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In My Field Of Paper Flowers


Totally Disappointing 10 Minute Blackout Of Doom

Posted by Aderia , Nov 28 2010 · 169 views
'Real' Life
So, I was playing an old pokemon game of mine on my brother's DS that I borrowed ;D, and then the battery went on red.

So right when I unplug the electric pencil sharpener to put the charger in, the power goes out.

I'm just kinda sitting there, frozen, like 'Oh, karz, what'd I do'.

Then my mom shouts up that 'it's not just us, it's the whole neighborhood'.

So we break out the flashlights and candles, and bring some firewood in to make a cozy little fire. Seriously, we should've started singing kum-by-ah and stuff. ;P

And just when I get a good start to my fire, the lights come back on, and apparently it was a car crash, as opposed to me unplugging my pencil sharpener. biggrin.gif


Worse Than Your Turkey Catching On Fire

Posted by Aderia , Nov 25 2010 · 534 views
'Real' Life
Okay, well, having your turkey dinner catch fire in the oven on Thanksgiving is pretty bad.

But I'm honestly going to say, having your moshi pillow explode and the near microscopic styrofoam beads inside it go all over the place, and stick to you incessantly and get into nooks and crannies you didn't even know existed in your house is a lot worse.

On top of that, the trillions of bead-y thingies clogged up the only working vacuum cleaner in the house, and it took over an hour and a half to get everything acceptably free of gnat sized styrofoam beads.


Why Can't I Own A Canadian?

Posted by Aderia , Nov 24 2010 · 187 views
So, I was browsing google, and you know how it tries to fill in whatever it is you're typing for you? Well, I go to type in something with 'why' (I forget what the rest was) But anyways, it gives me

I just want to make sure I'm not the only person out there that finds this a bit odd and random.


Four Little Words

Posted by Aderia , Nov 20 2010 · 201 views

*looks for suitable emote*
*finds none*


What Is Peanut Butter Without Jelly?

Posted by Aderia , Nov 19 2010 · 178 views
'Real' Life
*sighs* Okay, so I have these two cats, and they're brother and sister. Peanut Butter, and his sister Jelly. They've been together since they were kittens. We've had them for about six or seven years. But today we had to give Jelly away, because she kept leaving her 'scent' all over the house. Peanut Butter with out jelly is just sad. :sadface:


'x' Marks The Spot

Posted by Aderia , Nov 18 2010 · 451 views
Okay, so, if someone had every single Bionicle set, from '01-'10, how much would the collection be worth? Just asking, because I'm curious, not because I have every single set. Tch, I don't even have three...



Posted by Aderia , Nov 16 2010 · 217 views
So, I was folding laundry today, and listening to the radio,and my dog was taking a nap in the same room. I dunno how he did that, because I was shakin the walls with the volume.But Lady Gaga comes on with Bad Romance, and my dog leaps up, and bolts out of the room,like there's no tomorrow. And I found him in the basement. Go figure.

biggrin.gif Just thought I'd share that with you.


' The Balcony Scene '

Posted by Aderia , Nov 10 2010 · 299 views
'Real' Life
So, we're reading Romeo and Juliet' in English right now. And it's great.


Well, it would be, if I didn't have to stop every other line to translate from archaic English, which I'm growing to hate. But I will just say, the famous Balcony Scene from Act II, Scene II would be so much more enjoyable and relatable if I didn't have to write an essay about what Romeo and Juliet are feeling, and how their moods contrast, and all the factors that play into this and that, and it goes on and on and on.

I swear, some teachers exist just to suck the fun out of works of written art.


Monsters Inside Me

Posted by Aderia , Nov 09 2010 · 448 views
Yeah, it's this one show they have on Animal Planet. And when I'm bored, that's what I watch. Creepy shows about maggots living in people's feet and leeches down your throat.

I also sat and rotted in front of the TV on the rainy days of summer watching some show kinda like Shark Week for like, hours at a time, and then the next day, my mom tried to get me to go kayaking. I'm just kinda like 'no way, no how, not in a million years'.

I don't know why I watch shows like that, because I scare myself silly. I'm thinking it has something to do with how they leave you with those mini-cliffies right before each commercial break and everything... Curse suspense.


Nostalgia In General

Posted by Aderia , Nov 06 2010 · 136 views
'Real' Life
This is what happens when I have no plans for the weekend. I find myself missing the days when I got kiddie menus when we went out to eat, and a free cookie when we left.

I watched the Walt Disney classics from like, the 40's, and watch parts of Wizard of Oz and make my mom play Sound of Music over and over again on the piano.

And then, I was talking bout good old 2001 and 2004 with the MNInc people. Geez, do I miss the days when Mata Nui was an island paradise and a folk tale, instead of a Glatorian wannabe and a giant robot.


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