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  1. IC: Yaushe - Outside Sans' Hut

    Yaushe had managed to get herself parked nearby, but relatively inconspicuous. Close enough to listen, at least. To the people talking over Mega like she wasn't there, or arguing, or storming off. It sounded like these people already had a lot to worry about- and they were wasting time better spent evacuating or otherwise trying to protect their people by fighting?

    Mega tried to warn them, to be spoken over and dismissed by one of the Toa. That just about made Yaushe's fluids boil. When the Warskaks had treated Mega like that, Yaushe figured it was somewhat tied to the fact that they were a bunch of terrible people who saw no problems with taking someone else's home from them. She hadn't really expected it from people who were meant to be, from what Yaushe could gather, half decent.


    If they couldn't be bothered listening to someone when they were here trying to do them a favour, Yaushe would have to make sure she did something they couldn't ignore.

    Righteous pettiness flowed through her chassis, racing like wildfire through tubes and wires and centering her paranormal activity on the epicentre of expression through vehicle means, louder and more meaningful than her voice framed in metal could ever have communicated.

    The horn.

    @Dane-gerous@A-tak-nid@Azibo@Snelly@Tarn@TL01 NUVA@Keeper of Kraata@Toru Nui@Smudge8@Conway@Sparticus147

    OOC: This is the only way I know how to draw the attention of a Sans Undertale

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  2. IC: Yaushe - Dream Time?

    Yaushe had been grateful that Mega took over driving. She was sure she could manage, but being able to let go of the wheel was still a relief. She settled back, feeling the sand beneath her wheels, the rumbling of her engine in her chassis, and... slowly...


    Her headlights flashed in the storm, everything spun and crashed and battered but she...


    She was sitting in a cosy room, clasping a mug in mechanical hands. She was a van, but... she wasn't. The mug held motor oil. She looked outside; they were still in the hurricane. It was chaos outside, but things were still in here. Even as they flew in the raging winds, every second a lucky escape... but it was warm in here, and she didn't even spill her oil, even as the room flipped upside down.

    A warm chuckle, strangely familiar, though she couldn't place how. A hand on her shoulder, kind, but she saw nothing where something should have been.

    "Drivin' in the hail again, Yaushe?" the voice sounded as if it was smiling. "Great Spirit, what am I to do with you?"

    Yaushe opened her mouth to reply to the empty air, but all that came from her gaskets were chuffs and grinding. She blinked, headlights blinking on and off. That wasn't right.

    "You say that," the voice continued, as if it understood. It had let go of her hubcap, and was now walking to face her. She rumbled patiently until the voice continued, "But, if you ain't careful, you're gonna get yourself in serious trouble one of these days, spark. And I'm worried it won't be somethin' we can tow you out of."

    Two hands cupped her grill- mask?- and she was staring into two eyes, eyes more real than she was, eyes in the holes of a mask she couldn't quite discern but there was a kindness in them, and it felt familiar, like the voice.

    "Keep yourself tethered."

    The phrase rung true to something, like an old, near-forgotten memory. Where had she heard it before? Where...



    Yaushe woke with a start, accidentally jostling her passengers. Weird dream. Pieces of memory, maybe, mixed in with the usual nonsense of dreams. Or just nonsense.

    "Sorry," she yawned, a sound like metal groaning. "We there yet?"


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  3. IC: Yaushe - Van Time Restored

    Hoo boy, another jump. All right. Yaushe stretched, and reached, and the tethers released her much more easily this time. She sunk into the welcome embrace of the van's chassis, her mind spreading through the sleek metal frame, the mechanisms that whirred and clicked and hummed. She was home. Tiredness still tingled in her ectoplasm or whatever it was spirits were made out of- powering a van all this way was tiring, and jumping vessels twice in a short amount of time was not helping this- but she was home.

    "I'm in," was what she chuffed to her friends.


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  4. IC: Yaushe - Gun Time

    "Don't worry about it, Zsann," Yaushe said. Even with the odd voice she had to use, her tone sounded somewhat weary. "I prefer to be in the van most of the time, anyway. Just... refuelling is the worst. The taste is terrible, for one thing. And imagine drinking something awful, but you're drinking without swallowing, and someone else is tipping it down your throat. It's not great, let me tell you. Same with repairs. I don't feel pain from it, but I still feel it, you know? Horrible."


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  5. IC: Yaushe - Gun Time

    Being picked up was a really weird experience, but for a brief moment, there was something-

    The Turaga said not to get closer to the maelstrom, but , those readings were-

    Her eyes widened as she felt the floor shift beneath her-

    She swore, throwing herself to the floor, hands over her head, but the floor was up and around and sideways and-

    A memory?

    She struggled to remember more. It didn't make sense. Had she gotten in a wreck or something?

    The moment was over, and Mega's voice brought her back. That would be something to think on later. "Make sure you ease him into asking. Poor guy looked like he was gonna combust."

