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  1. This is the answer, more or less. Makuta was simply looking in a mirror. It wasn't the first time he had monologued to himself either, and wouldn't be the last, so in that sense it is consistent with his character as well.
  2. That's actually a really cool idea, I'll have to consider making that my headcanon.
  3. Wow, this looks very thorough. I haven't read all of it yet, but you've definitely piqued my interest. Meanwhile, I find it amazing that even 12 years after its cancellation (disregarding G2), Bionicle lore manages to inspire so much fan analysis and theories.
  4. IC: Viima (The Iron Mahi): There was a twitch in Viima's eye, though barely perceivable behind his mask. What was more obvious was the sudden clenching of his fist around the glass. If the material had been anything softer, it would doubtless have crumpled. "What's done is done," he muttered, seemingly both to Tivanu and himself. Pushing the glass away, Viima rose up from his chair. "I'm going for a walk. I'll be back before sunset." Probably, he added to himself. OOC: @Voxumo
  5. IC: Viima (The Iron Mahi): Viima frowned. "And if we did that, he might've gotten away, and we would've failed our assignment. And if our employer found out about that, he may have halved our payment... if not denying it outright." OOC: @Voxumo
  6. IC: Viima (Po-Koro, The Iron Mahi): Viima shrugged, still staring ahead. "We got the payment we agreed on beforehand." He stopped tapping the glass, but held it firmly between his hands. He reflected on the past year he had spent with Tivanu, doing mercenary work all around the island of Mata Nui. The Le-Matoran and Skakdi must have been an odd pair from the point of view of others, but somehow they had managed to make an effective team. Although their relationship had been stormy at first, by now they trusted each other enough to have formed a brotherly bond of sorts... even when their worldviews collided. Yet, there were still unresolved issues in their friendship. The two rarely spoke about their past conflicts, and neither knew just how much the other held on to the hard feelings resulting from them. Additionally, Viima still kept quiet about the period of time that he had been missing before being rescued by Tivanu from a gorge. Of course, that was not entirely due to mistrust towards Tivanu - rather, his own amnesia of that time period kept him from talking about it. By now, the issue had long remained brushed under the rug, and Viima expected the Skakdi to be content with what he did now: that Viima was back, willing to work with him, and no longer beyond killing for personal gain. It was a change Tivanu doubtless did not understand, but fortunately he seemed alright with it. "That Matoran was annoying," Viima suddenly added. "His voice was irritating, don't you think?" OOC: @Voxumo
  7. IC: Lai Lai (Ga-Koro, The Idalpool Inn): "I have many," Lai Lai responded, "but the one I'm sure most Matoran would have is... where have you come from? And how did you find out about our island?" OOC: @Mel @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva) @Geardirector
  8. OOC: Bringing back Viima and Tivanu (Voxumo's character) after a long absence! IC: Viima (flashback in Ko-Wahi): Ko-Wahi was known for many things. It was cold. Unforgiving. Mostly desolate, with only a few species of Rahi managing to survive there. It was also an excellent hideaway for hermits, criminals, or those who simply wanted to lay low for a while. One particular Po-Matoran would probably have agreed with all of those profiles. True, he wasn't much of a hermit character, but he certainly needed to stay undercover, at least for a while. The blizzard outside was picking up. For the Po-Matoran, this was not a problem. Although he was used to the hot, arid air of the Po-Wahi desert, he much preferred the protection offered by blowing snow. No one in their right mind would be willing to come after him in such conditions. The Matoran rubbed the sweat off his powerless Kanohi Kakama and gleefully stared at one corner of his little hideout – the one featuring a collection of crates, each containing valuable items stolen from his brother. The two had never been all that close, but a dispute over inheritance had made it all the worse – and he had decided the even out the score on his own terms. The crates before him contained some of the most valuable treasures of the family. Let my brother seethe in anger, the Matoran thought. I deserve this portion of the inheritance. My brother always received more from the family… but no more. The Po-Matoran walked over to a large crystal container, which held his water supply. It should be able to sustain him for at least a few weeks. Doubtless, he could never return to his native village again – his brother was known to be quite vengeful, and would cut him down on the spot if he showed his mask around those parts. It was best to wait out here in silence for a while, then seek a different village to take his new