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  1. Just a short fan animation of Lesovikk's dream. Enjoy! (Motion Capture is so fun!) Software: Stud.io, Blender, VR Mocap Studio, Steam VR Equipment: 7 Vive Trackers, 2 Index Controllers
  2. -Fan animation of the Toa Inika's encounter with the mysterious hero. I think most should know who it is from the thumbnail. Story reference is from Bionicle Legends 5: Inferno from page 22-25. More info about the animation can be learn from the YT description or if anyone sticks to the end credits. In a nutshell: Done in Blender 2.8, a free open source software for 3D modeling and 3D animation.
  3. It's been a while since I posted here. Well, this is an 3D animation of Tahtorak in Blender EEVEE. Pieces were build in Stu.dio and imported to Blender via dae file format. Rigging Tahtorak to an animated rig was tedious, but worth it. Render engine is in EEVEE, a real time engine in Blender 2.8. Animated via Vive Trackers/motion capture.
  4. Hm... been a while here.

  5. These were Bionicle G2 Masks that I modeled in Blender a while back in early 2017. This was when I was starting to experiment more with blender and I got more comfortable at 3D modeling. Don't really have any plans for Bionicle now since I'm learning a new version of Blender, version 2.79, so I don't know if I will ever model or animate Bionicle again.
  6. Had to re-upload Lhikan animation again to new vimeo account. Apologies to those who couldn't find the link to the video. It's back up now.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. I will re-upload my videos soon. Had to make a new Vimeo account due to difficulty signing in my old one.
  8. You're great at 3D modeling! :D Do you also animate in Blender?

  9. A snow animation test made in Blender. I made a plane emit particles to simulate snow and used an icosphere to act as the snow object. Still testing some other things as well in blender. https://vimeo.com/237522155
  10. hmmm.. I might enter this contest... but what to write
  11. This is how I animate a walk cycle in Blender. I recorded the screencast in Blender by pressing Alt F3, but first, I had to create a file to save to for Blender's screencast to work correctly. https://vimeo.com/237519795
  12. Some animations I made of Bionicle using their Kanohi mask powers. Took me about a week or so to animate and in doing so, I learned some new things in Blender, such as making an object turn invisible and more. (I'm currently working on the Olmak mask power of dimensional gates. To do this, I would use render layers.) Bionicle parts from ldraw, brickshelf, and Maphrox BNG asset. Matatu mask, Ekimu mask, and Protector mask modeled by me. https://vimeo.com/237524531
  13. A beach scenery I made in Blender a few weeks ago. Tahu G2 is in there as well. Bionicle parts from ldraw. Tahu mask and protector mask modeled by me. https://vimeo.com/216945411
  14. A run cycle test of Vakama, Tahu, Jaller, Lhikan, and Norik in Blender. This is a test to see if actions from one armature can be shared and copied/pasted to another rig. Models provided from ldraw and brickshelf. https://vimeo.com/216121549
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