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    My favorite Lego themes would have to be Aquazone, Adventurers, and Rock Raiders. And I need hardly mention a certain other community theme around these parts...

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  1. Hey all, My newest update for the project on Lego Ideas has gone up! It includes several additions, as well as refinements. Take a look, and of course let me know what you think! Thanks, I hope you'll continue to join me in spreading the word and rallying support! B1z
  2. Hey everyone, thanks again for the encouragement. My first update is up now - let me know what you think! Check it out! BIzzy
  3. Many thanks to BZP for the feature!! One delighted bonkleman here Thanks for your enthusiasm and kind words! Anticipating if this project gets through the process close to its current form, it will definitely be among the more pricey Ideas sets - hopefully its value will justify that though! Thank you - I'm glad you're looking forward to what the future (hopefully) holds!
  4. Haha thanks so much, glad you found it compelling! I really appreciate it and thanks for your support! Let's keep it going
  5. Hi all! Please check out and support my BIONICLE project on LEGO Ideas! BIONICLE Legacy aims to please longtime fans as well as potentially attract new ones. I wanted to remain faithful to original story motifs while also leaving an element of open-endedness so as to encourage a wider appeal. BIONICLE Legacy: Storytelling with the LEGO Brick My questions for you all are as follows: #1. In a future update, I feel like I need to further justify why Takua is included as a figure. I think adding another play feature for Takua would be beneficial. But the total piece count for BIONICLE Legacy is already at ~2850, so I’m trying to think of something that could be economical parts-wise, but also add play value to the set. Any thoughts? #2. Do you have any advice about other fan groups you may be aware of that may be interested in supporting this idea? Where else can this idea be promoted? I hope you can help this project get on shelves as an official set! Thank you!
  6. These "chronicles" have been a treasure to discover and an absolute blast to read though - looking forward to the next update In the entry about Kaita, you had mentioned that the Tohunga Nui was the least enjoyable part to address, due to an apparently unresolved plot hole that it caused in the 2001 lore. However, I just want to point something out... The last line spoken by Maku ("Now we have a tale to tell the Toa!") always stood out to me for some reason even when I first poured over the comic in 2001. It was amusing to think of the little Tohunga bragging to the Toa one day afterward about their collective accomplishment, and how they mimicked the Toa's heroics in their own way. Along that line of thought, after reading your update here, it got me thinking: the Tohunga would be eager to share their tale, right? And the Tohunga culture we were given at the time largely revolved around legends, right? So maybe one way to view this apparent plot hole of a miraculous Tohunga Nui showing up is just that: a legend made up by the villagers? What if the comic (aside from advertising) could represent a partly fictitious story in the 2001 story? I can imagine the villagers "embellishing" their experience shown in the comic with extra heroic feats (ie the Tohunga Nui) when they spun the yarn to the Toa! Just my line of thought. Amusing either way
  7. So it's been a while since I posted here, but felt that this is an especially relevant and interesting topic to weigh in on. I agree with a lot of what you said DJ, as well as another post here. To me, the novels (which only came later on as a primary story medium) do not stand the test of time. But the movies and even more so the early sets continue to have much more value beyond nostalgia - particularly aesthetic value. Even though I don't agree with others' disillusionment, I can see what's being said about feeling a disconnect with the sets/nostalgia... They are what you make of it I guess So...Bionicle 2001 was foundational in concept, premise, lore, characters, world, tone of story, and more. There is (rightfully so) golden memories - or "nostalgia" - surrounding that time for many fans who experienced it back then. This nostalgia, from my perspective, is not blind or without good reason. While many fans (myself included) who followed Bionicle's original run have come to appreciate the story as LEGO ended up telling it up to the end, nostalgia for the first year *or two or three* seems to fundamentally communicate a stronger connection/identification/resonance with Bionicle as it was first presented during that era. (Whoa that was a sentence!) For me, it's not that I discard the rest of Bionicle after 2004 as "not truly Bionicle", but over time since G1's retirement, I've noticed that I've increasingly realized: it's not so much the linear, singular story with a rigid timeline to follow that makes Bionicle what it is for me today. Rather the entire concept and underlying proposition - the MYTHOLOGY - is what sticks with me as Bionicle. The original 2001 run and it's basis - the old story bible (the work of the likes of Swinnerton, Faber, Thompson) exemplifies this. If we fans could continue to articulate what it was that was so special about the early Bionicle, it could benefit the community and maybe even reach LEGO. If only LEGO could somehow see this and take into consideration how the Bionicle fan community has endured and developed. Bionicle is a toy line for youth, but it is valuable to note that that fact does not cheapen the rich product, premise, and potential that we were given in this case. Hey exactly. That's what LEGO is all about, and this has always been LEGO BIONICLE after all! Plus, the recent uncovering of more of the line's prehistory and alternate/unused concepts has given even more credibility to fans who had previously been unable to articulate what it was about early Bionicle that was lightning in a bottle.
  8. BIzzy

    The Future of My Mocs

    Preach! This is something I've recently been combating unconsciously and you just put it into clear words here. So thanks, and happy building.
  9. THIS. This is magic. Let me try to briefly explain: I haven’t experienced this phenomenon since Bionicle was ongoing. I’m feeling a joy and excitement like I did when something new was revealed in Bionicle’s golden run… Think: the Bahrag queens nearing the end of the Bohrok saga… or the search for the 7th Toa… or “My island home, re-found…” or Mata Nui rising... Fans who experienced the original theme unfolding will undoubtedly know what I’m talking about. I’ve read some posts where it’s lamented that “this or that” concept wasn’t fully incorporated into the Bionicle that we remember… as if these plans/concepts/knowledge is something separate. I may be odd this way, but personally I view those concepts as really key and even integral to the mainstream lore of the theme, NOW THAT IT’S *finally* AVAILABLE. I don't view it as "other" "outside" or "extraneous", but rather as an enhancement to an already rich LEGO theme. In fact, if I were to introduce someone to the Bionicle line, I would without question point toward the concept plans! The recent revelations and unearthing of so much early Bionicle history has been truly awesome for us and has *literally* only ADDED to the legend. This work is so deserving of ongoing recognition.
  10. As others have already said, this is awesome news both for Bionicle fans and BZPower community. BioMedia has become quite the resource! So much mystery and memory is wound up in this game. Needless to say, it hardly need be said what I'll be delving into this summer...
  11. Oh this should be fun! I actually haven't looked much at this updated version.
  12. I wouldn't say this isn't an impressive MOC. This is really great in its simplicity, and the colors are well placed! I'm curious if you can link to the contest? Just curious to see what that was all about.
  13. If you can't get the whole set, there's always a certain other Brick marketplace you could turn to. No selling required! (sells kidney to buy set)
  14. I assume that in order to verify if a Lego sale is going on in a particular store, it's necessary to go into the store rather than checking their online store?
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