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  1. Well, in many ways renaming the island serves to underscore the fact that things from here on out will be different. And also it gives the artists some amount of freedom with regards to how to depict the different locations.
  2. Here's to many more years.

  3. One thing that is very heartening for me as a long time fan is the quality of the concept art; it's not just a squiggle on some rough paper, it's fully-fleshed out concept art, the kind you see with Star Wars or Halo. That really adds to the grandiosity that LEGO seems to be going for with this relaunch. Of course, as it always has been, the storyline is the most important, but the fact that we're receiving such high-quality stuff at least hints to me that LEGO is going to do everything it can to make this work.
  4. Love you entry in Kylus's contest and I would have voted for it had my entry not been in that poll. I'll try and review your MOC in it's topic later, I just don't have much time right now. Good luck in the contest.

  5. Number 1. By the way, is Mata Nui's Ignika a mask or a helmet?
  6. Singapore? Cool.

    I wish i lived in Singapore... Or at least Batam. :P

  7. TheQuartermaster


    It will certainly be sad if you do choose to leave Bzpower and Bionicle, but I'll respect your decision regardless of what you choose to do. My own involvement on this site also hinges on the '10 replacement line.
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