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  1. The creative team can deny it all they like, but that's clearly who they're meant to be (if not Dume and Nidhiki specifically, then they're supposed to represent the same characters that the Dume and Nidhiki sets ended up representing). Greg may have said otherwise, but honestly, his word means nothing to me (Greg's role in the Bionicle project is vastly overblown, in my opinion), so I don't really pay him any heed, and there's too many coincidences that suggest otherwise: The Norik set is red, has the same mask, and uses the 04 Matoran chest armor (like the Dume set). The Iruni set is green, has a Vahki-like mask, uses the same chest armor as the Nidhiki set, has gold armor like Lhikan, and the spearhead piece they've chosen is even similar to Nidhiki's pincers (like the Nidhiki set). To me, that's too coincidental to buy that they were designed to be something totally unrelated. Most of the time, that's definitely true, but I don't think it was the case this time.
  2. I'd be willing to settle for being a great toy line πŸ˜‰ I'm sure there's bound to be something since 2010 that can rival Bionicle, and even if isn't, "Last" implies a certain finality to it; that there can never be another great toy line again, which I don't think is true. Even if more recent generations spend a lot of their childhood on the phone, toys will always have a place, and so I'd hope that future generations have their own great toys.
  3. Sound like a bit of a step-down for him (given that he won't be exercising his creative muscles writing fiction), which is unfortunate. Though I guess that partly explains why he's starting up the original story/blog, since it would give him an outlet for creative stuff.
  4. I've even seen Mocs floating around on reddit! So I agree it does seem like that side of the community is alive and well. Do you happen to know if the Biomedia project link for Rebuilt still active? I've played around with it before but only found a 404, but that could be because I didn't use the launcher installer πŸ˜…
  5. I agree. I think Ninjago is part of that as well; there would be little incentive to revive a Bionicle theme with all the same investment, coordination, and detail as it during the original run when Ninjago is still around and basically fulfilling the same role as Bionicle did back in the day (when it comes to being the standout original theme). It would also be hard for a revived theme to scratch the same 'itch' as G1 without being nostalgia-bait, which would just undermine Bionicle's legacy somewhat, at least in my opinion.
  6. I'd put less emphasis on the novels as the 'primary' source of canon. Mainly because for colourful, robotic toys, I think a visual medium is necessary for kids to tell who's who. The movies are probably too short to convey the necessary details, but web games or a TV show would be ideal. I'd also switch the Toa Norik and Toa Iruni sets back into Toa Dume and Toa Nidhiki, as they were initially designed to be. They're so obviously depicting Nidhiki and Dume that it's kind of weird they aren't.
  7. Yeah, that's true as well. LEGO didn't really need to have faith in G2, since everything else is selling like hotcakes anyway in 2015. Honestly I think the big hurdle in any constraction/Bionicle toy today is probably the price of plastic. I recall recent LEGO sets being pretty expensive for what they are (for a variety of understandable factors), and constraction lines tended to use fairly large pieces, so the prices would probably be too high for what they were. Bionicle's original $10 price point that made it so accessible to kids probably isn't within arm's reach anymore, so the success of a modern theme would be limited by that on top of everything else that's been discussed already.
  8. I thought the Po-Metru one might be depicting the top of a column in the Fields of Construction, but my memory is a little hazy as to what those columns exactly looked like πŸ˜…
  9. I think this is definitely true. Though being novel doesn't always convert to success, G1's multimedia approach is one of it's strongest aspects, and the exposure it got from that was extremely important (though there were kids whose interest lived and died with the toys). Even though I wouldn't lay the blame of G2's failure entirely at the feet of the uphill battle it faced in this regard, I'm sure it had a part to play. If only because Lego's executives themselves doubted that "repeating the same tricks" would yield the profits they wanted, and thus didn't even really bother to try (either to replicate those same tricks or develop new approaches to a multimedia toy franchise).
  10. TBH I find myself surprisingly OK w/ using Keetorange as a replacement brown colour; it's eye-catching, it doesn't seem like it would otherwise be widely used, & (correct me if I'm wrong), it started out as a unique Bionicle colour. Sure, it's inconsistent w/ brown, but if you have to get rid of brown then I think it's the ideal replacement colour. I'm less in favour of using plain yellow, or even worse, plain orange, tho. Up to 2008, plain orange was long enumerated to be an accent colour for red Bionicle sets. While I'm hardly one to advocate for stringent types, I would like a certain amount of consistency, & esp. on a character like Pohatu plain orange just seems strange to me. Not sure I would have preferred a Keetorange Pohatu, however... TBH the colour schemes are only part of a wider issue for those 2008 sets, none of whom really resemble their counterpart that well, in terms of colour or otherwise.
  11. I've kept most of mine. The only exceptions (& I can't think of any specific ones now) are the Mahri & Phantoka 'canisters' that fail to serve as proper storage space. Frankly, I don't know how you could 'keep' those, given you basically have to destroy them to get them open. Ditto for the Av Matoran & Agori 'canisters.' I tried to keep them, but the cardboard bent out of shape anyway and rendered them unusable.
