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  1. Should totes do a FTL name change thing when everyone's name changes sync up.

    1. avmatoran


      That might be a fun idea.

  2. 17 players signed up for FTL and counting; my day's going pretty well.

  3. The OTC RPGs seem to be faltering from the affliction known as "too many RPGs, too little RPers." Time to call in the reinforcements.

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    2. HeavyMetalSunshineSister


      The problem isn't so much that as it is that people aren't keeping up with what they start, while others don't take any initiative and sit there helplessly as they wait for someone else to take charge of their character's situation.

    3. Razgriz


      No go away don't rope me into this

    4. JAG18


      You have my bow.

  4. Aye, I'll respond tomorrow.

  5. That movie was an abomination; trust me, it's nothing like the book, and that's not in a good way.

  6. Yes, actually, I'm a fan of the series. Read all the books.

  7. But why? Writer Alex Humva already says enough, even though I'll be changing my name again soon.

  8. The Minecraft that can connect to the Internet is over on my mom's laptop; a computer I can't use at the moment.

  9. Eh, I'll get back soon enough. Hopefully.

  10. Grounded from the internet :|

  11. I'm somewhat concerned people will call me an egomaniac, because I'm basically saying God Alex Humva. :P

  12. Pah!

    It turns out, Mount Rushmore was created with Firax slave labor.

    Firax have been a delicacy in many underwater parts.

    Firax screams are an excellent power source.

  13. No, they stole the energy crystals so those despicable Firax wouldn't shake apart the surface and destroy the environment.

  14. You're right, celery is green, while the Firax destroy the environment with their energy crystals. Shame!

  15. Everyone knows that in a game of rock celery and scissors, celery beats rock.

  16. 28 days until my blog returns. :P

  17. Celery sticks go through extensive training, enhancing, and tough tests. Firax are merely beasts, while celery sticks are civilized and know how to fight.

  18. Part of the new faction, the celery sticks.

  19. Firax are lame; celery sticks are far superior.

  20. Or maybe it's not a joke, considering it's been here for six years. Dunno.

  21. Hilarious name, man. Should of thought of it myself.

  22. Really? Fat Boy was just another atomic bomb? Weird, I was under the impression it was an H-Bomb.

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