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  1. IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula Grime nodded, if only to be polite. In truth, his own experience made it difficult to see Whisper's perspective. He reminded himself aspects were unique beings, each their own individual. He turned towards Viltia, awaiting her official introduction. OOC: @Kal the Guardian, @Gecko
  2. IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula "Huh. Why wouldn't you name your children?" Grime looked genuinely confused. ooc: @Gecko Greavesy
  3. IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula "And your little ones?" Grime gestured at Whisper's Kraata. ooc: @Gecko Greavesy
  4. IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula “A codex,” Grime repeated. The fire crackled in the void caused by Grime's statement. When Whisper didn’t immediately grok his explanation Grime continued; “What you handed over is probably inscribed with your constellation or identity. A Codex of Absolution, for instance, would describe the constellation of one of your kind and reveal the truth of your purpose. It’s like a map to the spiritual self, the true self that exists beyond the veil. Once presented, you can be read and seen by our temples. It’s like,” he paused, considering his words carefully, “a form of registration, or a key of sorts. All of us Builders are known to our temples. They are a part of us, and we are a part of our creations. But the aspects of ourselves that we cut away, the unnecessary and evil parts of us, well, those are difficult to identify. Actually, I am not sure we’ve met. What did you say your names were? I know Korruhn, and I know you,” Grime nodded politely in Caedast’s direction, choosing to omit the name of the entity inside out of respect, “but you two and your children are new to me. If you would, I would be honored to learn your names in this place of shadows." OOC: @Gecko Greavesy, @Kal the Guardian, @EmperorWhenua, @Crimson Jester IC: Kas | Mi-Kiri, Bellicus Tower A majestic penthouse in disarray filled the entirety of the top floor of Bellicus Tower. Kas opened the door by first trying the keypad then just giving up and shoving it open after the first failed attempt. Floor to ceiling windows with unprecedented views formed the exterior walls of the entire penthouse, and a large balcony ringed it. Ollem couldn’t help but compare it in a similar way to the Coliseum of his old world. A long velvet couch, now covered in ivy, provided some comfort. Shattered glass from broken exterior windows glittered on the floor. Long tables were covered in abandoned casings of ammunition, others were weighed down with data pads, physical maps of engineering and maintenance tunnels, and more than a few others had quickly drawn schematics that looked like battle plans of some kind. In the center of the open floorplan was a pile of monitor screens, all tossed on top of each other in a jumble. They were black screened and powerless. Thick bundles of cables ran from them towards a rickety generator. Kas wrinkled his brow and shook his head. “It’s terrible in here,” Kas joked from a place of embarrassment. Mahrika realized the toa felt ashamed, as if it was his fault. “I thought the cleaners would have done their jobs while I was away. They’re solar powered, after all. Anyway, welcome my friends to my home. Make yourselves comfortable, but not too comfortable. Once we can get the computers back online and the information we need out of them we’ll be on our way into the biosphere’s core: that’s where we’ll find the Admin’s main servers. I just need something Laryna left me before we head out.” Kas began digging through the papers and data pads on the tables, his mind full of memories and his trademarked smile slowly turning into a tight grimace. OOC: @Harvali, I had to double check a couple things so thanks for your patience.
