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  1. Not sure why I'm even replying to this since it's clearly gone far off-topic, but... I would have like if G2 was a continuation of G1 rather than a reboot. I liked the deeper, more detailed storyline/world of G1.
  2. Definitely the storyline. It was so much more complex and interesting than what you'd expect from the average toy line.
  3. Huh, I wasn't expecting this to be so soon. I didn't actually buy any of the G2 sets or keep up with the story or anything, but it's still a little said to see Bionicle ending again.
  4. I have very few Gen 2 pieces, but I might try entering something even if it's too simple to possibly have a winning chance.
  5. Well, I sure haven't posted here in a long time. It's been 3,000 years... Anyway, I'm really excited for ORAS, mainly because Hoenn is the only region I haven't played a game from. My only Gen 3 game was LeafGreen. Secret bases sort of look like the Underground from Sinnoh, which would be fun to have back. Also, yay for more Megas! I didn't think it was very fair that Blaziken got one but Swampert and Sceptile didn't. In other news, on Y I decided to train up a few more water types so I could have a full team of them, and while breeding Marills I got a shiny one! It has perfect IVs in everything but Speed. Special Attack would have been a better IV to not have, but it's not like Azumarill is used for it's speed anyway so it's fine. Also, if anyone wants to battle later, send me a friend code!
  6. I do plenty of lurking, but only really post when I'm posting an MoC (which has only happened like 5 times in the years I've been here). I'm generally just a lurker even on sites other than BZP.
  7. Voted for 1, which was really difficult because these are all amazing.
  8. Is there still room for me on the hype train? Looks like it's getting pretty full. ... *climbs on top of hype train* Hopefully a Bionicle return is really coming, I'm not sure I would actually buy more sets or anything but a new story and stuff would be pretty cool.
  9. I've used Azumarill and it's really good. I've heard Bisharp is good too but I haven't tried it out.
  10. The other day I hatched a shiny Horsea and trained it into a Kingdra. I gave it a wide lens and gave it Focus Energy, Agility, Draco Meteor, and Surf. If it gets to set up Agility and Focus Energy, it can just spam really powerful Draco Meteors because it's Sniper ability boosts crits and Focus Energy + Wide Lens gives it a 100% crit chance. It doesn't have quite enough defenses to reliably set up though, so I'm thinking I need to add a Baton Passer to my team or something. If anyone wants to be ripped to shreds by my glorious Kingdra battle me, feel free to PM your FC. I'm now starting to work on filling up my national dex so I can get a shiny charm and hatch shinies more easily later. I already have about 500 Pokemon seen, so I'm more than halfway.
  11. Well, I just started MMing for a shiny Horsea. Hopefully I'll have better luck than I did last time I hatched a shiny when it took over 2000 eggs.
  12. This is a cool theme, I'll try to see if I can come up with something.
  13. Pokemon is too addicting

  14. I like to use the most annoying Pokemon I can, and now I've made a team of only annoying Ghost types, including Prankster Sableye, Disable/Perish Song Mega Gengar, and Shedinja. I always imagine people pulling their hair out and screaming when they face me in online battles. Feel free to send me your friend code if you dare to battle me.
  15. I have a couple boxes of EV'd Pokemon, so I can battle any of you if you want.
  16. This is the first time I've made it to the final poll in a contest. Self voted because I really do like my entry, I know I'm a bad photographer but it looks really cool in real life I promise.
  17. I feel bad for self voting, but I really liked mine the best here. My second choice would be the airplane though, I'm a little surprised it doesn't have more votes.
  18. I voted for the Dragonmaster. The colors might not be so great but it's impressively big and I really like how it's built.
  19. Very nice. I like that it looks like a fusion of the Karda Nui vehicles like others have said. It's especially impressive to me because I'm terrible at making vehicles. Good luck in the contest!
  20. Flickr contest yay

  21. Thanks! The stand is part of the MoC.
  22. This is my entry for the BZPower Flickr contest. I'm really proud of how it turned out considering I haven't MOCed anything since BBC Contest 65. Entry Picture Flickr Set
  23. This is a cool theme but I don't think I'll have time to build anything. Good luck to everyone else though!
  24. Urgh, why did I have to be put against the terrorbird. >.< Really though, that thing is super cool.
  25. It's great to see a bunch of entries coming at the last minute, even if it lowers my chances of winning. It makes me sad seeing less and less entries each contest, and I thought we'd end up with barely any this time at first.
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