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Your pitch for a new constraction IP


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Some have shared the thought in another topic that, if constraction was to make a return, it should be as a new IP that has no tie to Bionicle or Hero Factory. How would you pitch a new constraction IP, be it in terms of narrative, distribution or building?

While a new IP should obviously be its own thing, it doesn't mean it cannot borrow from previous toylines. My idea borrows from Bionicle in that the character are biomechanical beings, and from HF with its sci-fi setting and its characters receiving upgrades through mechanical means. It would be a sort of Transformers but on a larger scale than one planet (be it Earth or Cybertron), with two factions (one good, one evil) fighting over the planets of a solar system. The toyline could adopt a model similar to Bionicle's 2008 and HF's Breakout by having an equal amount of heroes and villains per wave, each set having its respective rival. A war on different planets would also mean different settings, so each wave could themed around a specific environment, like Bionicle did between 2007 and 2009. As for the sets, I wish they went back to pre-CCBS pieces, but Bionicle G2 proved you could still have interesting sets with it, so maybe I wouldn't mind that much.

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Maybe humans wearing armor. They could be superheroes. They fight villains with similar stuff. It’s like Ninjago and Nexo Knights. It should also be considerate for the story, like Bionicle G1. Plus, a TV show that is like Ninjago’s TV show. That’s something that I want a new theme to have.

I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Possibly a line of constraction doll figures with DOTS-adorned clothing plates, additional pet building sets and extra outfit design packs. Maybe similar to the Friends style/color scheme. It’s odd to me that none of the constraction sets seem to have been targeted specifically at females before. I personally have always wished constraction sets included more colors like pinks, purples and pastels. 

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I don't really have a big pitch for a new theme, but if CCBS returns, I would love to include shells with more detail and with standard Technic pin-hole/axle-hole connection points; hopefully bringing the design philosophies of G1 and G2 closer together. (I'm not against regular CCBS by any means; I just personally find it more difficult to build MOCs with!)

On another note; there's been a lot of talk of a System-based G3 over the years with Toa minifigs, which would be neat; but I've never seen anyone talking about brick-built Toa using the new towball-socket system. I think that could be pretty cool - and if nothing else, it would hopefully get us some towball/socket tiles in more colours than just grey!



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