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  1. I have a NIB copy of Onua, the Master of Earth, from 2015, who is quite scarce in stores now. He's even considered "Retired" by LEGO. He's a pretty nice set with some really nice technic parts, and even some pieces that are exclusive to him (so far). As you may have read in the title, I'm am looking for Uniter Onua in return. If you have any other deals, let me know. Thanks for viewing. EDIT: I'm going to check if my LEGO Resale Shop will buy the set for a good price.
  2. I'm pretty sure I entered for this. I posted my photo here, and on Flickr before the deadline, but I don't see my entry here. Maybe I entered in the wrong place?
  3. This is a really neat post! I have seen a Tahu and Protector of Fire Display at Walmart before. I don't have a picture with me right now, but I remember taking one. I'll try to find it soon.
  4. BZPower March 2016 Flickr Contest Entry This is my Self-MOC, Brezika. Brezika has the title of Guardian, along with his element, which is Sun. He was an islander to Okoto, guarding and assisting the Protector of Earth, but after falling into a pool of energy, he was transformed into a large being. He was then appointed by the protectors to find Umarak and the Elemental Creatures. He is a gentle, shy type of persona, but he will defend his close ones. The MOC is supposed to be a combo of System, Technic, and CCBS, with some Bionicle G1 Parts to contribute. I tried to give the MOC a Technic and Bio-Mechanical feel. I also tried a custom torso, based off of TTV Message Board's Dingus's Design. I really like how it turned out. Have a great Easter viewers, and I hoped you enjoy. Photos are in this Flickr Album.
  5. Got back from checking my TRU. No bait. I did get my little sister her Christmas present though!
  6. Just called my TRU. They said they got some new shipments of LEGO Sets, but they are not sure if they got any Bionicle Sets. Might as well go and check over there. I may as well check the LDC in Grapevine to see if they have any, but that's a long way from here.
  7. Great Review Black Six! After watching this review, I can wholeheartedly say that Terak is one if my favorite creatures. I really enjoy these creatures for taking advantage of the regular CCBS system, and going to its limits, by adding functions and pin-connected parts! Those Gold-Trans. Clear Flame Pieces are just what I need for my Self MOC, as well! Terak does everything well. From his color scheme to his function, he's a really solid set, especially just for $10!
  8. Wow! Now this is one of the most, if not the most, impressive Bionicle MOCs I have seen. This is why people should use System more often in their Bionicle MOCs, as it's really effective.
  9. Wow! This is an extremely nice looking remake of the famous Bohrok! It looks really good, and still has the Ball Function! Kuddos!
  10. After looking at these sets as they progressed, I have a good thought of my final opinion. My opinion has definitely changed in a positive motion. I think most of the Toa are pretty nice, and I love the custom torsos, which surprisingly have some back coverage. Most of the masks look pretty nice, or just okay, and the new Swivel Function is going to be really fun. Tahu has some neat flames swords, a great build, and an good mask. His color scheme has been doused with Trans. Redish Orange and Gold, which is really irritating, to be honest, and I guess Tahu didn't make up his mind on what texture he wanted, or should I say his designer. Gali has a nice build, but her legs are out of proportion, and I like how her asymmetrical armor is placed on the box (lower leg), but in the photos, it looks completely gappy, and a little bad. Her weapon is nice, and her colors are good, but I like the yellow from this year a little better than I like orange for 2016. I will be fixing her lower leg to where it will look like the Vorox Armor will look like it's a skirt, like someone on the TTV Message Boards was going to do for his revamp. Pohatu is really nice, except for the colorscheme. I don't like the two different shades of green (I'm hoping it's a rendering error, like Anachir metioned), and there needs to be a lot more dark orange. I am happy for the addition of Brick Yellow (or Nougat?) His build's definitely improved, and I like his armoring better, I feel like they could bigger shells on the lower legs and arms. I hope the Vorox Armor is not only connected by one pin, as that would make it loose. His weapon is awesome, but the "Spear" is unnecessary, and I would rather it just be a "Boulder Wrecking Ball". Kopaka is probably my least favorite, as he has some meh armoring, somewhat generic weapons, and I guess he couldn't make up his mind on his color scheme, or should I say his designer. I like his Vorox Armor Build, as well as his new armor build for the lower legs, and I enjoy his recolors. I think his mask is probably the best part about him. It looks nice, and you have the option of changing the scope-eye to a different color (like changing it to Trans. Red, like in the movies). Lewa is extremely nice, as he uses some really nice custom lower legs and upper arms, he has a consistent color scheme, and his armoring is done really well. His weapons are really weird, and quite mundane, though, and his color scheme is the same, considering he doesn't have Keetongu Orange any more. Onua has to be my favorite, though. He has a really nice look to him, the skull ribcage and bulky armor making him look muscular, and the colorscheme being extremely consistent and really nice. His big "Shooter Jackhammer Drill" is really cool, and works extremely well with his Swivel Function. I also like his extra ammo on his lower legs, just like Kopaka and Umarak. His mask is nice, but it's not my favorite. Onua is also a great "parts pack" featuring some wonderful recolors, that actually look really good on him. He has a great build, and though I kind of miss the Hulk Chestplate, he still accomplishes the bulky look, in different ways. Umarak looks really nice and meanicing. His colorscheme is nice, being different from the average villian, and he really has a nice aesthetic that makes him look like a hunter. His legs are a little bare in some areas, but I appreciate the custom build for the lower legs. His bow is nice, and I know I'm going to have a BLAST aiming and shooting the bow when using the swivel function ( Pun intended, HAHAHA). I like how he can unite with the creatures, and I really like that he has an armor piece on his back, though his arms are really low. Overall, Umarak looks really good. I won't give my opinion on the creatures right now, but I will say, I like most of them. Overall, I really like the 3rd Wave to the 2nd Generation of Bionicle. The sets look really nice, and I really enjoy the Technic Custom Torsos. I can't wait to get my hands on these sets, and I can't wait to add my own touches and revamp them.
  11. Wow! This is a really nice giveaway. I hope I can win one of them!
  12. I will agree, the green, black, and brown look really nice, but the edition of dark red is kind of unnecessary, and looks a little strange.
  13. I think all the sets look really nice. Tahu's build is really nice, and Ikir has a lot of creativity. Though Tahu's colorscheme isn't my favorite, and his weapons look strange and a bit clunky, he still looks pretty good on the whole, and the "slashing" function on the weapons make up for it. Ikir might have a function, but I'm not going to bet my money on that assumption. He looks nice, and has some great parts. Open balls are kind of bothersome though. On the whole, he's a creative build of the CCBS System, and he looks really nice. I need to see more of Umarak before I say much, but he has an awesome aesthetic, a great looking mask, and a "meh", in other words, kind of bad colorscheme. Short Summary on The Star Wars Figures: The figures look great. They have some great, great, great parts, and if you look closely at some of them, most specifically Finn, it looks like he has a gear on his back. The torso also looks like they have gears inside (not the Storm Trooper and Captain P. though). Take this with a grain of salt, but Blacksix, you might of just got your wish. #SWGears2016 #HypeTrain
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