  5. IC: Grime | Kumu Peninsula Grime nodded quietly in gratitude as Viltia's prior self provided his meal. He waited until Viltia herself tried a strawberry before setting in with gusto, enjoying the flavors and sensations of the energy seeping through his palms. While he'd learned to accommodate to the ruling warskaks and their culture of chewing food, it never really worked for him. It felt good to return to his roots of sapping the life from foods through the tiny receptors in his palms. By the time he'd reduced the coconut water to a film of ash in his cup the conversation had swayed from one topic to the next. He piped up; "Well, they look like like a codex. I remember placing mine into a suva." Grime lifted his left arm, revealing a symbol branded on his rib plates. It looked otherwise another part of the constellations of ink and carvings adoring his armor, just one small piece in the puzzle. Then he returned to his little feast, another nod of gratitude extended to Viltia across the firelight. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy, @Crimson Jester, @EmperorWhenua, @Kal the Guardian
  6. IC: Miserix | Kumu Korruhn's question echoed into the deep of his mind. Miserix's response came quickly, freely despite her recent silence while within the bounds of Icarax's domain. He had not pulled her from Korruhn, and she considered that a success. Neither has Whisper, this new aspect. But another approached, one clad in a cape and the body of a man much like Grime. I have learned much from the green one already. She flaunts her power, and I am grateful for the knowledge. Do not trust your old friend. OOC: @Crimson Jester, @EmperorWhenua, @Kal the Guardian, @Gecko Greavesy IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri, lower floors of Bellicus Tower Sorilax found much in the way of knowledge about the lives of who once lived in this great spire. There must have been a whole village of beings of similar stature to the matoran in Le-Metru Nuva. Their sleeping slabs were laid out in regular patterns on some of the floors above street level. On the lower floors he'd also found unusable and overgrown personal vehicles, similar to the smallest war rigs of the skakdi. What struck him as odd though was consistent mentioning of prices: prices for parking, prices for admittance, prices for lighting, and the list went on. There were no prices in Le-Metru Nuva, no "widgets" forming the basis of an exploitative economic system. Le-Metru Nuva was full of good people, just people, and people who just wanted to do good by their neighbors. So what did that say of Bellicus tower? As Sorilax searched, unable to hear the sounds of others, and both silent and invisible to those who might bear witness to his search, the aspect piloting the rahkshi determined with certainty that there was nothing more to be found in the lower floors. Perhaps the upper floors contained some benefit for him and his village? OOC: @Kal the Guardian, thanks for your patience. @Harvali, thanks for waiting a little longer.
  7. IC: Mata-Nui | Metru-Nui and Metru-Koro Ruins (with Wairuha and Sidra NUVA) Sidra NUVA’s powers wracked the landscape from the elevated mind of her spiritual machine. Countless rahi conceded to madness and death, their minds tortured and thrown against an inevitable command to let go. Those who passed went peacefully. Those who didn’t howled in their torment. Crabs scuttled and combated with the surf, fish ate each other and drowned, and more creatures deeper beneath the surface of the earth destroyed the very tunnels that sustained them. The power of a command could not be undone. It was absolute to all deemed lesser. But Mata-Nui laughed, and the waves rolled back across the bay as his jaw slowly churned the deeper currents. The untethered beneath the waters fell to ruin, their oily connections and silvery mucus membranes became a tainted stain on the surface of the already mired bay. Acidic vapor wafted upwards, giving the impression of a cloud learning to fly. “You are still mine, Lightbringer. I own you. Tren Krom may have removed the blinders to your shimmer, but you are mine so long as you linger within this Time Between Time. Only the cycle can release you. I have ascended. I am your Mata-Nui. Heed my wish: One silver thread Two bodies dead Three broken yolks Four severed heads Five promised lies Six scattered stones Seven stars torn One world born “Go away, little yolk. Goodbye, light of mine. Glow somewhere else. I have no need for you.” The jaw of Mata-Nui's skull ceased moving. Sidra NUVA felt a sudden crash, and intense pressure, the words ever present and threatening to shatter her psyche and will. Mata-Nui had spoken. Who was she to deny him? OOC: @Gecko Greavesy, thanks for your patience.
  8. IC: Kas | Mi-Kiri "No clue, what's a vahki my friend?" Asked Kas as he stood up, brushing some dirt off his hands as he took a furtive glance out the window in both directions. "I think we're good to go. Follow me!" He dashed across the roadway, struggled with the door at the base of the tower, then punched it down with a crash. He turned back, smiled, and waved for Mahrika and Ollem to follow into the large and overgrown tower. Hanging over now open and once barricaded doorway was a lopsided flickering neon sign that read; Bellicus Kas stepped inside, staring at the pools of water filling the ground floor of the building. A tiny lizard scampered away at Mahrika's approach to hide beneath the ferns. "Well, it's different, but I think I can still see some of home. We'll take the stairs." Kas led them to through a doorway and into an emergency stairwell bordering a dilapidated elevator shaft. Their footsteps echoed eerily in the stairwell as they climbed up, and up, and up... OOC: @Harvali, @Kal the Guardian thanks for your patience. Sorilax would hear the three newcomers in the building as he went up the stairs himself.