possessions. Ko-Koro might do quite nicely – they didn't ask many questions in that place, and it shouldn't be too hard to find some secluded property to live in. A sudden flash of green off to the right caught the Matoran off guard. Before he could react, a disk flew over his head, making a sharp buzzing sound as it did so. It struck the glass container with great force, shattering it and spilling the water all over the Po-Matoran. He cried out, even as he felt something strike him in the back. The next instant, he collapsed on the floor, suddenly much heavier than normal. Gravity! he thought in alarm. A Le-Matoran landed in front of him. The razor-disk he had thrown returned to him like a boomerang, and he grabbed it swiftly by the handle situated underneath it. He looked at the Po-Matoran coldly through the lens of his Kanohi Akaku, even as a white-and-purple Skakdi walked to join him. "You thought Ko-Wahi would be a safe place to hide, didn't you?" the Le-Matoran said. "Your brother guessed correctly that you'd try to hide here. Of course, his problem was that the Po-Koro Guard doesn't have jurisdiction around these parts, and the Ko-Koro Sanctum Guard would likely have no interest in getting involved in a family feud… so he chose us for the job." The Le-Matoran knelt down to peer darkly at the Po-Matoran still pinned to the floor by the force of gravity. "We're taking the items you stole back to Po-Koro." "T-take the items. Take anything else you want! But please let me stay here," the Po-Matoran stammered. "I can't go back to Po-Koro… I can't!" Viima rose up. "Well, you're not wrong," he said. Then, he hefted the razor-disk into the air and began to spin it in preparation of another throw. "Returning the items wasn't the only job your brother gave us." With that, he flung the disk at the Po-Matoran. *** IC: Viima (Po-Koro, The Iron Mahi): Viima sipped his drink at the Iron Mahi, looking vacantly into the distance. "Another day, another completed assignment," Viima said to Tivanu. He set his glass on the table and leisurely tapped it with his fingers, but didn't turn to look at it or Tivanu. It was clear that his mind was elsewhere... but where that elsewhere was, one could only guess. OOC: @Voxumo
  9. IC (Lai Lai - Ga-Koro, The Tidalpool Inn): They speak our language! Lai Lai thought in surprise. Aliens that speak our language. Just where are these guys from? The person who had spoken to Lai Lai was shorter than some of the others, yet surprisingly handsome in appearance. His impressive-looking crystal armor gave him an other-worldly look in Lai Lai's eyes, but the noble Kakama he wore also created a sense of familiarity. They wear Kanohi too... "I - um - yes, yes I would be..." Lai Lai stuttered, trying to simultaneously speak and to process this new encounter. She gave off a slight cough and reasserted herself. "I'm a messenger and newswoman in this village of Ga-Koro... I've heard some interesting rumors about you. I was wondering if you'd be interested in answering some questions for the wider public?" OOC: @Mel@Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva)@Geardirector
  10. A friend of mine has the 175 Kanoka (he's not on Bzpower). He's offering it for 80 euros (not sure how much it is in pounds)? What do you think about the offer?
  11. The Main Six Viima (More information) Species: Le-Matoran Description: Light blue body with green feet and a green Akaku Gender: Male Powers and/or weapons: Bamboo disk with metallic spikes on the edges Technological items: None yet Weaknesses: Tends to overestimate himself. As an opponent he's tough but not a very good strategist. Lets emotions control him and is easy to manipulate. Alignment: Mostly cares about himself Personality and traits: Viima combines the lifestyle of Le-Matoran with that of the Ta-Matoran. His priority is always finishing what he is doing, but he enjoys freetime as well. Although a skilled hunter, Viima is known to lack basic analytical skills. He tends to act based on his feelings and is poor at planning ahead or making strategies. He is also easy to manipulate. Lai Lai (More information) Species: Ga-Matoran Description: Blue body, dark blue feet and Kanohi Pakari (shaped like a Komau) Gender: Female Powers and/or weapons: Disk launcher Technological items: None Weaknesses: Not very powerful Alignment: Ga-Koro Personality and traits: Yet to be discovered. Kirgan (More information) Species: Onu-Matoran Description: Black body with purple feet and a purple Kaukau Gender: Male Powers and/or weapons: Due to being an Onu-Matoran, Kirgan has the natural ability to see well in the dark and is talented at digging. He carries a standard pickaxe. Technological items: None yet Weaknesses: Kirgan's greatest weakness is his blind trust. He tends to be naïve and will rarely suspect that someone he trusts may be lying. He also gives up easily and does not like arguing with others. He can sometimes be socially akward and takes his time to get to know others before opening up to them. Bright light is especially hard