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  1. Lady Kopaka
    HEY GUYS LET'S MAKE 2018 AMAZING. Because 2017 was one of the most exhausting years I've had to contend with.
    Between current events, moving six hours away to a new town, a medical withdrawal from college (after attempting to return from a six year hiatus), my dad getting a serious cancer, financial problems (but at least I have generous family and friends to keep me homeless), health still NOT improving, friend struggles, and...I'll just cut the list early there. Suffice to say you get the idea.
    It wasn't all bad and I need to remember the good, but yeah, let's not do a repeat of that again. I hope your 2017 was better at least--and if you're struggling like me, let's stick together and hope 2018 is kinder. We can do this!
    I haven't canceled CATALYST, but with my health and life situations I've fallen dismally behind. I hope to be back in the groove soon. Either to continue it or have a new plan.
    Take care all~
  2. Lady Kopaka
    August 2nd!!!
    Okay guys! Just updating to say I finally have a stable release date for my Bionicle webcomic. The entire prologue (roughly 15 pages) will be released August 2nd. It coincides with Brickfair Virginia! Chapter 1 will then be updated everyday during Brickfair (until the 6th). From there, the updates will slow down to twice or three times a week, with the occasional break to keep a healthy buffer up.
    I'm so excited to show this project to all of y'all! Thank you so much for the patience, encouragement, help--everything!
  3. Lady Kopaka
    I'm kinda excited for 'The Legend Continues' contests. Usually I'm not very competitive...but guys...that prize is an artbook. I'm a sucker for those. Bionicle artbook? Welp.
    Curious...should I enter the art or writing contest? I honestly have good ideas for both, but guess it depends what I'm feeling or what will be best suited for the idea in the end. I'd appreciate any input or what you'd be most interested in from me. Art would likely be the obvious one, but writing still holds a special place in my heart.
    Hint on my rough idea: it involved thunder and lightning. Any guesses?
    Cheers guys! I also can't wait to see all the entries!!!
  4. Lady Kopaka
    Right now I'm living south of Nasvhille. I love it here, but it's too expensive. and I don't like the surrounding areas much either to live in. My initial plan was to go out west, to Denver, but that dream has fallen short. Smaller steps, I reckon.
    East coast is great too though! My brother and I are moving pretty much to the edge of Tennessee, Johnson City. ETSU is there and it's a small town with mountains!!! I'm sold, honestly. if things work out, we move mid-July. Found a nice apartment and everything.
    Speaking of ETSU, I'll be attending! I'm likely just going to start out part-time, but I (unless things change or I don't like the major) will be going for a B.F.A., concentration graphic design. maybe a minor in digital media. It's a weird thought...I haven't been in college since 2011. I'm excited to return.
    If you live in the surrounding area, let me know! I'm definitely going to need contacts. Also, I bet we could work something out to get you to roadtrip to Brickfair! That'd be fun! IDK, just throwing that option out there.
  5. Lady Kopaka
    Hi guys!
    Who still gets on blogs??? I'm not sure myself. Just checking in. I still check the BZPower news a lot and I'm occasionally trying to force myself back on the forums. Not sure about the status and health of everything, though? Shame about GEN2 ending and all.
    Oh but guys don't forget I'm wasting my precious little free time (when I'm not sick) on a Bionicle webcomic! It's hand drawn! Silly humanized bonkles! You should all ask me about it! It'll be rad!
    How is everyone doing, otherwise? Any fun things to share? Also if we were friends and acquaintances back in the day we totally need to bug each other again! I'd love to catch up with folks.
    (or hey if you're new or have always wanted to chat with me, that's fine too)
    Anyway. Nothing much going on in my life. Being bedridden, likely moving further east this summer, having a quarter-life crisis, so forth. I'll also be at Brickfair VA again this year.
    Okay, off to work back on art and script writing! Cheers all!
  6. Lady Kopaka
    [insert things such as 'it was fun!' and 'i got to meet lots of new and old friends!' and 'the MoCs were amazing!']