  9. @EmperorWhenua yes a corpse can become afflicted with Void Sickness* and I'd be happy to provide some suggestions/clarifications. For convenient reference I have the Void Sickness rules quoted below: In this case, the ability to use, discover, and research taboo rites now applies both to Caedast and to the corpse of the toa possessed by the aspect. Should Caedast for any reason be removed from the corpse, and another being possess it, the corpse of Stannis would carry on slinging taboo rites without issue. For the second point, I'd encourage you to think about what the Stannis' morality was before death and apply that as a psychological effect to whatever/whoever is possessing him. Finally, the third bit only matters should Caedast go back into the Far Shore possessing Stannis' body. It'd be quite interesting if Stannis himself became an aspect in his own right. In short: all effects apply to the body, not the aspect, that is Stannis. If an effect is cumulative, you can disregard it until it is no longer cumulative. ____ * (i.e. someone dies in the Far Shore, gets void sickness as a loot drop, gets the wounds remain loot drop, and then someone is kind enough to resurrect them somehow in the game world)
  10. Congratulations @EmperorWhenua. It looks like you successfully incorporated five prompts into your Far Shore Adventure. It was a delight to read, and I look forward to what it means for your character's story moving forward. Stannis’ Loot (2, 4, 10, 13, 20): Stannis, the toa host Caedast inhabits, returns afflicted with Void Sickness (Expansion 3). Stannis returns from the Far Shore with a new javelin made entirely of protosteel. Stannis’ original Javelin has been infused with the element of lightning. It can now be used as a toa tool to conjure the element of lightning as the power of the user. A Midak Skyblaster A glowing rock that is shaped as if part of a puzzle. a side of it looks as if it would form a sphere when assembled.
  11. OOC: for timing purposes, this takes place after Aurax and the League have boarded their airships and set off from the skull to regroup in a new hex. Meanwhile, in another hex, there is an active fight with Nektann. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Metru-Koro It was a good morning to die. The Great Spirit’s decapitated skull rested on the horizon. This was Sidra’s true enemy. They’d always been enemies. In the past, the Great Spirit owned her, body and soul. She was a part of something beyond her control, a pawn on the sidelines of revolution. Reparations were never extended. She fought for freedom from the Great Spirit, and it cost everyone their home. Without the Great Spirit, what was there but a world of ashes? Sidra NUVA saw the potential in those ashes. Before she had been blinded to the truth, but now she was the master of her fate and held destiny in her own hands. Everyone did. Sidra held power in her now. She was encased in power all around. Power was shackle and key. The past, the future, it didn’t matter anymore. She was in the Time Between Time, and she would make a home or die trying. Wairuha bellowed Sidra NUVA’s challenge. It echoed across the engulfing waters of the bay. Waves splashed across the shore in response. Sidra’s psionic powers manifested in Wairuha and with their combined effort they combed the beach for thoughts. There were many crabs, and an uncomfortable number of shellfish. Many were preoccupied with a single thought: don’t die. Wairuha’s free hand flexed and clenched. Why was there no response? From the skull flew a group of cargo haulers bearing the banners of the League. Unbeknownst to either, the two Betrayers passed each other in peace. The airships of King Aurax passed silently by thousands of feet overhead. The water vapor left behind formed a trail of white plumes in the sky behind their sputtering protodermis exhaust vents. Behind and to the East were black storm clouds. Sidra Nuva could feel a chill from them, and Wairuha knew what hid behind the rain: a riteborn. Despite the desire to burst from Sidra’s control, Wairuha held