on his eyes. Alignment: Good, wishes for all Koro to be at peace but is ultimately on Onu-Koro's side if things go wrong Personality and traits: Kirgan is peaceful by nature, but not ignorant to the reality of violence in his world. He is ready to fight for Onu-Koro at any time if the call comes, but until then remains tolerant to others, because he thinks it will make a change for the better. Kirgan is not a very adventurous person, but is still curious at heart and yearns for knowledge. Jarkale (More information) Species: Po-Matoran Description: Black body with orange feet and an orange Ruru Gender: Male Powers and/or weapons: Feet Additions, Matoran-version ones of those of the late Pohatu Technological items: None Weaknesses: What he gains in strength he loses in accruracy. Without his feet additions he would also be very slow Alignment: Good, Po-Koro Personality and traits: Jarkale is very friendly but has a constantly changing temperament. He can sometimes be very aggressive for no reason, but has control over his outbursts to some point. He is known to get carried away by his own imagination and making hasty conclusions on very little basis. After travelling with Rerus for some time, Jarkale was appointed the Chronicler of his Toa team. He takes this job very seriously and with great passion. Hile (More information) Species: Ko-Matoran Description: Sandblue body with gray feet and a gray Arthron Gender: Male Powers and/or weapons: Nothing specific, but carries some flags with him Technological items: Volo Lutu launcher Weaknesses: Extremely weak in hot conditions Alignment: Neutral Personality and traits: Very untypical Ko-Matoran. Enthusiastic and curious. Tuli (More information) Species: Ta-Matoran Description: Yellow body with black feet and a black Rau Gender: Female Powers and/or weapons: Guard spear Technological items: None Weaknesses: Weak in cold conditions, not a very persistent opponent Alignment: Ta-Koro Personality and traits: Very loyal to Ta-Koro. Likes making new friends, but is not always easy to get along with. Has a hot temperament like most Ta-Matoran. She has a lot of faith in her village and is willing to take extreme measures to protect security there. Tuli easily becomes playful with men, however, and loves flirting with men. She is known among the guard as having the ability to get any man she wants. Despite this, Tuli could not fully seduce a Matoran named Khervos. He remains a pain in her record and Tuli has set a goal for herself to someday get her way with him. Tuli found out she actually had some real feelings for Khervos, not just the physical kind. She was disappointed when Khervos said he didn't want a romantic relationship with her. Despite this Tuli still carries a soft spot for Khervos in her mindand cares enough about him to save him from danger. Other Characters Kavala (More information) Species: Onu-Toa Description: Black body and armor with lots of wear. Gender: Male Powers and/or weapons: Sword of Makuta Technological items: None yet Weaknesses: Although quite athletic and skilled, Kavala does not specialize in hand to hand combat, instead resoirting to surprise and trickery. He is quite easy to beat in a swordfight if the opponent is skilled. Alignment: Makuta Personality and traits: Kavala is a dark Toa who lived in the ruins of Xa-Koro until they were seized by the Ga-Koro marines. Kavala now seeks revenge against Ga-Koro for that. He is highly manipulative and expects others to respect him. He is very courteous and a typical "gentleman villain". Recent events have eroded that part of him somewhat, though. Khervos (More information) Note: Originally a character of Geardirector, but given to me by him. Species: Ba-Matoran Description: Black body with a purple Pakari Gender: Male Powers and/or weapons: Disk launcher Technological items: None yet Weaknesses: Lack of strength and agility Alignment: Justice Personality and traits: Khervos is an intuitive and clever Ba-Matoran who runs a personal Detective agency. He has taken it upon himself to snuff out criminals wherever he can find them, primarily working through Onu- and Ta-Koro. Khervos may carry the air of a cliched gritty crime detective, but is actually rather kind and always willing to help those in need, just in his own way. He is also clever and good at reading people, as well as swift and agile. He's a decent shot with Bamboo Disks. Thira (More information) Species: Ta-Matoran Description: Yellow body with purple legs and Huna mask. Very attractive. Gender: Female Powers and/or weapons: None Technological items: None Weaknesses: Naive and inexperienced at pretty much everything, seeing as she has just been born Alignment: Good Personality and traits: Being the daughter of Tuli and Khervos, Thira shares many of their traits. While she is beautiful like Tuli, she is also an analytical thinker, courtesy of her father, Khervos. She is still somewhat naive and inexperienced, but learns quickly. Her goal is to find her place in this world, and she believes firmly in destiny.
