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  1. Come Tenno, you must join the war.

    1. Lemony Lepid

      Lemony Lepid

      Silly Necros, potatoes are for Loki.

  2. Wow uh, things have really picked up since I was last here.
  3. Gah, I'm sorry, I've been busy with college. Hopefully I can get a chance to get back to this soon...
  4. IC: Fall Fall looked around the room. "I'm going to have to agree with Exxan. Let's at least leave the room before trying to kill each other." She paused, then added "Also... did you really just try to assassinate me with books?"
  5. IC: Fall For the second time, light burst in Fall's vision. Stumbling, she turned while shaking her head. "What!?" she asked, her vision still not completely restored.
  6. IC: Fall Fall stared suspiciously at Omega. Finally, she hefted her weapon once more. Well, stay still this time please. Se mused to herself, as she brought her catch pole whistling done again.
  7. IC: Fall "You still haven't answered my question. Would you not have taken that opportunity?"
  8. IC: Fall Fall was beginning to calm down, her frustration not so much directed at Omega than herself. How could she not have defeated him? Either he was much stronger than she had anticipated, or she was weak. She dreaded the possibility of the latter. She had seen how the weak were treated here. "Would you not have taken this chance to assassinate a target?"
  9. IC: Fall Fall was still fuming, but she stepped back, eyeing her target. Glass was right, he was putting up much more of a fight than she had expected from him. "Your tongue..." Fall began, expecting Omega to attack at any moment. "Will likely be the death of you, one day."
  10. Fall is more concerned about passing the assignment than anything else. I personally was a bit conflicted about it at first myself.
  11. IC: Fall Lights exploded in Fall's eyes as her head reeled back from the impact. This was an embarrassment. She couldn't take on one bed ridden Rahkshi? Fall snarled, glaring at Omega. Fine then. Her staff was still attached to his arm. It wasn't a Rahkshi Staff but it would do fine. Grabbing it in both hands once more, Fall began to focus, siphoning off Omega's strength into herself.
  12. IC: Fall Now she was livid. Practically roaring, Fall launched her fist at Omega's face plate. She had half a mind to rip him straight out of his chassis. She still kept her other hand wrapped around the catch pole, but how long until she abandoned it to use her other fist.
  13. I have a feeling Palma will never allow Fall back into the Infirmary.
  14. IC: Fall "No you don't..." Fall growled grabbing at him again. As soon as she could get him in her grasp, he would find struggling a bit more difficult.
  15. IC: Fall Spitting with rage, Fall stumbled for a second before re-positioning herself. Keeping one hand gripped firmly on her weapon, Fall made a grab for Omega's arm.
  16. IC: Fall "So, if the rumors I've heard about the series of events leading up to you getting in that bed are true," Fall hissed, shifting her weapon into a two handed position, "good job on the initiative, I guess." Her statement was punctuated by her catch pole swinging down to meet his midsection.
  17. IC: Fall "Well," Fall began, walking over to Omega's bedside, "that is unfortunate." She picked her catch pole up and planted the end of its shaft into the ground with a menacing clang.
  18. IC: Fall Fall nodded, glancing then to Exxan, then turning back to Omega. OCC: Is Palma still there, or has there been a short time skip?
  19. IC: Fall (Infirmary) The Rahkshi made her kind's equivalent to a frown beneath her armor, finally turning her gaze from Omega to look at the newcomers. "Which one of you is done, then?" she asked, jabbing her catch pole in the direction of Caoutchouc's limp chassis.
  20. IC: Fall (Infirmary) Fall stood in doorway of the Infirmary, Catch Pole in claw as always. She seemed to never put it away anymore. She was leaning on it like a staff, watching as Omega was being healed. She had taken too long. She had been too caught up in the paranoia, in the fear of being attacked. She had tried to play smart, but what had that accomplished? No, it wasn't playing smart. It was being afraid. Afraid of failure. She could still succeed at this task, but it didn't sit right in her gut. She had been the first to volunteer to this assignment, where had that initiative gone? Remember your name. Remember why you took it. The Rahkshi of Hunger straightened her posture, entering the room. Her eyes never left Omega. She would not become like him, lying on those sheets. She waited for Palma to leave Omega's side.
  21. delete this post please I derped regarding who was where.
  22. IC: Fall (Refectory) There was every chance that both predator and prey were present in the Refectory, but Fall needed the food, and she doubted they would try to poison her. After all, the sludge they all ate came from the same pot, right...? Fall craned her neck, sweeping the Refectory for some sign of the strange Rahkshi from before. If she couldn't find Phogen soon, Fall would have to just find her target before somebody found her.
  23. Dash it all I'm terrified of doing anything or going anywhere because of assassins.
  24. IC: Fall (Dormitories) Fall had quickly retreated to her room after the meeting was over. She stood in the dark, Catch Pole firmly grasped, against wall so that she could strike anybody who decide to come in. She knew her target. The question was how to deal with the individual. There was also the matter of who would be hunter her. Her mind turned to the Rahkshi from earlier who had offered their services. Should she take such a risk? What was to stop them from double crossing their clients? At the same time, Fall desperately wanted to find out who was hunting her. It would improve her stress levels, and not having to fear every single participant would help her focus on her target. In the end, Fall left her room in search of Phogen. She figured that it wouldn't hurt to find out more about this "service", and perhaps she would run into her target in a convenient spot?
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