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Repainted Lesovikk


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Hi guys, I had possibly the coolest and dumbest idea ever yesterday. Sharpie a Lesovikk. Well, before the guilt hit, the excitement overtook me and I did THIS


Arm/Leg Detail



More pictures will come soon!

Edited by Phantom Terror


I have an Instagram page where you can see these pictures and more like them! Just click


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Repaints such as this belong in the General Art Forum considering it's not focusing on a MoC build, but rather, the painting of one/a set. As for the actual artwork, I can't really see a whole lot of sharpie, but it looks pretty decent from what I can see. I can mainly see it on the mask, and one thing I would say would work better would be a different colored sharpie. The black just clashes with the green in my opinion.



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