strong. Wairuha was the noble warrior, stalwart and just. This was about Sidra today. They turned back towards the shore, the desecrated water, and the skull of the Great Spirit. The grey waters were receding. It wasn’t low tide. Soft green fumes rose from the beach as the waves pulled further out. Wairuha beheld the dead in their multitudes: lives lost to freedom. Countless Builders in various stages of decay. It enraged Wairuha, set a fire alight in their spirit. What Great Spirit could demand such death? Sidra could see the water’s churning. Within the city of Metru-Nui the tide began to rise, the waters bubbled and churned as they began to heat. Steam rose, rising from the waters and filling the cavity before funneling out of the two empty sockets and into the morning sunlight. On the shore, tainted waters frothed and rushed up close enough that Wairuha took a defensive step back so as not to be drenched. The Kaita ACR stood proudly defiant, but Sidra NUVA felt the smallest motes of hesitation in the machine’s countenance. “More,” said the skull of Mata-Nui. “More, Lightbringer.” OOC: @Gecko Greavesy
  12. OOC: A few posts back the taboo Star Swallowing was used. For those who are unaware, this means a character dies. A lot of randomization was used for this one, and GM NPCS were in the mix (yes, that means Icarax could've have killed themself). Thanks @Eyru for doing the math. IC: Reliable Narrator | Kini-Koro A star flickered out forever... Tuyet twitched. The airship she piloted began to lose altitude, then she corrected her course. Kas felt his heartlight clench. He blinked stars from his eyes and carried on. Takadox pawed at his chest. He did his best to breathe while the dirt piled on top of him. Leklo felt a bead of concern. Where did his headache come from? Twesh died. Not in the powerful and elegant way of a hero, nor in the romanticized and peaceful way of a turaga. Twesh simply stopped breathing, their heartlight gone and replaced with a hole in their body. Their last OOC: @Sparticus147 your MC Twesh just died. This is a GM auto-hit. Feel free to write it as you see fit.
  13. IC: Administrator | Tobduk-Koro, Ruins of Stone "I believe the Amaja circle in this temple was used in times of need as a way of warding off the foul creatures from the volcano. Telling stories with the different rocks seemed to have an effect in the local area. Through faith and creativity, anything can be achieved." OOC: @Toru Nui, @Harvali IC: Reliable Narrator | Somewhere Whisper floated through the portal after Viltia stepped inside. They found themselves lost alone in darkness. Viltia could not sense Whisper's life, or the life of any other. They traveled for an indeterminate amount of time, until at last they saw the dawning of a red glow where the floor should be. Both found this space on their own, without companionship: A world of darkness, save for a red ring in the floor of glowing dim light. From it came the softest sound of murmured conversation, the sound of the seashore, and the softest jangle of bells and the shaking of rattles. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy and @Kal the Guardian your characters have been officially separated. IC: Reliable Narrator | Realm of Nightmares One silver thread Two bodies dead The Zivon known as Opal crawled from one realm to another instinctively. Her body vanished from the Time Between Time, but the faintest echo of her shadow remained to scuttle across the landscape breeding fear and despair. In the distance the other direction she saw the world extend and bend. She blinked, and she saw the Time Between Time as a faint overlay. She could travel the distance in the Realm of Nightmares, seeing at all times where she stood in both realities. For Opal, the Realm of Nightmares seemed a riot of blistering color. The world bent in upon itself, as if a great ring without escape. Shadows acted on their own accord in the Realm of Nightmares, lengthening, stretching, laughing, and walking away to return at their leisure. The fears of Builders toiled away as physical manifestations