  12. IC (Lai Lai - Ga-Koro, The Tidalpool Inn): Lai Lai raced across one of the causeways that connected the Ga-Koro lilypads to each other. Her usual patient demeanor was currently clouded by a mixture of confusion, excitement, and disbelief. Rumors that an entirely new, alien species had landed in Ga-Koro had reached her soon after her return to Ga-Koro. Had she not been on a long-winded errand in Ko-Wahi, she might have heard about this sooner - as it was, she did not want to miss the chance of meeting these strange new beings in person. While she enjoyed her life as a messenger, her secondary job of newswoman presented a real labor of love on her part, and one that she hoped to pursue more earnestly in the future. So far, her stories had not been extraordinary enough to secure her a name as Mata Nui's best-known news anchor - perhaps this was an opportunity to change that. A tip brought to Lai Lai by one of her long-time friends suggested that a few of these new beings were gathered in The Tidalpool Inn. Lai Lai was well aware of the place, as one heralding from Ga-Koro would be expected to be. Yet, she had never dreamed that such a story-in-the-making could be found there... The inn was just ahead of her now. With a leap, she barged in through the door, skidded to a halt in the middle of the inn, and looked around frantically. Her eyes widened as she spotted some particularly unique-looking beings in conversation with each other. There was no doubt about it - these had to be the beings she'd been told about. OOC: Would you be alright with the interaction @Mel, @Endless Sea (Alaki Nuva), @Geardirector and whoever else is gathered at The Tidalpool Inn?
  13. Thank you BULiK! Meanwhile, is anyone's character or group up for interaction? I'm planning to bring my characters (most of them Matoran) back to the game one by one, but don't really know where to start, and where it's ok to intrude on the on-going plots. I've got a newswoman, miner, chronicler, pharmacist and evil Toa looking for something to do.
  14. I have another question regarding the wiki: when I try to edit my character pages, I get this message "You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reason: The action you have requested is limited to users in the group: writer." What should I do to unlock editing?
  15. Ah, thanks, I completely missed that post at the end! That is quite helpful. So I understand that Kentoku is in the middle of a war with Rahkshi? Is there travel between Mata Nui and Kentoku at this point?
  16. It's nice to feel welcome! Ah, that makes sense. I'd better update my own character pages there then. Still looking for a short explanation of what's going on. I did read the introductory post, but that one doesn't tell too much. Guess I should also check out the location pages too though...
  17. Ok, so... seeing that the third arc has finally commenced, I find myself tempted to rejoin the rpg after a long absence. But I'm REALLY confused about the new plot. Is there a place where I could get a short summary of what happened at the end of the previous arc and what's going on now? The new players' topic only has an incomplete summary that doesn't extend to the end of the arc. Also, I've noticed that there are apparently TWO (this and this) bzprpg wikis now? Which one should I use? I wanna jump back in, but I really need to figure out the on-going plot first...
  18. It was Greg who originally said that it reverted the changes made by Karzahni. Looking at BS01 now though, it's not quite as clear. Some of the pages say that indeed those changes were reversed, but the source is lacking. Other pages seem to imply that only some of the changes that made the Matoran worse off were reversed. So I'm not sure if there's a "new" canon that only some of the changes were reversed, or whether Greg's original comments still apply and the Mahri Matoran were actually restored to their original forms.
  19. I'm surprised no one has pointed out that the Mahri Nui Matoran actually represented the standard Southern Continent Matoran build. They had been "repaired" by Karzahni before going to Voya Nui, but the Mahri Matoran's exposure to the pit mutagen reversed those changes. Therefore, we know that the standard Matoran on the Southern Continent looked like the Mahri Matoran. I presume there's no "standard" version of Matoran across the MU, and that there are slightly different builds based on the location. Metru Nui had its own standard build, as well as the Southern Continent. And at least some places had the Av-Matoran build as the standard (as indicated by Mazeka).
  20. Wow, that is GORGEOUS! Really captures the feeling of the official artwork. Thank you for making this, and I hope to see more artwork from you.
  21. It was featured in a synopsis video of the 2001 storyline in the 2002 Bohrok Swarms CD. (https://biosector01.com/wiki/Bohrok_Swarms_Promo_CD) Here's the video:
  22. This is how I've interpreted it too. The rest of MU probably just had varying degrees of light, without any suns per se. This is entirely head-canon, but I like to imagine that the day/night cycle operated on the basis of Mata Nui's own "rest system" - not that he needed to sleep or anything, but so that half the time he was on energy saving mode or something, to allow for Karda Nui to catch up to his daily energy consumption.
