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Simicarid Warrior


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When I first read over this topic, I had to read it a few times to see you really meant "Shrimp-Man." :D


Very cool build, I'd give it plenty of points for creativity. The torso is definitely the best part with all those overlapping pieces to give it that shrimp armor look. I particularly like those little claws on the torso representing it's multiple legs.


The legs are basic and a little lackluster. I wish that you had put some pieces over the ankle to make it flow a little better from the wide calf, to the thin ankle, and then back to a wide foot. The upper legs though are cool and really fit the theme, even though they are simple.


The arms are interesting, simple, yet they just work. The shoulders are very creative and look nice, and I like the hand design.


Overall, I really just like your attention to detail. The antennae are cool, and usually the blue would contrast with the red, but with the spacing you put in, it just works. As mentioned, I love the torso detailing and the upper legs. The one thing I'm not sure on is the color scheme. It's pretty much as close to a real shrimp as you can get with Lego, but I'm just unsure about how much the red and white contrast. Maybe if red was the main color in some areas, or if the white was a little more grey. It's still very cool though.


Good luck in the contest!

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Thanks, man.


The ankles and feet are pretty weird. For a while I was trying to get some of the spiked Inika feet to work, but I couldn't find the pieces I needed to connect them properly so I just stuck those Ben 10 feet back on. They're pretty meh, especially considering feet are typically my favorite part of a creation to work with.


I mostly agree with what you said about the colors. While I myself am partial to red and white, the distribution is pretty bad. Not much rhyme or reason, and no color layering beyond "grey goes under." That's the part I'm most dissatisfied with.


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Yay! Maybe he can come over and play with my sea monkey!


Though seriously, this is brilliant. I love shrimp (though not to eat). He fits together very well, though there are a few gaps, and the grey is a bit distracting (and I agree about what Click said about the colour distribution being a little messy).



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