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I Am Nothing!

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Just felt like doing something that would actually be impossible to build in reality.

Feeling nostalgic so decided to do the iconic first true appearence of Teridax from ther Mata-Nui online game. In my opinion this is the most terifying that he has ever been, eldrich unexplainable and a true horror to behold. Slightly different to the scene as this version is a mass exuding from the back of the Matorans head, no light in the matorans eyes, only Nothing.










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Back from the darkness

(will update soon)


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10 hours ago, Obsessionist said:

Very cool! I like the black chaos, the black tohunga arms are really great.

Thank you very much :)

9 hours ago, Toa Hovoki Zehvor said:

As the fall season commences, I'm always looking for ways to feel frightened. This did the trick. Great work!

Oww your right I should have waited until Halloween to do this lol ahh well, too late now.

9 hours ago, Master Inika said:

Awesome model. It combines both versions well in a way I haven't seen before.

Thank you ^_^

7 hours ago, TERIDAX941 said:

Very well done! You just need to add a yellow/orange background and you'll capture the feel of that original scene perfectly!

Thank you, just uploaded one with the background and a bit of quick editing, see what you think. :)

Back from the darkness

(will update soon)


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1 hour ago, Heyzorks said:

what is makuta matoran's hand piece?

don't think i've seen that before.

anyway, this is a cool moc!

he 2spOoKy4Me

The hand and upper fingers are parts of a custom articulated hand from a custom parts pack in Studio It's pretty much an Inika hand with individually jointed fingers thumbs and knuckles. The ends of the fingers are an actual peice though, coulden't find the actual name but they are labled as LegoBarb / Claw / Horn / Tooth on bricklink.

Edited by Alucus of the black Abyss

Back from the darkness

(will update soon)


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