    But in the end, thank you everyone for helping me get up there considering my financial situation. The Pates (though they couldn't come this year) helped a lot as did Ben/CF, making sure I had the funds for food, lodging, and all that. Thank you Jamison/Brappy Hour for letting me and my brother room with you, and for being a wonderful person who I could trust and feel safe by. Thank you Scott for being so kind and for the awesome tshirt as well as the new hairstyle for my self-minifig! Thank you Team Farm Animals for being totally awesome. While they are notorious for being remarkably comical, they are some of the sweetest gentlemen and I thank them all for letting me hang with them. Shout outs to others like bzpower staff and some of the people who were kind enough to talk to me about my art. It was very humbling for many to watch me draw, ask for advice, or even do art for them!
    Brickfair is a very important part of my life now. Though this was just my third year coming, it means so much to me. It makes me sad all these wonderful people live so far away from me! But it also makes the year wait all the more special. Hijinks, adventures, personal growth, helping others...I couldn't ask for a better community.
    Very grateful time seemed to slow down enough for that week. just...for me to take a deep breath, look around, remind myself why I'm here, what I want to do, and what I can do for others someday. it was great that my health has been improving, and it was timed well for brickfair.
    In general, I'm sad about it being over, but I'm so happy and forever thankful that I was able to go and have fun with all you great people. If I didn't get to spend much time with you, I apologize sincerely! But I'll see everyone next year!
    Note to self though: don't take a bus again.
  7. Lady Kopaka
    Hi everyone. Long time no chat.
    Nothing very new or important to report. Just struggling to get by. Hoping to start seeing a light at the end of the black hole, you know?
    I'll be going to brickfair in VA this year again. Who else is coming?
    I'm not really sure what else to say, hmm. Anyone want to throw questions at me? Or how is everyone else? Summer going well so far?
  8. Lady Kopaka
    yooo its holiday season cool stuff
    things i've been up to
    - had to leave my nannying job so I'm going to have to find something else. Which will be hard, because
    - I'm one sad sick blob that's clawing for solutions. seeing doctors and trying new things to get better. hopefully something works!
    - being sick and jobless sucks because you can't win. too sick to work, but need money for bills. ???
    - I entered the bzp secret santa thing. can't wait to get started!
    - I GOT A CINTIQ!!! With the help of amazing people through a gofundme I started a few days ago, it went above and beyond what I was hoping for!
    - I miss doing bonkle art ): i'll try to do some more soon promise
    - ummMMM I think that's it??
    - oh yeah I'm planning on going to Brickfair Alabama you should too (anyone need a roomie? my brother may come along too)
  9. Lady Kopaka
    I've announced on other websites I frequent, but I forgot to mention here on BZP. I'm currently working on a series of short comics devoted to BIONICLE, particularly during the Makuta takeover arch. Frankly, I was upset in the direction of the story after Mahri Nui, so I'm working on redoing it. Obviously, this is my AU and I don't want to force it on anyone, but mayhaps some people will enjoy it?
    Here's quick facts about it:
    - To be released January of 2016 (though will keep everyone updated with concept art and so forth until then).
    - Will be in a alternative universe with mostly minor altercations to the story--but does its major detour during Karda Nui.
    - Human Bionicle portrayal. I could go on a long rant as to why I'm doing this, but in the end, it's because I want to do it this way.
    - Will be separated into comic issues--each one around 20 or so pages.
    - Each issue will be focusing on a particular group of characters and event.
    Here's an test page, random scene from Time Trap:

    That's all I have for today. I guess I'll decide if I want to make a topic or keep it here for all the progress work.
    Let me know if you guys have any suggestions or such.
  10. Lady Kopaka
    I will hold the experiences and joy close to my heart, and not forget all the friendships formed and solidified.
    I really don't have much to say. I'm almost speechless. I could spend a long time rambling about the details, but admittedly, I'm fatigued beyond belief and may pass on that. Perhaps later I will. But for now, know that it was the highlight of my year.
    Things have been really hard on me for a long time. Finances and life and health. So hard. There were times recently where I wasn't sure I was going to make it. But I have. I found some inner strength, by what seems a miracle, a few weeks before Brickfair. It carried on and helped me survive through the eventful convention.
