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  1. Holy cow, holy cow. I am unbelievably amazed this is happening. And its definitely the Mask of Creation too!! But wait. Why isn't Arthaka wearing it then? Did he die and someone stole it? Is he giving it away for for a raffle? I'm really keen to know the time that this will be set in. My guess is that it'll be an extremely long time after the final saga. This means that they don't need to account for how Kopaka and Pohatu got back from the Red Star just yet. Man, I am so pumped!
  2. Hey I'm still here!! I've made all the changes that everyone suggested above. I'm not going to comment on the small grammar things like commas, you can see what the errors were above. However two bigger things I changed were instead of: Sprawled on the floor were tablets, each containing the life of Toa Lhikan. Vakama picked one up and looked over it. I change it to: On the floor lay a single tablet. Vakama knew what was written on that, it was of no interest to him now. He moved over to the single shelf in the room, covered in a thick layer of dust. Pulling out one of the tablets from the shelf, he wiped gently with his hand and looked over it. This fixes some confusion of the tablets that was raised. Secondly I changed the 13,500 year issue to: My early life began many thousands of years ago. Doesn't sound as nice but its easier to solve than working out how long it may have been. Now... The Hau that was in his village isn't Lhikan's Hau. It's just a precious jewelled artifact, I chose it because it's the most recognisable mask in the BIONICLE universe.
  3. I'm glad they're giving this a try but I it is my opinion that if the quality is ABSOLUTELY not equal or better then they shouldn't try it at all. I want to back this up by saying that the LEGO product itself is very sustainable. Yes the plastic isn't good and if it was dumped in the environment it would be extremely hazardous. However, the trick with LEGO is that majority of it DOESN'T end up there! Think about, have you actually come across anyone who threw out there old LEGO? Highly unlikely, they probably just sold it or gave it to someone else. LEGO's backward compatibilty is so incredible it doesn't need to end up in the dump. However, on the other hand some of it does end up in the trash when parts are well and truly finished. As well as this, I'm sure the process to make the bricks release fumes that aren't too healthy.
  4. Oh my g-o-s-h! I can't believe I came 2nd. I can understand why it was so difficult to decide, there were alot of other really good MOC entries as well. Great work to everyone that entered. Really! And congrats to the other winners too, both are excellent designs Regardless if I can enter or not, I hope you do another system-based contest, they're lots of fun! Happy building
  5. Thanks, I know it's the weakest but I was in a rush to get a third design in before the previous deadline, 21st. My mech and mini tank took alot of chopping and changing, deciding what would be good and all. I decided I'd just enter in something I had made before but hadn't uploaded online yet. I was planning on modifying my Hulkbuster but I thought that was bordering on violating a rule so I went with this instead.
  6. Alright, all of my 3 entries are here. First entry Entry Name: Galaxy Mech Entry Pic URL: http://i.imgur.com/PPhBO0e.jpg Topic URL: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=11540 Second entry Entry Name: Mini Tank Entry Pic URL: http://i.imgur.com/LUwKxxA.jpg Topic URL: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=11541 Third Entry Entry Name: Land Runner Entry Pic URL: http://i.imgur.com/XQZz2G3.jpg Topic URL: http://www.bzpower.com/board/index.php?showtopic=11542 Good luck to everyone else out there!
  7. Final entry for the Space themed competition! Here's the Land Runner Small, but very fast, this vehicle is used to travel great distances very quickly. Ideal to scout planets! Weapons include two lasers. A small hand weapon can also be stored on the side. Fits two passengers Full gallery, click here Please comment and/or constructive criticism, thanks!
  8. My second entry for the Space themed competition. This time, mini tank! Designed to travel across almost any land terrain, this vehicle is small and compact. Weapons include two mounted guns and a recon drone at the back. Full gallery, click here. Comments welcome!
  9. Hi this is my first entry for the Save the Alien Hunters competition! I present the Galaxy Mech Basically used for when the aliens get really nasty and you're in the middle of fighting giant insectoids or alien outposts. Weopons include shoulder mounted rockets and a large ion cannon. The hand can grab up any annoying little aliens. Cockpit does open up. To view full gallery click here. Comments and constructive criticism appreciated
  10. EXCELLENT! Defintely entering this, I was already working on one thing that should be applicable. Mechs are allowed right?
  11. Cool, so it seems like there is a few ideas going on. First big Pacific Rim vibe coming especially from those monsters Secondly is LEGO bring back the old miniature styled figures like they did with BIONICLE. I really liked those, they highlighted the compatibliliy BIONICLE parts had with System and this is no exception, good to see LEGO System amongest the HERO Parts Thirdly, very Exo-Force like but I think this comes back to the first point where it's like Pacific Rim. At the same time, these sets would be much easier for kids to handle than Exo-Force might've been. Also it's good to see that the sets have something more original than its last two predecessars. Since Hero 2.0 everything has been the same. This is still similiar but it's not quite which is good. I miss the old days where each year would bring in radically different parts that were still compatible.
