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A quick question about post counts...

Krana Za

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here is all the info you need about posts. basically, posts don't count in COT because of the chance of spam. same for Games & Trivia and OTC.

As stated here, some boards don't count posts in your post count. I also want to add that the BioniLUG subforum doesn't count towards a user's post count either. Edited by Meiko


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Welcome to BZPower! Just for future reference, make sure to check out the Q&A Compendium, which Sheogorath already linked to, before posting questions in the Q&A forums. Also, look through the Q&A forum index and check if your question has been recently asked by another member. This way, we don't have any repeated questions.


If you ever have questions about "Proto" check out the Official Proto Energy Topic, or about "Images" check out the Pictures Topic. In those topics, you can find all you need on the subject of Proto Energy, which is the system we use here to display whether a user has been helpful or the opposite--unhelpful. Less proto means a member has repeatedly broken the rules, whereas more proto means the member has been helpful/reported important news/etc.. As for the Pictures Topic, you can, quite obviously, find any info you need about posting pictures on BZPower. Glad you joined! Enjoy your time here! :)



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Thanks for the replies, everyone. Yes, posts in this forum (Q&A), BioniLUG, Games & Trivia, Completely Off Topic, and Off Topic Culture will not add to your post count. Thanks to Meiko for the info about the BioniLUG forum; I'm not a member so I can't really post in there. : P


As others have stated, please do check out the Q&A Compendium before posting a topic in here! If you have further questions that aren't answerable by the Compendium, feel free to PM me or post a new topic here.


Answered and closed.

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