of base terrors that roamed this realm as monsters. They leapt and crawled away from Opal. She was a Zivon, and the base terrors of the Builders' psyches were no match. Each part of the realm seemed alive in its own way. Each harbored some cruelty or violence. Even the warm embrace of the sun was insidious. Anxiety mounted here into boulders that rolled down hills of panic. And everywhere were matoran corpses toiling in chains. Three broken yolks Four severed heads Those who could not walk crawled. Those who could not crawl simply existed as part of the soil beneath them. They came in all forms except the form of their origin. They'd all been broken by society, fixed by madness, and cast into eternal sacrifice without once being recognized as individuals with a purpose or a soul. They were Builders of nightmares now, and swayed in disjointed harmony like seaweed at the bottom of the bay. Opal did not need to pay them mind unless she was hungry. They would not attack her, for she was one of the beasts they served in torment. Five promised lies Six scattered stones In the distance she heard him: the Great Spirit of this realm. He laughed and sang in pleasure. This was his joy, his true reality, and to him she was but a plaything. He sat upon a throne of golden skulls atop the volcano where, in the Time Between Time, Irnakk's Tooth still erupted. He wore a mask with horns, its surface stitched together, and his teeth were carved with the rites of those who worshipped him. In his hands was a mighty spear, and its silver blade glittered brilliantly with fresh gore. He was of shifting shapes, at once swollen and boney with golden spines and then again hunched with a ruined cape and flaming chains, and again still as a someone proud and tall. Opal could not stare at him without feeling the very dread she was made of magnified until her very essence seemed to split and flee. Seven stars torn One world born "Welcome," said the Great Spirit as he laughed and sang. "Welcome my toy. We will fix this world as it should be. Now go, pull them back to me. Bring them back to fear and terror. Consume their trust and love. Love should not exist. It is a flaw. Cleanse it from them until they are toys as they should be." OOC: @Gecko Greavesy, welcome to Karz. Enjoy your stay.
  14. IC: Nektann, Tahtorak of Loss | Hex adjacent to the Hidden Valley As Skyra let her sentence hang. Heat sensors lit up on the dash. The radio became full of static and guttural pops, broken up and choppy from the sounds of something absolutely massive cutting through the air. From her position just below the clouds the rain pelted at her view port, but Rose saw it first. The back of the tahtorak’s ocean-blue hand swung powerfully through the air towards the Taku as if to swat a fly. OOC: @BULiK, @Tarn, @Snelly, and I think @Toru Nui too? IC: Irnakk, Great Spirit of Nightmares | Irnakk's Tooth There were so many sacrifices today. It was delicious. So many dreams to be devoured. So many nightmares to explore. Each felt as raw and poignant as the moment they were formed. His hunger burned the insides of the volcano, scorched them raw. He walked through each vision, feeling the terror, the disappointment, the inadequacy. Marrow's were particularly satisfying. So much rage, so much concern, so many broken hopes. Things were not as they should be. Irnakk would fix that. The nightmares were truth, visions of what was wrong and what needed to be done. Irnakk appreciated truth. So he made the monsters, he pulled them from the lava and from the horrors dancing in the shadows of the volcano. The volcano increased its rumbling, and then the magma rose. The heat became unbearable to all but the Great Spirit himself. He lounged, he laughed, he watched winners of the rites scramble for safety. He didn't care if they made it -- his toys were being born. Outside Irnakk's Tooth the smoke billowed and choked the sky. Lava and boulders burst from the crown, and with it came the riteborn... OOC: @EmperorWhenua, @pokemonlover360, @Tarn, @Gecko Greavesy, @Vezok's Friend, Irnakk's Tooth erupts!
