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Akaku: Master of Flight

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  • Birthday 05/30/1995

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    Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
  • Interests
    Favourite Games:
    The Elder Scrolls, Halo, Minecraft, Destiny, Fallout, Space Engineers

    Favourite Movies:
    MCU, Star Wars, most things done by Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan, and Tarantino

    Favourite TV Shows:
    The Mandalorian, Mythbusters

    Favourite YT Channels:
    Sampson Boat Co, Townsends, Mark Felton Productions, Adam Savage's Tested, Hand Tool Rescue, Vsauce, LGR, Bright Sun Films, Ahoy, Mustard

    Favourite Bands / Musical Artists:
    AC/DC, Sabaton, Iron Maiden, Michael Salvatori, Martin O'Donnell, Skye Lewin, Two Steps from Hell, Antti Martikainen, The Dubliners

    Favourite Visual Artists:
    Issac Hannaford, Dorje Bellbrook, Shi Kai Wang, Ralph McQuarrie, my dad, and of course, all of my artist friends :)

    Favourite Writers:
    Lauren! :3

    Gaming Platforms:
    NES, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

    PC - Windows 10/RTX 2070 Super/i7-10700/Vengeance LPX 64GB/WD_Black SN750

    Tools of the Trade:
    Cintiq 22HD, Sketchbook, Mechanical Pencil, Brain, Left Hand

    Other Interests:
    Gaming, History, Automotive, Woodworking, Restoration work, Model making, Lego

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  1. Wishing you a happy birthday! 🥳

    1. Akaku: Master of Flight

      Akaku: Master of Flight

      Thank you!! I appreciate it :D 

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