  12. Ahahha funny you should mention that... quite a few of the parts are from there and actually that set was what inspired me to build this. Also to those who suggested on Cuusoo, it is possible but I doubt it could be made through it. However, there is already a Hulkbuster project there.
  13. Hi I made this Hulkbuster awhile ago and posted it to Reddit where it was very popular. I hope people still come here frequently enough to enjoyed this too. Full album here
  14. I like how you are honouring Dark through these comics, they're really good so far. Now, I'd just like to say firstly that I actually made contact with Dark709 a few months back. This is what he said to me. After the forums were down for so long and Bionicle ended, I became preoccupied with many other things in my life. Making comics and movies on BZPower was great though, it was one of the most rewarding things I did. But unfortunately I won't be returning to comics.But there is some good news, I'm actually working on a big project right now with some tributes in it to my comics. Within a few months when it's released, I'm going to return to BZPower and show everyone what it is. It's not Bionicle, but I think you guys will really like it...-Dark INow it has already been a few months but let's see. In the meantime, keep this up its great
  15. I wonder if the mine shaft Lone Ranger set can be modified to be added onto the larger train set?? Just wondering because i noticed that for some reason they've added smaller tracks onto larger tracks in the mine shaft set. Maybe the smaller ones can be removed and then the set can be clipped onto the Train set track? Overall, looks really good, captures the cowboy theme amazingly! Also has anyone else noticed the cavalry set looks strikingly similiar to this old Western Lego set If you pay attention, the flags on both sets are very similiar.
  16. Wah!? Warner Bros. ??? I thought they were rivals!! MARVEL OWNED BY DISNEY!?!!? *faints* This is like....Franchiseception on the fourth level! We need to go deeper and have Marvel buy Hasbro and then make MLP comic books! Seriously? You guys didn't know? Just saying it has been a few years now :PAnd buying Hasbro would be a very bad idea because that would mean no Marvel at LEGO (mind if two rival companies can still put there differences aside to make a videogame as seen here, who knows).
  17. Wait wait wait wait wait wait WAIT! WARNER BROS, the owners of DC UNIVERSE is making a video game for MARVEL which is a DISNEY owned franchise. What on earth???But besides from that.... YES! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes YEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!! I'm so thrilled to hear about this, can't wait to start smashing bricks with minifigure Deadpool
  18. Control. They want control over as much as they can, just like any typical evil organisation
  19. Don't forget they probably can change their armour too so that would mean a difference (hence Norik and Iruini wearing slightly different shoulder and chest armour).
  20. Um, just noticing a few entries after mine have been looked at but mine hasn't yet, not trying to be pushy but just letting the judges be aware of it
  21. Just watched some video reviews of these sets, i cant describe how awesome they look. I've always been attached to the space theme (except Star Wars or Alien Conquest) and LEGO really has done well. My only prob is that they aren't using the armor from Galaxy Patrol Minifigure. I reeeeeally thought they would :(But I must say, the green tank with mech is top on my list. It can go together and there is a little buggy that can come out too!!! The purple pod can be analysed in it too! The robot idea is cool too, the blue one looks really roboty but the green one looks really awesome. Too hard to choose which one to get when they come out!
  22. Parallel universe aren't the same like that. What happens in one doesn't mean the same in other. Take the dimension Mazeka travelled to. Spherus Magna had already been fixed but in the MU it hadn't. Or the one that Vezon got stuck in (really testing my knowledge right now).And for example, in The Kingdom Universe, I doubt Spherus Magna will be fixed at all because the Mata Nui robot is dead (I wonder how Teridax could fulfill his duty then to restore Spherus Magna in that universe.....?)
  23. Yay more cannon stuff, even if it is small :)Really good choice of prefix too definitely suits the. *Checks BS01* Drats already updated
  24. Teridiax was most definetly the most awesome villian I have ever come across in terms of BOTH power and cunningness there is no equal out there. *Look at Hero Factory* Nup *Looks at DC Universe*. Defintely no*Looks at Marvel Universe*. Ok maybe Thanos is coming close. Or Doctor Doom. And Deadpool is a totally different version of evil One thing I don't like about Teridax's character. With all of these evil abilities, he still died. And whilst it was due to his arrogance and I suppose power might have gone to his head at that point, I still think he'd be more careful that getting himself mooned like that. Mind 2009-10 felt incredibly rushed in BIONICLE storywise, at least for me.
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