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  1. Don't feel bad, it only took me a few days to learn how to make my entry not a DRAFT. XD
  2. Ok well I just had to chase my two brothers out of my mom and dads room. *I want my internet connection back up in my room. ;_;* So there rather annoying, BUT... *Replies to Turakiis comments* My brothers saw your avatar, and twice yelled in my ear (They didn't get up to my ear, but they can be sooo loud....) "OH LOOK! THERES LARRYBOY!" I also agree, during the trip I will be like: "Oh I forgot to do that! And how many PM's and posts are now in my topics?? OHH I NEED A COMPUTER. NOW." Possibly I can get on my grandparents when we reach TN, or maybe I can use my dads laptop, but its a maybe. Also figured out we will be leaving next monday, great joy. Also did you not know? I am Vulcan. But then of course, Vulcans do not take vacations...So the trip would be a business one. Logical yes? (Other terms, I really like T'pol) On that note though, last night I saw a really cool Enterprise Episode. T'pol told a story about her great Grandmother and some others crash landing some where in PN, it was a good story. ^^ My sister is with my dad, they are at Target getting me a present, so I am very curious. Dad also ordered me something, and I have been pestering him into what it is, so far no luck. (Well of course! Like they tell me!) Well I want to go....AND play my Indiana Jones game! *hugs it* ART NEWS: Updated....'Nuff said.
  3. I had the same problem! My two entrys were drafts. Your story sounds really interesting, I have been meaning to read it forever....When I get the time of course. >>
  4. Lady Kopaka

    Tota Update

    Poor you, yes I bet thats annoying. *pats* You'll get threw the pain.
  5. How in the world do you use this thing? *smashes* I usually am a wiz with computers, but this has got me stumped, but probably because I haven't played with it longer than 5-10 minutes. Been rather busy. This Sunday was really good, but very busy. I slept late(By accident! ) and was in a rush to get dressed, I need new clothes.... But good news I made it to church, and guess what? I am now working/helping with the sound stuff and powerpoint. Sure is fun job, but a little scary knowing you have complete control. (Bwhaha...*cough*) THEN, after that, my sister and I took care of childrens church, first time we have ever done that without an adult, it went rather well considering how little kids go. On my art news: I FOUND MY SKETCH BOOK! THE WORLD IS SAVED! *Ehem* Anyhow, I just inked *Toa_Dwan*, now I need to find my Prismacolor maker and an eraser... Aranos is finished sketched. FINALLY. But his mask ended good, yay me! Been working on a Piraka design, for just a few tries, I actually have one, now I need to do a full version. Someday. Have a few other pictures to upload, once I scan my pictures....Hehe, I need a scanner in ma' room. Ok ok, better go finish that art. But on a note, I think after these requests, I will take a month or two break. You know, to actually give these poor hands a rest, but don't worry, I will get back to requets. Anyway, I have to go to 3 states in 2 weeks. Fun yes, but no fun sitting in the car for however long.... I forgot to say! MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 3 DAYS! EDIT: Not weeks...days!
  6. Good morning all you dears, I am currently still in my pajamas, SERIOUSLY scary hair, and half asleep. So ignore random comments, while I am under the influence of being tired. Well, after waiting almost two weeks, my Indiana Jones Video Game came; it’s a very good game in my opinion. BUT of course, it could be more helpful if I could get my controller to work, instead of using the keyboard, and more checkpoints or quick saves could do me good....Oh well, it’s still very nice. My arts going along nicely, even though I haven't updated, I need to scan and show sometime, but I am currently under distress, as I cannot find my sketch pad that has a request in it, and I must ink it and color, I hope it didn't get thrown away, I would be traumatized, all those pictures in there....Well lets just hope I can find it. On another note, I finally took pictures of my best in show-first place 'Titanic Painting'. I am very proud of it, and will probably show it in the COT section. Now if I could only find my wire so I could move the pictures to the computer.... Well my dad calls, breakfast is ready. (Yum, eggs, cut up potatoes and so much more!) So bye for now.
  7. Ah hah, that sure is you. Wow, what a real good picture. ^^
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