    So much fun and amazing memories. I met old friends and new ones. I am reminded why I am friends with who. Reminded that I still have the ability to make new friendships. That I should try harder to stay in touch and trust people to accept me for who I am. People were so good to me, I'm blown away by everyone's love and kindness when I had a abrasive point over the weekend. You were all so supportive and I confess, had a moment of teary eyes earlier thinking over it. Soft spoken love, genuine hugs, encouraging words.
    The convention itself was oddly...odd. Turnout was small it felt compared to the last time I went. But regardless, I had a lot of fun seeing the amazing LEGO and BIONICLE creations.
    Sorry if I did not get to spend time or even speak much with some people. This year I tried really hard to hang out with many, which I felt that I somewhat succeeded at, but again, I apologize if I had accidentally ignored anyone. I had a lot going on near the end of the convention and was not completely myself.
    I want to thank TLH and Turakii for sponsoring me to make it up there as well as hosting me at your place and being so loving, I consider you family. Thank you Bionicle Raptor/Brappy Hour for being such an amazing friend and gentleman--you really were there for me. ChocolateFrogs for picking me up at the airport and just being a great friend in general--thanks for the book suggestions too! Aanchir--for hanging with me, being fun, and supportive. Kayru, thank you for being there when I needed consoling and love. Thank you AT for letting me hang around and you were such a kind and considerate person. I guess I must not forget about Team Farm Animals for letting me be part of some of the shenanigans too! Thank you. Thank you.
    There are a bunch whom I am forgetting to mention, and I hope you can forgive me. I'm just tired and spoke the ones that came to mind immediately. I'm going to try hard this week to send a note to everyone I met with a word of thanks and a offering of friendship. I'd love to stay in contact with you all, if willing.
    Again, had such an amazing time. Will definitely be back next year!! Maybe even go to a few other LEGO conventions in the future? Hmm.
  11. Lady Kopaka
    Thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions! Super super helpful for developing my story! I love seeing the diversity in the answers, but I was also surprised on some common desires. I'm going to try my best to reply to everyone asap.
    Oh, yeah, also...

  12. Lady Kopaka
    Okay guys, as I’m working on this Bionicle novel…I got some questions if y’all don’t mind answering! I’d love input!
    No need to answer all these questions if you don't want to.
    And this is for writing purposes--I'm not trying to pretend I'm all self important and changing the real canon. Just my alternate universe.
    What were a few things that you didn’t like in the storyline, and wished was changed? (e.g. a event, character death, lack of character death, etc)
    What’s your favourite ships? Or simply a uncommon group of characters? (e.g. Federation of Fear)
    Do you have any notable headcanons on a character?
    Or something else? A culture, object, event, etc?
    What characters would you like to know more about, or have more screen-time?
    What would you imagine different in a humanized world?

    Thanks so much if you do this! The answers may greatly affect the direction of my planned serials.
  13. Lady Kopaka
    So my descent into further madness has begun.
    The last full feature novel I wrote was Glitch in the System, completed in 2009. It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had concerning a artistic project, and I want to experience that again.
    I do not consider myself much of a writer at all, but I enjoy it, and that’s what counts. So, I’d like to announce I’m working on a new series! (listens to two people clapping in distance)
    What’s it about? Well, to put it simply, I was not content with the direction of BIONICLE (gen1), so…
    Novel to start somewhere mid 2008 serials. Story will begin to change not far into that.
    Will be divided out into chronological serials like the canon ones, but will be longer. And cooler. And less of a confusion.
    To be written in a version where [almost] everyone is human. (sorry guys, it’s what I’m most comfortable with)
    And no Mata Nui being a robot. (I mean, no disrespect, that’s cool, but doesn’t work for my AU)
    Likely to be released early January of 2015.

    I’m seeking proofreaders and someone I can bounce ideas off of. Maybe a few people? Would be cool if this AU wasn’t all my idea. If you’re interested, send me a PM.
    I really want to do this. So it’s going to get done.