  12. In defense of Gold Good Guy, I believe the set was supposed to be free. I think you could find sets that are worse relative to their price-point at the time. Like, if cheap sets are bad, then at least you aren't out a lot of money. If Titans are bad then you're out more than chump change. With that in mind, I think you find far worse sets in 8623 Krekka or 8939 Lesovikk (setting aside whatever you feel about the character, the set would be mediocre even if the lime green joints didn't break, but alas, they do). The least favourite set of mine that I actually owned was 8952 Mutran & Vican. For some reason the allure of 'limited edition' made me look past the fact it was basically a re-colour of Chirox & Kirop. I mean, technically you get more value for your money w/ Mutran (since I believe the bundle was cheaper than buying Chirox & Kirop separately), but I'd be lying if I said I thought Av-Matoran brought much value to anything, but that's just me.
  13. The Happy Meal Maku... But I was only like, 4 years old & I had no idea what Bionicle was at the time. The same was technically true when I got Gali Nuva & Onua Nuva as a gift, but thankfully I still have all 3 of these sets today. I think the first Bionicle I got where I was cognizant that this was a Bionicle & I knew what that meant was Kazi & Matoro in 2006.
  14. Wow! I think you've put more thought in your reply than I did in my original post (which is the best I could have hoped for; begetting good discussion is the whole point). I'm glad you brought in the books; that is certainly a deficiency in my little write-up. I think I've read Bionicle Adventures 5 as a kid (somehow that was the only one I acquired), but being a little averse to eBooks (& not knowing they were available online) means I haven't 'caught up' w/ them for some time. Perhaps not something a 'responsible' Bionicle fan ought to do, but perhaps this is just the time to start. A lot of really good catches in the novels, tho. (& things I never knew about either). I think you're right that these scenes continue to demonstrate Nokama's leadership qualities. I actually find her characterization surprisingly consistent, for want of a better word. There are one or two things you pointed out that really got my brain rolling, tho. they might be a bit scrambled: IIRC Greg preferred writing for Gali & Kopaka for the prior team, did he not? If Greg saw Nokama & Gali as somewhat similar characters (which I think he did), then perhaps that's why he favours Nokama in some of these scenes? I don't want to chalk it up entirely to 'girl=heart power' b/c hopefully it is not that shallow. B/c even if he's contractually obligated to write in the PoV of every Toa, now & then, that wouldn't explain why both Gali & Nokama get the same kinds of scenes, if you get my drift. I think these snippets show all you want them to and more; heck, I think both of them are trying to get the other to step up and lead, as you say. Vakama is even basically demurring to Nokama as he does so ("I'm sure you'll do a fine job"). Admittedly, I don't know how much of that is his sincere faith in her abilities or his own lack-of-confidence. I think 'in-canon' it is supposed to be the later, & Nokama picks up on that & tries to support him. And poor Nuju & his gendered language! "I don't care who leads us, as long as he doesn't expect me to follow" indeed! I can still (kinda) tie this back to something I read earlier. I remember reading (I may have written down where, or maybe not. At any rate I've forgotten now) that a lot of women feel (or are made to feel) unqualified for leadership positions even tho. they have all the qualifications for it (which I've seen spun either as the requisite humility required in a true leader, or oppression at work, or perhaps both). I think you could read some of these scenes w/ Nokama in that light; some of the team (or at least Vakama) recognizes her abilities, but she doesn't, or if she does, she does not feel that this ought to be her role, regardless of how suited she would otherwise be to it. Now, we don't know if Ga-Matoran experience the world the same way women in our world do, but given Nuju's comment (& the fact this series is written by-&-for humans), I think we can say it is close enough. Yeah, I thought about getting into that a bit, but considering his half of the story is already discussed to death (for good reason), I figured it was a good idea to let dead horses lie in this particular arena. In any case, the films do NOT portray Vakama in a good light as a leader (& I still like Vakama, ofc.). The books, & the 2004-2005 story as a whole... I think that case is a lot-less clear-cut, & I'd have a much higher bar to clear if I wanted to claim that Vakama is a mediocre leader in all media for all time. I think the jury's still out on it, for sure. Yeah, I was thinking about that too. B/c I think this is where maybe my perception of the story, & not just the 'what happened in canon' is at play here. B/c WoS ends without cutting back to the end of LoMN, so the 'conclusion' to the Metru storyline isn't left to sit with the viewer in cinematic form in the same way. There may also be a bit of my projection at play; I assumed that Vakama remained nominal leader of the Metru even after their transformation into Turaga. Certainly 2001-2003 media don't imply this too much (since in MNOLG the Turaga basically make decisions as a group), but the movies certainly do. IIRC only Vakama has a speaking role in Mask of Light, & he's the one narrating the story in LoMN & WoS; both have the framing device of him telling the story to Takanuva (& Hahli, I think?), without any of the other Turaga present. Admittedly, this only technically implies that Vakama's the best story-teller of the group (or the one with the best memory), but considering important stuff seems to accumulate onto Vakama like a magnet, I just kinda lumped it into his leadership role. I mean, he is technically teaching, & as you pointed out that's an important role for a leader to take. Anyway, thank you more than enough for the feedback. It may take a while for the Roodaka piece to come out (since I'd basically only finished the introduction), but my thoughts on her character remain basically the same. We'll see how it goes; Web of Shadows probably won't give me a lot to work on, on its own, but that could be the perfect excuse to incorporate the novels as well (in which case, I need to do some reading).
  15. Liking a good property (or work of art) doesn't (automatically) make you a good person.
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