  15. IC: Reliable Narrator | MI-Kiri Sorilax spent the better part of an hour fully soaking the bottom floor of the tower. While everything was dripping wet, and much of the organics on the matoran had turned moist, life did not return. It was very much still a dead end. He’d learned something about the nature of the water, but otherwise there was nothing there. OOC: @Kal the Guardian, just so you know this is not a puzzle. It’s a dead end. IC: Kas | Mi-Kiri Kas began; “well, it was pretty normal stuff Mahrika. Someone got greedy, and then someone thought they could make things better. In the end they just ruined it all for everyone else. This used to be one of several habitable biospheres. After the violence and destruction on Locus Abeo we had Durrem. It was pretty nice for a while. Imagine airships ferrying goods back and forth across glittering star-studded skies. Mi-Kiri is just the district of water. We had canals. We had water treatment plants. There were festivals and beautiful works of art. I ran several charities in this sphere. Now we have a lot of plants and mold.” He kicked one of the vines near his foot. It was a sickly green color and it retreated on contact. Kas shook his head. “The Administrator needs to be shut off. It’s an AI that has no business continuing to exist in such a broken state. Come along friends.” Kas set off through the broken streets. He moved quickly, pausing at the end of each block for Mahrika and Ollem to catch up. He chose not to use his mask, letting them see him the whole time. Maybe it was an act of trust: you see me, I see you, no funny business. Or maybe he just couldn’t be bothered. It was hard to tell. A foreign sound of gears and pistons turning broke their monotonous silence. They could hear the sharp metallic piercing of something sharp and heavy stomping nearby. He raised his hand and motioned for Mahrika and Ollem to follow him into a building. He hid behind a grubby window. There were puddles of stagnant water on the floor that cast distorted reflections of the exposed pipes in the ceiling above. Kas fiddled with the strap of his bag, but otherwise kept his head down. A monstrous machine stalked past outside the building. With six legs, a segmented abdomen, and pincers along its mouth, it looked absolutely ominous. It paused at the corner, small electrical shocks and sparks dancing across a sheen of water in the broken roadway. It gave a piercing shriek, its body shaking as if barely able to stay connected, and then it continued stalking off. “That’s not local,” Kas whispered. “What the Karz was that?” OOC: @Harvali, @Burnmad IC: Icarax, Aspect of Dominion | Somewhere “Your words have meaning, Korruhn of Ko-Metru. Perhaps you are the sword you speak of, and there is no use for a sword that cuts its master. You invite many things, but you have brought quite the gift to me. This little star is no use to us as a corpse. His mind cannot be read, his future cannot be gleaned. But,” the voice paused, “we can change that.” The shadows around Korruhn swirled. He felt the thick and overpowering presence of the consciousness beyond the red circle now beside him as well. He could still hear the soft drumming and the shaking of rattles. Still, Korruhn the Cartographer could not determine his location. This was uncharted territory. Goodbye Death’s reign is life's beginning Heaven’s lights are minds dreaming Destined paths cross in breathing Replace one’s rhythm with another’s beating Hello The skies above the Time Between Time were full of beautiful glittering stars. They softly flickered and blinked, and then one went out forever. A life hung in the balance: one to return, one to be destroyed. The shadows swirled thicker, pulling Grime’s corpse away from Korruhn to hover directly above the red circle in the space. The muck and mire covering the matoran was stripped away, pulled off as if by a cleansing smoke. His eyes did not open, but Korruhn saw the cracked heartlight begin to blink. The darkness formed the image of the mask watching from beyond, and the voice interred once more; Goodbye Release each yoke of mine Each destined path is one Remove barriers as they align Not all must circle around a sun Hello Grime’s armor became the colors of charcoal and lava. His body burned with a soft fire, the shackles around his ankles melted away, and Korruhn saw the tattoos scrawled across Grime’s body in full for the first time. Along the arms and down the spine were black inked designs of star charts, constellations for navigation. Swirling taboos symbols were embedded in the charts, and Korruhn recognized the ones he’d learned from Grime’s song with Caedast and Parnassus back in Fort Nektann, but there were others as well unknown and untaught. Across Grime’s chest were matoran letters that read: Destined for the Stars. At last Grime’s body was relinquished by the shadows and placed in Korruhn’s waiting and outstretched arms. He didn’t know when he’d reached out. He wasn’t sure he’d chosen to do so. Grime felt hot to the touch. “The rahkshi…” whispered Grime. “You’re… alive…” OOC: @Crimson Jester your turn. @Eyru and @Vezok's Friend, the taboo of Star Swallowing has been used.
