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Steal the Mask 3


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Note to newcomers: Read the post before you so that you don't accidentally contradict it with your post. This game isn't meant to be too serious or rigorous, but some general coherence of events would be nice.


With the coming and passing of Steal the Mask 2, it is now time for the third incarnation to take its place. Due to complications regarding a developing storyline in StM2, the game became hard to access for players that hadn't been following along. Thus, I have this time decided to introduce a few additional rules that should hopefully keep the game on track.
Rules from the original game: 

In this game, you have to come up with creative ways to steal the Kanohi Ignika from the last player to have it!

First, some ground rules: All the standard BZP rules apply.

Second, please keep countering the last post to a minimum. (E.G, "I shoot my Zamor Sphere at you, making you my slave. You give the mask to me. My Mask." Post 2: "I dodged the Zamor Sphere. It's still my mask.") It just negates the last persons post and makes it less fun for all.

Third: You have to state that the mask is in your possession at the end of your post. (E.G., IMMA FIRIN MY LAZORS!!! My Mask!) Otherwise, you don't have the mask.

Fourth: YOU CANNOT WEAR THE MASK!!!!!!!!!; If you do, we must forcibly remove your face along with the mask.

Some other things: The Mask has "cursed" us all with instant regeneration. If someone kills you, you're alive again by your next post. Cool!

Now then..

And now, the additional rules:
Rule 1: You must steal the mask in your post. No "I decide to not take the mask from you. Not my mask" or anything like that. This is steal the mask, and either you steal it, or you don't post here at all.

Note: Giving the mask to someone else after stealing it is completely acceptable, but you have to steal it from the previous owner first.

Edit: You are allowed to write a third person post about some other entity stealing the mask than you, which exempts you from personally stealing the mask. 

Rule 2: If you are building up to something, make sure that it's only a few posts, and that it doesn't become vital later on in the game. If you intend to build up to your eventual stealing of the mask, refer to rule 1.
Rule 3: Keep it simple. Sure, it's nice to once in a while to get a cleverly written post with some intricate actions, but do try to keep those small non-the-less. No massive, multi-paragraph walls of text on a common basis, please, and if that is done, it would be courteous to include a brief tl;dr at the bottom.
If you really need a specified location for reference, just think of it as Spherus-Magna. This game is moving through so many locations so rapidly that specifying a single location has become meaningless.
Aside from that, everything goes. Have fun, all of you.
Well then... My mask!

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Because today is 4chan's birthday, I obtain an unusual influx of negative energy, which I use to manlilplate you into giving me the mask and burn down any bridges you made with anybody, leaving you with no supplies and Allies.


My mask m

Looks like it's the end of the line for 21.

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Well well, I have returned from sports to the realm of Steal the Mask! I'm assuming reality-warping things are gone now, but I still have my pocket dimension. I pat Onaku on the back and pour some energized protodermis on him from my pocket dimension. He warps and transforms and I run away with the mask.


My Mask!



~Pohatu Master of Stone, 2015

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