instead of loaded with greebles, especially a high function weapon such as this. Hmm... I don't have a clue how Yang's gauntlets would work, or why it should even be bothered with since their folding into gloves doesn't really... do anything. =P Lol thanks. This wasn't meant to look like the Crescent Rose so much as work like it, which is why the whole color scheme is a bit off as I don't have the right parts to color this thing properly. The barrel of my earlier remake was complete crud, so I decided to make things more interesting.
  5. So here's my remake of RWBY's Crescent Rose. https://media.giphy.com/media/o2E3kEG9RCTaU/giphy.gif CrescentRose 2.0 5 by Brickobotface, on Flickr CrescentRose 2.0 2 by Brickobotface, on Flickr Gallery: https://www.flickr.com/photos/134131110@N07/albums/72157678759693191
  6. http://www.mememaker.net/static/images/memes/4670255.jpg Made this one a while back but never bothered to upload it.
  7. You're not expected to do that at all. Would you rather they just didn't release instructions? Would you rather struggle to make your own version? *COUGHCOUGHMAKUTACONTESTCOUGH*
  8. I like them a lot and believe that how they should be used depends on the situation. At the moment, however, there's a lot of colors that I want in trans shell parts, such as more trans blue, trans green, trans red, trans brown/black, and so on. I think the current colors have had their day and some should be phased towards the back in place of others every few years, it'd keep things fresh.
  9. Honestly, as long as G2 has a satisfactory ending, I don't really care whether they bring it back. After Bionicle I simply want a well done constraction line that can take it's place that isn't Star Wars.
  10. If I had a Bionicle poster that awesome I would totally put it on my wall.
  11. True, but it also forces the image of Marvel's MCU Odin into my head. I don't think it would be flattering for Ekimu to be associated with one of the worst parents in history.
  12. Kopaka: Did someone just say TIIIMMMMMMMEEEEEEE????? Ekimu: No DON'T- *Vwashoomp* Kopaka: It is now officially... 'another time'. Ekimu: ...Dude you just wiped Okoto from existence...
  13. Thanks! Reported to the front page! Man, make no mistake. The Journey to One may not have the smoothest animation, flawless pacing, or an extraordinary story. But its art direction is really amazingly beautiful. Just look at some of these stills! Those temples seem awfully haphazard to me, even for ancient wrecks... But meh, quibbles.
  14. What if he could get Jack Nicholson to voice Karzahni? But, other than that, I tremble when I think of Sandler at the helm. HEEEEEEERRRE'S KARZAHNI! XD Joking aside, Jack Nicholson would be flippin' awesome as Karzahni. Or perhaps Vezon... I love these ideas! Or maybe Johnny Depp could play Vezon or Lewa. Considering that Johnny Depp tends to play rather wild unusual characters, I'd say he'd do Vezon quite nicely.
  15. 1: I get to choose the color schemes for all of 2017's Bio sets, which means that everything will probably be in transparent colors we haven't had yet in constraction or very little of as well as chrome. 2: I get all of above sets for free. 3: The above two wishes happen for 2018 and the circle of epicness continues (until I run out of color ideas, but since I like getting free sets, I'd probably come up with stuff for a long time :3). (You can see pretty clearly where my priorities are for this line... ) Others (in no particular order at the moment): -One MONSTROUS book of the entire G1 saga, including preexisting stories and serials but written in such a way that it all meshes well together instead of just a compilation of various writings. -Canonize Nescent's epic Rahi projects and make online instructions for all of them as they are all (more or less) combo models in the first place. -A Bonkle live action movie that's on par with the current Marvel-DC-Transformer movies in terms of quality, special effects and whatnot (but not on par with language and inappropriateness and whatnot, cause seriously, who wants it?)
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