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  1. Welcome to the rules topic for the LEGO Discussion Forum. This forum is devoted to all LEGO-related discussion that doesn't fit in any of the themed discussion forums. Chima, Ninjago, Bionicle, and Hero Factory discussion thus is now not a part of this forum. Discussion of all other themes, sets and story, belongs here. LEGO Discussion Rules 1. Obey all general BZPower rules, as found in the Reference Desk. 2. No flaming or trolling. This essentially means insulting people. 3. No spam. Posts must add to the discussion's subject. Stay on topic, and avoid "repetition & agreement spam", which basically means posting the same thing others have already posted or just quoting them and saying "I agree". 5. Avoid confusing titles. The title should tell everybody what the topic is about -- Include the theme and the subjet matter as best as you can. 6. No topic revival past 60 days since the latest post. 7. Do not make "dupe" topics, which means a topic about the same specific subject as an existing active topic (meaning a topic that hasn't "died" by going past the revival limit). Before posting a new topic you should skim the current topic titles in LD and if you find one about what you wanted to talk about, simply post in it. 8. Do not post your topic more than once. If you get a Mail error, or "Page cannot be displayed" when posting a topic, do NOT click "Back." Close the window, and bring BZP up in a new one, so that you can get back to this forum, and check to see if your topic really did go through. Most times it has. 9. No offensive/inappropriate language or content, and no controversial subjects such as religion/origins/politics. Topic Subjects Guide for LEGO Discussion The following subjects for discussion shown in black do, yes, belong here in LD. Discussion that belongs elsewhere is highlighted in red with a link to the forum where it does belong.* General LEGO criticisms, analysis, praise, and complaint topics (such as opinions on changes and trends), again, if NOT specifically about either sets or story, belongs here. Discussion about themes that do not have a dedicated forum belongs here. --> Bionicle sets and other discussion belongs in Bionicle Discussion --> Hero Factory discussion belongs in Hero Factory Discussion --> Ninjago discussion belongs in its own forum --> Chima discussion has its own forum too --> Bionicle story discussion, including theories and story-limited favorites, belongs in Bionicle Storyline & Theories* Other LEGO lines story discussion (such as Ninjago, Pirates, etc.), including theories and story-focused favorites, belongs here. --> All fan creations belong in the respective Creative Outlet subdivisions NOTE: HF MOCs (fan-made plastic creations) now belong in the same forum as Bionicle MOCs; that is Bionicle-Based Creations. Similarly, printscreens of HF LDD MOCs belong in BBC as well (although the rules there do not say this, the administration confirms it), not here. --> Discussion of BZPower itself still belongs in General Discussion (and of course BS01 discussion goes in its forum, and non-LEGO discussion goes in COT) --> Set trading discussion and the like goes Buy/Sell/Trade.
  2. Same cat! Same cat!
  3. Makaru


    I love what you've done with the place.
  4. They are my pride and joy. See you later
  5. So many of my favorite builders are entering this contest, its amazing. At first glance, both MOCs look very similar but when you really take them in not only are they unique but they showcase your individual styles!
  6. [Gallery] Kakaru and Makaru, bustin' out of retirement to get back into these BZP contest dealios. We decided to base our entry on Horizon Zero Dawn, which is pretty much every 2010 fanfic where humans gotta fight some Bionicles. Kakaru worked on Aloy and I worked on a Scrapper unit. We built these within a week or so before BrickCan 2018 because I really wanted to snap some shots in front of the River Rock Casino's beautiful reception waterfall.
  7. I saw these two on Flickr back to back and instantly knew it was for this contest! Very well executed and paired, both as a single entry and as an example of both of your strengths!
  8. Uh no Hero Factory killed Bionicle. I thought we settled this years ago.
  9. I'm willing to overlook obvious plotholes and mistakes.
  10. Even though I own no 2006 sets besides Zaktan, my disappointment with Umbra is pretty special to me. The set names for 2006's 2nd round was leaked from a foreign catalog, and people were translating Umbra's name as "Strobe Light". So when I first saw Umbra leaked, all I saw was "Strobe Light: The green and yellow roller skate man who wears a horribly unfitting mask that almost every Bionicle fan probably already owns!" I had entirely forgotten about the "Strobe Light" part until you reminded me. What a letdown.
  11. I remain unmoved by the sheer nothing of a set that was Umbra. A garish colour scheme on a lackluster design with a baffling choice of mask. It being a Walmart exclusive was also really odd because the set wasn't special in any way at all outside of availability. The character in fiction was also bland and forgettable, which did not help matters. It was the first set I can recall truly hating.
  12. "Tarakava were a mistake" ~Makuta Mutran
  13. Market's clooosed.
  14. Makaru

    New MOC!

    We've already talked extensively on this so I'll just say thank you for including meas this MOC came to be!
  15. I can personally verify age, intent, activity as well as genuine interest in smooching robo-organics of OP. This topic is solid.
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