  23. I agree with your general conclusion, but I do have disagreements with some of the reasoning. Ok, so I've got two disagreements here. First of all, I'd argue that the differences here don't matter because Toa and Turaga are supposed to be entirely different forms of a character. A Matoran-Toa-Turaga transformation is expected to alter the character's look significantly, while a Toa-Toa transformation is just a matter of adapting the character to a new setting. There, some similarities are expected. Secondly, the Toa Metru DO have similarities to the Turaga. The Great Huna, Rau, Ruru and Mahiki take some design cues from their noble counterparts. This isn't a case that can be made with the Komau and Matatu, but it's not like the Turaga-Toa Metru differences are as drastic as the Nuva-Mistika ones. Here, again, the design differences make sense. The Hordika are mutations. And there are plenty of similarities to mark that these were the Toa Metru. Their body designs in particular were very similar to the Metru builds. Many of their tools also had similar design elements to their Metru counterparts. The "they're supposed to be the strongest Toa" argument bothers me. Being the strongest doesn't guarantee a win. Sure, it's obvious that the Nuva had to lose because of the upcoming Inika sets, but that doesn't invalidate their loss against the Piraka from a story perspective. Underdogs do win sometimes, and the Piraka were very powerful themselves. Again, like with the Turaga-Toa Metru comparison, the changes were far more acceptable because the transformation was from Matoran to Toa. Not only that, their differences in appearance were given a solid reasoning in the story (new masks + charged by lightning) Here's the first instance that is actually comparable to the Nuva-Mistika transformation. The Mahri look nothing like the Inika, and the story explanation for that is extremely flimsy. Heck, some of them completely change body types (Kongu being the worst offender). I'd argue that this is almost as egregious as the Nuva-Mistika transformation, but the fact that they came right after the Inika meant that they used the Inika build, which slightly softened the whiplash of them changing forms. People also generally like the Mahri sets, which certainly helps their reputation. Ok, I don't know why you think the Phantoka don't look anything at all like the Toa Nuva. There are plenty of differences, certainly, but you can still tell that they take some design cues from the Nuva (even if executed super lazily, like with Kopaka's eyepiece changing sides). Pohatu is short and broad, with a mask reminiscent of the Kakama, while Lewa is tall and lean, and his mask is also believable as an adapted Miru Nuva. Even with the differences, the "spirit" of these redesigns fits the characters they're supposed to portray. And here we get to the real reasons why people dislike the Mistika. They literally had no similarities whatsoever to their 2003 counterparts. Not only that, they had body designs that strongly contradicted everything we knew about them. Onua was suddenly tall and lanky. Gali became a hunchback instead of Onua. Their masks bore no resemblance to the Nuva masks. Their weapons were completely different, as were their color schemes (aside from Onua). Gali looked positively hideous, despite having quite an elegant appearance in both Mata and Nuva form. Then there's the overabundance of silver in the sets, which just made them unappealing regardless of what characters they were trying to depict. This is a good point, I think. No one expected a change of appearance with the Nuva (at least not from a story perspective). Even the story reason didn't imply the drastic change that we got. The adaptive armor supposedly reverts to looking like the 2003 Nuva in neutral environments. Yet, in a swamp environment, it suddenly makes Gali a hunchback and gives Onua a growth spurt? It just didn't work on any level. I disagree with this, because of what I already said about the body types. This is another good point. With the Inika-Mahri transformation, the change of mask powers at least gave somewhat of a justification for their change of appearance (even if it was poorly done). With the Nuva, the masks didn't change, so the completely different looks feel all the more wrong.
  24. Metru Nui, with Mata Nui as a very close second. With Metru Nui, I feel that it was so creatively designed, and the effort put behind it really shines in most of the 04-05 media. Mata Nui is easier to connect to the real world, but Metru Nui represents something much more alien, requiring its own set of rules. That's not to say I think Mata Nui is inferior, I absolutely love its mysterious nature and the secret purpose behind it. Plus, we got to explore it more comprehensively than Metru Nui, thanks to MNOG and MNOG II. My third spot would go for Voya Nui. We didn't really get to see much of it, but the concept behind it was cool enough, and at least we had VNOG to give us a bit more insight into its different areas. Mahri Nui and Karda Nui were lousy. Both had potential, but they were relegated to being backgrounds for the adventures of the characters. In the overarching MU geography, Karda Nui is slightly more interesting than Mahri Nui though, if only because it served such an important purpose for Mata Nui's health and functioning (like Metru Nui). Bara Magna was boring and non-sensical. It was just a desert, but with random elementally-themed spots here and there that made little sense to the overall geography. Giving us an entire planet at once didn't help either, since it lessened the feel of consistency between the different locations.
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