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    My interests? Should I really? I don't think I have to...

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    BIONICLE(of course), books, toys, my laptop, drawing, writing, reading, fuzzy little animals, most anything cute, blah blah, other things..

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  1. Click to view Brickshelf gallery. The swamp is under attack by the evil Swamp Hunter! Grab the enemy with your Beetle Claws to keep them trapped. When the heroes fight back, spread open the poseable wings to take flight. Evade attacks with the Swamp Hunter's highly poseable limbs. You must prevent the forces of good from entering the Silver Chamber. Comments and criticism highly welcome!
  2. How tall should swamp Takanuva be, considering his supposed increase in height after entering Karda Nui?
  3. I like it. I feel like it's how Jaller would have looked if he were in, say, a blockbuster movie adaptation, being a near-radical redesign that still shows its roots. I like especially how he has the same weapons the original had (a sword and a launcher/blaster), and the blue highlights feel like they belong, unlike the blue pins the set version used. Just what did you eat for breakfast this morning (last morning?)?
  4. There are a bunch of different programs you can use to make a .gif, among them GIMP and (I can only assume) Photoshop. If you have either one, there are plenty of guides on the Internet on how to animate using them. If you don't have either of them, though, you can always search online for websites that can make the .gif for you.Google is your friend. =PEDIT: Speaking of which, are full frame-by-frame animations allowed, or can we only enter .gifs in the standard comic format?
  5. Would it be possible to post the completed work outside of BZPower before it is entered?There's so much potential in this contest.. it's definitely going to be a blast. I hope a nice enough number get to participate! =)
  6. Set 2010, LEGO Primo Baby Walker.A set so well-loved it not only started a life-long adoration for LEGO, but also managed to be played with nearly a decade after it was bought. =)Gosh, I wish I hadn't given it away.
  7. From what I remember, Furno calls it a 'gorrilaphant' a few times in the episode itself.Whether he's referring to it by its species or giving it a name based off of its appearance is not known.
  8. please visit my comics.people barely do.

  9. You are? That's cool. Where in the Philippines?

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