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Sapient Species and Bionicle Reboots.

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So I was thinking about how I would do a Bionicle reboot and specifically about the Matoran and other species; what do people think should be the role of non-Matoran sapient species in a new iteration of Bionicle? How I see it, there are three possible ways:

  1. No other sapient beings other than Matoran/villagers, the Toa, Makuta and any of his minions. Simple, but less world building chance.
  2. Other sapient species exist in the world and can be allies or enemies of the Heroes; examples would be the Skull Raiders in G2 or the Skakdi and Vortixx in G1.
  3. The singular Matoran species no longer exists and instead they have been mutated/evolved/changed into other species with different traits and cultures; for example if there was Skakdi tribe they would have twisted spines, large jaws and eye powers but using the latter increases their rage and extreme case lead to a berserk state while a Zesk tribe would have a scorpion like stinger and enhanced taste, smell and hearing at the cost of their colour vision and more animistic vocal cords.


What do you guys think about non-matoran sapient species in future versions of Bionicle?


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I am not opposed to other sapient species being in the story and would like to see others. However, hypothetical G3 should only have other sapient species as long as they are relevant to the plot or setting; I think G1 failed with this such as having "insert Dark Hunters name" species that we never get any focus or worldbuilding on. 

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Well, I would focus on the Glatorian, despite the theoretical idea about Lego would likely do a G3 with Toa as the main characters. I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the Glatorian. They’re like Toa, but powerless. 

I would also like to think about Skakdi, but they’re villains. 

The Okotoans could work, too.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Definitely a cool idea. However, what if rather than having different mutations, it's simply different "species"? Kinda like Pikmin or Pokemon I guess, a regional variant kinda like how they did with Mata/Metru/etc. Matoran. Maybe based off of either different factions, lore, or basic concepts like the McToran? It would have to make sense. Which also opens the question, would they remain rather robotic looking like they did during, say, the 2006 era of Bionicle, or would the idea be more towards a G3 design? Or maybe a more organic sort of being, like some Rahi?

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