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    So I got out of bed this morning (and by "this morning" I mean "midday" because I was up late okay) opened my window for a bit of fresh air, and was greeted by a cat mewing at me from the path. I said hello, and next thing I knew it had jumped up and got in my window. I petted it a bit and then it jumped onto the floor and proceeded to scout my entire room out, because I guess that's what cats must do. It didn't seem in any hurry to leave so I let it up to the kitchen. Long story short, I think I made friends with a kitty? It eventually wandered out another window, but not before it spent like 15 or 20 minutes excitedly checking everything in kitchen out, and also coming over to me and rubbing itself off my legs. I hope it comes back again.
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    If you want me to take the time to hear your argument out, then I'm going to expect you to do the same for me. If you want me to be respectful and reasonable in my response, then I'm going to expect you to do the same for me. If you want me to take you seriously and give genuine consideration to what you're saying, then I'm going to expect you to do the same for me. If you want me to refrain from insults and ad hominem and treat you with respect, then I'm going to expect you to do the same for me. None of these are unreasonable, and I have no interest in a "civil" discussion with you if they can't be met by you, and you should have no interest in a "civil" discussion with me if they can't be met by me. Respect is a two-way street. Though I try to give the benefit of the doubt, you don't automatically have someone's respect, you earn it, and if you want mine, you better be willing to show me yours. Likewise, if you're showing me yours and I'm not giving mine, walk away, because I don't deserve it at that time. Treat others the way you want to be treated. It's not hard.
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    [opens passage to the drifts]
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    Lenses are confusing. At least in nuclear physics you can look at equations that could theoretically play a major part in the destruction of the earth.
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    Mine is 0576-4386-4501 I think if you hurry you can register your system and (if you buy another game) get X free, which is a sweet deal. I use X for metagaming and Y for fun runthroughs (like a nuzlocke).
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    Would a video series of me doing Let's Plays of older LEGO video game titles (Rock Raiders, Racers 1/2, etc.) be of any interest? TN
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    Matoro? Where did you run off to again?
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    I'm sorry, I don't understand you, I think you need a translator. (Awesome Nuju!)
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    Sorry to hear that. Yeah, engineers tend to be esoteric - I have one for a father, and he considers my writing to be a waste of time. It's a thing - but it can't be 100% proved with two instances of correctness. I'm sure that there's probably at least one engineer out there who is more understanding, but I think there is a tendency of them to look down on artistic types, since art is a less reliable source of income than writing or music or other art. The same logic that makes them such good, practical engineers makes them less understanding of the "impractical" stuff like the arts. It's a real shame. My brother and father are both engineers actually. Which, unfortunately, has not quelled my issues with them - my father's badgered me multiple times about getting a graduate degree, and for the longest time my brother was trying to convince me to switch to engineering. They're both brilliant and I still love both of them to death, but they haven't exactly helped my opinion of engineers. I do know two or three cool engineers that have helped though. I'm a very utilitarian person, I understand where they're coming from, but at the end of the day, I don't care how little they think what I'm studying and doing is useful, I don't care that they think I'm wasting some sort of gift, I care about doing something I enjoy with my life.
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    Ask your dad if he has any tips for an aspiring surreal experience.
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    To be fair, when it was first discovered, we had every reason to think it was a planet. It seemed far larger than it really was (since it and its moon Charon were difficult to differentiate at first), and we didn't know a thing about the Kuiper Belt that occupies its orbital region. It's basically the same as how we thought Ceres was a planet until the asteroid belt was discovered (coincident with Pluto's demotion, Ceres was promoted from "the largest of the asteroids" to dwarf planet status, since like Pluto it is large enough to have shaped itself into a sphere). So with perfect knowledge, no, we might not have considered Pluto a planet to begin with. But because of our imperfect knowledge of Pluto and objects like it, it was hard to classify from the get-go. Overall, there were strong scientific grounds for Pluto's demotion, and it shouldn't have been anywhere near as controversial as it was. Though I sometimes joke that instead of dwarfism, a better diagnosis would be "Accretion-Deficit Kuiperactivity Disorder". Still haven't gotten a single laugh out of that one. :/
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    Am I the only person in the world who doesn't care whatsoever whether or not Pluto is technically a planet or not?
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