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  6. IC: Yaushe - Gun Time

    Yaushe had transferred before with Mega, but it had been into a bike in her workshop while she replaced her van's tires. From Mega's expression, she was guessing that picturing a jump from one vehicle to another made more sense in Mega's mind, which was fair. "Hold it steady a second."

    Yaushe pulled, and the tethers that held her in the van, her van, her home, her safe place, reluctantly wound away. It was cold as she leapt, arms- arms?- outstretched, passing into her new vessel, her spirit twisting and contorting to fit her new home. To Mega, it was an instant, punctuated by a tiny spark of static passing from the van to her gun.

    The ghostly spirit of Toa Yaushe shifted uncomfortably in her much smaller environment, but the feeling soon settled. And, with that,  Yaushe was now a gun.

    "All right, I'm in," she whirred and chkked, her voice different in the new vessel, too. "Have you cleaned this thing recently? It's kind of gross in here."

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  7. IC: Yaushe - Van Time

    Yaushe made a quiet groaning noise as she considered this. "I... I guess it's better than the fuel. Not by much, but... Okay. Fine. But don't take too long, okay? And make sure the safety's on. I don't wanna shoot either of you- or my van- while trying to get a feel for things."


  8. IC: Yaushe - Van Time

    "Toa energy's a different thing. This is just elemental, it recharges. It's fine."

    A pause.

    "I'd... rather not deal with refilling right now. Tastes gross, for one. For two... it feels... eugh. And I don't think there's much I can transfer into out here. I can hold out 'til we reach a settlement."

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  9. OOC: Mega... bunnied? Woken up? with permission from Dane

    IC: Yaushe - Van Time

    The hours passed. Yaushe wished her radio wasn't busted. She kept on...


    Mega would wake up to an odd noise, like a chuffing or wheezing. It would also strike her that the van had stopped, but there was no noise outside to indicate they'd reached some kind of settlement. Just the noise.

    Chuff. Wheeze. Chuff. Wheeze. Chuff... Wheeeeeeeeeeeze.

    OOC: @Dane-gerous

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  10. IC: Yaushe - Van Time

    As her friends fell asleep in the back, Yaushe kept her eyes ahead, and occasionally up. There was something about the sky, she figured. She looked, and she traced the patterns of the clouds in her mind, and bits and pieces drifted into her head. Things like what wind patterns formed which clouds, what that meant... Thinking about it too long made her head spin a little.

    At least they were away from that creepy guy who'd taken over Mega's workshop. While they were there, and despite the fact that he had no eyes, she couldn't shake the feeling that he was looking at her. Maybe not even just her van. She suppressed a shudder, lest she wake her passengers. Creepy.

    Yaushe wasn't sure where they were going, but had figured "not there" was as good a direction as any. They could figure things out tomorrow.

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  11. IC: Yaushe - Van Time

    Yaushe drove in silence for a while, thinking. She was fairly sure she hadn't seen Mega sleep in a long while. Neither had she, honestly, but after dying it wasn't something she especially needed. She could do it, sure, but it wasn't a requirement.

    She said, "Look, it's not much, but you two can sleep in here while I drive... somewhere, if you want. It's comfortable. I think I slept in here, before..."

    One of the storage compartments in the back unlocked itself, revealing a few blankets. "Don't ask me why there's more than one. I think, maybe, some are from when I was a Matoran. There should be a big one, too."

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  12. IC: Matilda - ???

    Matilda glanced at the pie, and then at Garuda, wiping crumbs from her mouth with the back of her hand. "... What?"


    IC: Armani - Welp

    "Perhaps I will. Thank you very much for the information. Have a pleasant incarceration!"

    With that, she let them be, nodding amiably to the guards as she left. They clearly weren't going to talk. What now, then? Double back and speak again with His Spikiness? Or with the Commander? That seemed unwise- at least, right now. What, then?

  13. OOC: Got permission to bunny Zsann into the van, and she clarified the how and all.

    IC: Yaushe - Mega's Workshop

    Yaushe helpfully set her driver's seat down from a Matoran's position to a Skakdi's as Zsann headed for the driver's side. Once Zsann was inside and had closed the door, the Skakdi headed to the back with Mega. Doors safely closed, Yaushe started up and began their exit.

    "Dude was giving me the creeps," Yaushe said to the other two, in her air con whisper. "You were pretty cool out there, Mega. Reckon if it was anybody else, they'd have had the sense to back down. And... Thanks, Zsann. Would've helped, myself, but, uh. You know."

    OOC: @Dane-gerous@A-tak-nid

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  14. IC: Yaushe - Mega's Workshop

    Yaushe didn't like to just leave Mega's home to these people, but there didn't seem to be much choice. And, truth be told, she was feeling a little on edge. The Skakdi must have been bluffing... right? There was no way he could have known...

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