    Stay tuned.
  14. Lady Kopaka
    I think I can do this?
    Hey guys. Just felt like doing some fun in my blog. Choose a number between 1 and 500. I'll use a random number generator. Whoever gets the closest to my chosen number wins a free Premier Membership for a year.
    Obviously, if you already have a membership you can't enter. Only one entry per person, too. Deadline is August, 14th.
  15. Lady Kopaka
    hey guys, I really would like to get involved with the RPG happenings here--but, I have no idea how to start or what's going on or if I should wait or anything help
    If someone could volunteer to teach me the ways of BZPRPG and so forth, that would be awesome. I will pay you in hugs and invisible cookies.
    I'm reading the rules and everything now, but a mentor would be awesome!
  16. Lady Kopaka
    you should all totes check it out and yeah.
    i'm going to start drawing again ???
  17. Lady Kopaka
    got back in Bionicle
    and this happened before there was some weird rumor about Bionicle returning, too? (idk anything on that just something I've heard from various friends)
    anyway totes been hiding out in BS01 a lot refreshing my memory and will probably watch the movies soon, etc. Lots of nostalgia and feels.
    What I've really fallen into is making my own fanon universe. Which is pretty much the same as the original but everyone is 'human' (somewhat? depends on speices? still working that out) and some of the later stuff has been changed. Well, a lot of the later stuff has been changed but I'm still trying to decide how much I'm deviating from canon.
    so if anyone wants to talk bonkles with me that'd be awesome or even if you are mildly interested in my dumb human!Bionicle universe let me know. I'm already drawing and writing lots for it.
  18. Lady Kopaka
    i felt nostalgic.
    what's up with me:
    I turn 22 on the 31st (I can't believe I was 14 when I joined this here website)
    moved out on my own
    working on a graphic novel/webcomic series (based off Glitch in the System)
    yes I'm still doing art, though i'm extremely rusty
    still suffering from health problems
    still not in school
    busy working two jobs
    is continually a derp
    still secretly loves Bionicle still, especially doodling human versions of them
    planning to make a return to Brickfair this year

    that's about it
    hope everyone else is doing good. never be afraid to bug me via PM here or elsewhere
  19. Lady Kopaka
    TLH/Turakii's wedding, getting to tour D.C., and Brickfair was amazing. Really. The best vacation I've ever been on.
    I'm so blessed to have such amazing friends that I've met through here, and also getting to know new people! I really apologize if I didn't get to hang out with everyone like I wanted, I'm so so sorry. I kept getting pulled in different directions and since it was my first time here it was a bit overhwelming, but in a good way of course.
    I'm definitely planning on going next year though, and goign to try my best to spread out and geto to know any BZPers that come.
    I also plan to attend the one in Alabama in January since it's only a two hour drive away. Let me know if you'll be there. (:
    So now I'm very exhausted. Thankful no work today, so I've jsut been flopping around like a zombie all day. Maybe I'll make a more useful entry later, but yay Brickfair!!
    In other news, I might think about getting into the BZPRPG. Maybe? Hmm...
  20. Lady Kopaka
    BZP hi I miss all off you bbies lots of hugs how is everyone?
    I am really avoiding going to bed after a grusome 15 hour work day and I don't want to work agian tomorrow, so I thought, hey, I haven't been on BZP in awhile
    so here have a picture of HB Zaktan pouting

  21. Lady Kopaka
    Reposting, because why the karzahni not?
    For people who have already read glitch, I have a short story sequel. Otherwise on the GitS front, it's time to say goodbye to the fanfiction version. Currently attempting to make it a original sci-fi/cyberpunk graphic novel. Let's say 'attempting' is a keyword here.
    I also am drawing a bionicle drawing (first one in what...two years?). It's a biomechanical version of Nuju. I'd like to do a HB of some character as well, but I am unsure who.
    Welp. That's about it. Just sitting here doodling and eating cereal at 2AM in the morning.
    Oh and I got in a wreck because a deer thought it would be funny to attempt to flip my car. But you know, life. It knows how much I love all these bills.
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