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  1. Do you mean the Breakout or Savage Planet Heroes?
  2. The city of the mask makers reminds me a bit of Mayan and Aztec cities, but also a bit of Machu Picchu.
  3. Very nice Hakann revamp, I especially like the necklace with the Jaller head he wears.
  4. And how did my post harassed or was weird to you? You asked how we would celebrate the 10th anniversary of Breakout and I gave my answer: I wouldn't celebrate it because it's not that important to me, but if you or others celebrate it you can do it, I don't mind. I also didn't want to impose my opinion on anyone or anything like that.
  5. And what kind of nonesene do you mean by that? Because I had no bad intentions for my post.
  6. I just wanted to explain it to you. I had never the intention to hurt you.
  7. Not perfect, but stillt the best year for HF. After that, unfortunately, things went only downhill for HF. Hero: Rocka and Stringer Villian: Core Hunter and Black Phantom I wouldn't. I don't see any reason to celebrate it was just another year for HF. In general, I don't celebrate anniversaries of Lego Themes and their years and waves. How should I even celebrate something like that either?
  8. He knows that, he was just kidding you since you wrote "Scarscream" instead of Starscream.
  9. Castle has already won. Promobricks has already published information about the set: Set number: 10305 Lion King's Castle,based on set 6080 King's Castle from 1984, price: 349.99 euros, Release date: August 2022. Bionicle G2 ended in 2016, that's 6 years ago now, the last true Lego Castle theme was in 2013, that's 9 years ago now. And even with the Ideas Set and 3 in 1 Creator Castle released last year, that's still an 8 year gap especially since these were only two sets. Not to mention the last Lego buildable figures came out in form of Star Wars in 2018, that was only 4 years ago and some stores still have a few of them. Castle fans had to wait a lot longer for just a few sets, unlike Bionicle fans, which atleast still got new buildable figures, albeit not directly from Bionicle, until 2018.
  10. We don't need him, nor a replacement for him, nor an official ending for Bionicle and HF. We can imagine for ourselves what happend to our heroes, and many have already done so in form of fan fiction. Like the new cannon contest, an official ending would disappoint many who have already made up their own minds about the ending. With that you have actually already solved your problem with the ending of Bionicle and HF, since you have already thought up your own ending. And why would Lego help us finishing two old stories from two retired themes? Lego doesn't care about that. And was there actually something that came out of this Lego World Builder so far? Also, even if they canonize your ending not everyone would like your ending since not every Bionicle fan liked HF. Another reason why I think we should let everyone's imagination how it went on with Bionicle and HF.
  11. The interesting and unique theme that we didn't had before in Bionicle, the story and especially the final with Matoro's sacrifice and that the canister sets are finally not clone sets anymore. Toa: Jaller Barraki: Takadox Titian: Maxilos and Spinax (the only titian I have from 2007) Matoran: Dekar Don't own any of the playsets, based on looks I'd say the Toa Terrain Crawler I don't, just as I don't celebrate the anniversaries of Bionicle's other years. I don't even know how I would celebrate it. Me too. And another reason why I don't celebrate it, as I don't have a great connection to it because I started with Bionicle later.
  12. That's interesting too. Because if you know so much as a Bionicle G1 veteran, why are you asking us if all Rahkshi types look the same?
  13. This is interesting because the first thing you said in your post was: "We know that Bionicle has many storylines, and each has a unique theme from others, even though that Bionicle itself is mainly about bio-mechanical beings that look completely like robots and have powers and weapons, and they fight each other. " Doesn't sound like you had to teach anyone about this if you say they already know it. And why should a non-fan go to this website anyway?
  14. And the price? Do you know how expensive these two boxes would be? Nobody would buy them, especially if they are just the same figures as the ones you can buy individually. And by the way, you don't have to list everything with info. It just makes your comments too long.
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