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The Legend Continues Prelim W-2

The Legend Continues Prelim W-2  

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Preliminary Poll W-2
The Legend Continues - Writing Division

Here we are... it's the preliminary round of voting for The Legend Continues - Writing Division!

Two entries will advance from each poll, as well as two overall wildcards.

Preliminary Voting begins June 14th and ends June 17th at 11:59 P.M. EST.
Final Voting begins June 18th and ends June 20th at 11:59 P.M. EST.
The contest winner and final voting results will be posted in a separate thread on June 21st.


BZP Rules and Guidelines


1. The Dreaming Dead

2. The Great Hunt

3. The Legend Continues: Shadows of Past and Future

4. A Simpler Time

5. Boxer502 - Bionicle:Turn of Fate

6. Second Star

7. Heroes of Legend

Be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!
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Quite a few really good stories in this one- some of the best of the lot, in fact.  I went with A Simpler Time, but Second Star was also written quite well.

It is not for us to decide the fate of angels.

Dominus Temporis, if you're out there, hit me up through one of my contacts.  I've been hoping to get back in touch for a long time now.  (Don't worry, I'm not gonna beg you to bring back MLWTB or something.  :P )

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Where do we vote I can't find the polls?

The poll is at the top of each topic.
I'd just like to add, the poll options don't appear to show up on the mobile view of the site, only the full desktop view.


EDIT: It appears the poll options show on mobile for some polls but not others.

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