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  1. Wow so cool! The Le-Koro Platform was the obvious winner. I'm in awe of how good it is.
  2. Thanks so much! The Rahkshi back is attached using the green bohrok rubber band you see plus on the top part of lewa's axe there is a very small area where a claw (48729b) can attach to a bit precariously. That is attached to an Axle connector (32039) which connects to the rahkshi back. I played around with a few different ways to hold it and this was the most sturdy.
  3. I just recently starting re-reading the comics/books right around when this contest started had some inspiration to create a revamped version of infected Lewa so here's my take. BBC#78 Voting Infected Lewa Revamped Brickshelf Gallery I was a bit limited on pieces as much of my collection is in storage so I made due with what was easily accessible at the time. Might consider updating down the line but pretty happy with how it turned out. Thanks for checking it out and hope you like it enough to vote for it.
  4. I am honestly shocked this isn't in the top 5. I figured it was a sure win. I'll admit I was a little surprised by the price point, but I've been collecting Bionicles for 20 years so this is totally worth it to get a new set!
  5. Oh my goodness this is so epic! Very well done! Hope to see much more of your work in the future.
  6. So I've recently been acquiring some of the 2008-2009 sets I didn't get back then and didn't think I'd want the original boxes and that it would be cheaper, but I changed my mind and am trying to hunt some of them down now as well as the instructions. My primary concern is the boxes at this point. Message or comment if you have any you're willing to sell and we can start talking price privately. Thanks for looking! Here's what I'm looking for: Original Boxes and Canisters in useable condition: 8992 Cendox V1 8990 Fero & Skirmix 8989 Mata Nui (and instructions if you got them) 8973 Agori Raanu (and instructions if you got them) 8974 Agori Tarduk (and instructions if you got them) 8977 Agori Zesk-possibly just the cardboard middle would work as mine got destroyed (and instructions if you got them) 8698 Vultraz Original Instructions not listed above: Agori Berix Agori Metus Glatorian Gelu Kaxium V3 Bonus items: Kanoka 175 Kardas Dragon with box and instructions
  7. MBA1991

    2009 Book Info

    Sounds okay, though I wish that there would be more books, but I understand the situation, and at least there will be a movie.
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