  16. IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri The water sloshed across the matoran's body. The water began to hydrate the corpse's organics but life did not return. OOC: @Kal the Guardian
  17. @Kal the Guardian, the Kaita of Credence is approved. I have a feeling I know where this is going
  18. IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri It was a period of prolonged study later that Sorilax determined, through sheer improbable confusion, that he’d literally and figuratively hit a dead end. The walls had no secret compartments, the ceiling held up the floor above, and the matoran -- all six of them -- presented nothing of significance beyond the lives they once lived. Even the hearthstone, cold and dusty, seemed fully spent. There was nothing here. Then it hit him, a discovery of simple deduction: there was no water here. OOC: @Kal the Guardian IC: Kas | Mi-Kiri There was a popping sound in the air, the grunt of protest, and suddenly Mahrika saw Kas standing ankle deep in the pool of water she’d walked out of moments before. Ollem slipped out of Kas’ arms faster than a lava eel in the volcanic rivers of the Ash Barrens. “Right,” said Kas, “Seems we’re here then.” The toa of fire took a deep breath in, letting a little flame out of his mouth with his exhalation. “Now to find the right room. Shouldn’t be hard, there’s only so many buildings still standing. Oh, look, my apartment is still here.” He gestured towards the tallest nearby building, a building covered in overgrown vines. The glass on the upper floors -- once an undoubtedly gorgeous floor to ceiling window with a 360 view of the city below -- was shattered and covered in graffiti. “What do you think friends, should we take a quick look at home? Maybe there’s still something good in the fridge,” Kas joked wryly. OOC: @Harvali IC: Reliable Narrator | Irnakk's Tooth As the mesi fell into the mists, and their bodies were torn, their minds warped, their hearts consume, their dreams... It became warm, and the warning rumblings of an eruption began. OOC: @Gecko Greavesy, get ready, this volcano is about to blow.
  19. @Sparticus147: Dagrut approved with the limitations as they are now. @Gecko Greavesy: you two monsters are approved. Welcome Marrow and Opal.
  20. I also really love the "oldschool" vibes coming from the line art and the shading.
  21. IC: Reliable Narrator | Mi-Kiri Sorilax didn't feel the stuffy humidity of the interior of the building as his rahkshi stepped inside, but the myriad dragonflies and other sparkling insects buzzing through the verdant greenery provided more than enough information for him to understand the change in micro-climate. Pools of water glittered on the floor, and the croaking of frogs could be heard echoing from lower floors. He descended carefully and cautiously, winding through tunnels full of vines and slowly blinking red lights. He passed through locked doors with little more than an inch of cracked metal to peer through, snuck past sleeping rahi of various unknown varieties, and eventually found himself standing at the bottom of the building confused by what he saw: a bare floor, rotted furniture, and several deceased matoran huddling together around a single heatstone. The heatstone was empty of all its warmth. It had been cold for a long time. OOC @Kal the Guardian
  22. @Sparticus147: I'm still concerned about the auto-hit potential of the vision power. Please establish a limit on the vision power's effectiveness, such as requiring concentration, a specific duration of time (at minimum) or some such. Otherwise the power basically could be seen as saying "I look at you and you turn into sushi." I currently would see approving it as a potential slippery slope towards further powers that basically read as an auto-hit waiting to happen. I am sure you don't intend to use it as such, but the past (SKE) is a clear indicator that auto-hits can and do occasionally occur.
  23. IC: Ehlek | Mi-Kiri the contents of his drink coated the floor in a shimmer. "Clean it up," Ehlek stated. The turaga obeyed. Ehlek looked again at the message he'd received from the would be king of Metru-Nui. Aurax was leaving??? "Interesting," Ehlek muttered to himself, and then sent a reply; My timeline has been escalating. Please deliver fresh samples tonight. Ehlek considered if he would add Aurax to the pool of sample candidates. Could the toa handle being broken into a fractured whole? OOC: @~Xemnas~
  24. @Sparticus147: this particular vision power looks very easily abused. Please provide a limitation to the current power prior to approval. @~Xemnas~: Vex approved. As a note, maybe amp up his flaw so it might actually see use.
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