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  1. IC: Yaushe - Wastes

    The storm ended quickly, quicker than what was natural- was there someone around manipulating it?- and Yaushe lowered her gaze to see the welcoming committee that had gathered outside Mega's shop. As they got closer, it wasn't hard to figure out they weren't friendly- especially given the broken down door.

    "I can turn around," she said. "What do you wanna do, Mega?"


  2. IC: Yaushe - Ignorantly Blissful Of What Was To Come

    "Hey," she greeted the newcomer. There was no fun or point pretending to not be a haunted van when Mega just up and addressed her like that. And, she was figuring out, maybe explaining the van thing didn't take nearly as long if she just said "ghost van". People typically got the gist of it.

    That, and she was distracted by something in the sky. A storm was coming. She could see the signs, even if she wasn't sure how she knew them. Thunderstorm, by the looks of things. Even without her physical body, she felt weirdly attuned with those.


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  3. IC: Yaushe - The Wastes

    "What's your problem?" Yaushe whispered to Mega from the air cons. The Skakdi was physically imposing, sure, but Yaushe had found one of the bonuses of inhabiting a van was the fact that it was harder to be physically imposing to a van.

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  4. IC: Yaushe - The Wastes

    "Yeah." Yaushe considered the sky again. She wasn't really sure why. Felt like an old habit, but without any rhyme or reason to it. Odd. "Are you sure it's all right, me staying with you for a bit? I can make it up to you by driving you around, like today. Or. I guess. Today with less of the raiding part."

  5. IC: Armani - HM

    Armani, Major-General of the New Atero guard and arresting officer for the incident, found herself having to pause to figure out if this particular guard was, perhaps, new. But that would make no sense. Surely, only trusted guards would be tasked with handling this.

    "Are you... not aware of the proper protocols? Of course I am writing a report. It's part of my job, and is my responsibility as the officer who called for your arrests."

  6. IC: Yaushe - The Wastes

    "I don't know. The person in charge was talking about some criminal, uh. Takadox? They were looking for him, my friends and I were tagging along."


    She paused. "At least I got to meet you, after falling off the transport. You're a good friend."

  7. IC: Yaushe -  Leaving Po-Koro

    "Sounds... good." Filling up her fuel tank, for some reason, always gave her a nasty taste in her... spiritual equivalent of a mouth. At least she could still sleep. Sort of. If she wanted. "I gotta wonder where my friends got to. Hope they're not in too much trouble."

  8. IC: Armani - Welp

    Armani hummed thoughtfully. "I respect your dedication to the Guard. It's quite admirable! But the events that took place today have left quite a few concerns and issues, not to mention I do have to write a report on the matter. Are you quite sure you're unable to provide answers on the matter?"

    She didn't expect any to say yes, of course. But this, in itself, was providing answers. The behaviour of the guards was nonchalant; they expected no repercussions for their actions. This meant they must have felt very self-assured that their charges would be waived, regardless of being caught red-handed. She was beginning to see more of the puzzle, and she didn't like what she was seeing.

    Why hadn't His Spikiness found any of this suspicious? Even if the Commander had fed into his paranoia regarding Tuma, surely, after it was evident that Coyle's advisors were either sorely mistaken or- perish the thought- lying, he would want the matter looked into? Who was seeking to harm New Atero, fuelling such civil unrest?

    What had Hakkzan gotten himself into?

  9. IC: Yaushe - Top Tier Prankster


    A noise came from the van.


    Engine trouble, maybe? It was like the ignition wasn't taking, but it was already driving, so that couldn't be it. The van shuddered- was it going to break down?

    Chffchffhfffffhffffhfhfhfhhhh hhh hHH HHH HHH HHH!!!

    The sound became less like imminent breakdown and more like a strange, automaton laughter. The van shook a little; thank goodness Mega was driving. Slowly, the noise started to shape something else around the strangely joyful machine sounds: words.

    "Oh, Mata Nui, I'm sorry, Triage. I couldn't resist. The look on your masks!" The van fell back into its odd wheezing laughter.


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  10. IC: Yaushe - Po-Koro

    She thought she had an answer for that. But, she realised, she didn't. "I... don't know. When I got separated from my friends, my plan was to find them again, but... I don't know where they are. How to find them. Don't even know if they're looking for me, really. And I can't remember much about my life before... this. Don't know if I have a home or friends or even a Toa team to go back to. Might be better that way, I guess."

    The thought was making her feel depressed. She was a ghost with no past, nowhere to go. People might be missing her, they might not. There was no way to know.

  11. IC: Yaushe - Po-Koro

    "I'll take your word for it." As they waited, Yaushe idly looked up at the sky, as if she was checking for rain. Of course, this wasn't really a noticeable action, given her living- or rather, unliving-situation. "Good thing those raiders turned tail."

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