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Bioventure #1 - The Fallen Star

Mister N

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My artwork on Istagram

How long has he been lost? Months ago? Years? Yesterday? Time seemed to have stopped. His new home is in such dark mountain depths that he is always not sure about the time of day. And he cannot just abandon his great find, fearing never to find it again. Victim of his own curiosity. A real metal star that has fallen from the sky beckons with its mystery. It’s alien, but somehow vaguely familiar. The new home defined his new way of life. Since time has stoped, there is nothing better than to watch the sky and Record. The сircle on the ground helps to observe the formation of new story.

Let the Bioventure begin. The creation of this instagram account was inspired by the fantastic work of Christian Faber. I’d like to experiment with Biological Chronicle’s ideas and concepts, trying to make the next step in its biolution and biovival.


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