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A Lego 2K Drive Thread

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Hey all, it's been a while since I've visited BZP.  Last week I picked up copies of 2K Drive for myself and my brother, and so far it's been a great time.  It very much feels like a successor to Lego Racers 2, which we played a lot as kids.  The car builder in particular is just about everything I could want from one, my only complaint is I'd love to build my own custom chassis.  I cannibalized the starting 4x4 off-roader, using its chassis and some of its parts to recreate the old Maverick Sprinter from Drome Racers; I'd like to recreate the other Drome Racers cars but I haven't found any other good chassis to start with yet.

I only have a few complaints.  I'd love to be able to create my own minifig, the ones in the store don't really click with me, so I've just been sticking to the default faceless dude in the racing helmet.  Even the ability to recolor the minifigs you do get would go a long way.

Which brings me to the store - I don't like microtransactions and premium currency, wish they didn't add them here.  I'm planning on spending the currency I do earn in the campaign on brick packs, I wish you could see what was in the packs before you buy them!  I also discovered you can earn brick packs as prizes in the campaign.  Maybe I won't need to go into the store to get a complete palette of bricks to work with?  I hope not.  I hope it doesn't get worse as the game goes on either, not sure what all the "drive pass" is supposed to get you yet.

Though the drive pass and talk of seasons in the game does make me hopeful they'll expand it.  New (or old) open worlds would be nice - I'd love to visit Mars, the arctic, and Dino Island again.  Lego seems to be having fun putting out little Bionicle tributes in brick form lately, maybe racing with Matoran or racing on Mata Nui could happen?  Probably not but I can dream.

Has anybody else picked up the game?  What are your thoughts?  I'm not sure what all this thread should be used for.  Tips on the game, coordinating multiplayer sessions, sharing builds?  Feel free to discuss below.

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While I do plan to eventually play this game someday, it will not be anytime soon due to just how expensive the game is. I'll probably wait up to a year or two until Steam offers a sale on this game that I feel like I can afford. I'll make sure to get back to this topic when I eventually do get this game, I'll promise that much.

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It's quite fun to play this game but as you already said the real problems are the microtransactions, it's full of stuff only accessible after paying real money. Yes, you can unlock some brick packs/vehicles during the campaign, but they are not the same kind of rewards you can find in the store.

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