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General Art Contest #18: Lego Battlescapes -- Final Poll

Read the starting post below before voting, then select the number of the entry you prefer  

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Welcome to the final poll for the eighteenth General Art contest, and the first since GA became LEGO-in-general. The theme of this contest was Battlescapes -- to draw a battle of some kind, whether between two opponents or more, in a setting. In the first round, six total entries were chosen. Now it is time to pick the final first, second, and third place winners. These will receive LEGO gift cards, in higher amount for a higher placement.Thumbnails link to medium size full images; please click each thumbnail to view those before voting. If you would like to learn more including artist comments, larger versions, or artist topic links, the entry titles below the thumbnails are links to the entry posts. Select the number in the above poll that corresponds to the entry you prefer in the randomized list below.Final round begins now; ends at 11:59 PM EST Monday Jul 2.Entries:

  1. 6995893940_a22d17831e_m.jpg Swarm of the Century
  2. thumbnail.jpg Battle in Mangaia
  3. personathumbnail.jpg Persona
  4. westvspacethumb.png LEGO® Wild West vs. Classic Space
  5. speedpaint0011.thumbnail5.png Keeper Of The Key
  6. crunchyentrythumbnail.jpg_thumb.jpg Roodaka Vs. Toa Hagah

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