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  1. As the airship captain rushed Skorm, there was an audible BOOM from behind them. Keitara was angry, she was scared, and most importantly her fist was coated in a hardened layer of light which violently decompressed on impact, stoving in the hatchway. Behind the door, the Av-Toa came rushing in, shield held before her as both a line of defense and a highly effective battering ram. Gold and indigo light streamed from the onrushing figure, and a disk of light sat blazing in the shield's rhotuka launcher. With a yell, Keitara charged Osterox. Her stature may have been slight, but at that moment every inch of her was incandescent with fury. "YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN!" Kei bellowed like the wrath of gods. (OOC: @Toru Nui, @Keeper of Kraata, @The UltimoScorp, @Tarn, @Conway)
  2. IC: Keitara (The Tranquility) Keitara nodded, a slight smirk flitting across her face as she ran alongside the warrior. "Right. Let's go pay our respects to the pilot, shall we?" As she ran, Kei once more charged her shield. A thought crossed her mind. Extending her power, her hand was once again coated in a gel-like glove of liquid light. Another thought hardened the knuckles into a lethal striking surface. As the trio reached the cockpit door, Kei looked to Kat for confirmation as she readied her light and protosteel-gloved fist to smash in the portcullis. (OOC: @Tarn, @The UltimoScorp)
  3. IC: Keitara (Inside the airship Tranquility) Keitara shook her head, attempting to dispel the cloud of anger that had filled her. No, being impulsive would get them captured or worse. Now was time for calm and logical thinking, not blind anger. It was not easy, but Kei was not about to give up now. "Sorry. Lost my composure." Kei shifted slightly. "Yeah. I... I don't want to lose him, or Irna. I also don't want to put everybody here in danger like back at the swamp though." Taking a slow breath, she attempted to calm her jangling nerves enough to think straight. Kei looked around. "Indeed. Yeah, it's completely different in here." Then, the comment their third companion had made sank in. "Heh. Yeah. Sorry, I just didn't catch your name. I hope that wasn't too rude." She turned to Kat. "Listen, if these things were retrofitted with those big cannons there may not be much we can do to them from inside. Our best bet would be to cripple the levitation grid that Knichou was talking about." Kei dispelled the gauntlet, and the rhotuka flowed back across her shield into her waiting hand. "How do you wanna do this? Should one of us go and help Skorm and Irna, or should we focus on getting this bird grounded?" (OOC: @The UltimoScorp, @Tarn)
  4. IC: Keitara (The airship Tranquility) In less than thirty seconds Kei fought an entire battle within her own mind. It was rough, it was brutal. and she did not come out of it unscathed. Battered and weary as she was she nearly lost herself to wave after wave of nameless, poison dread. Then, something cut through the encroaching darkness. Two somethings, to be precise. Two sharp sensations, like static across her organic tissue. Skorm's light energy. It was like pulling herself out of quicksand, but finally a drained, gasping Keitara lay at the edge of the deep pool that had attempted to swallow her whole. Keitara had not been made a Toa by accident, or through some grand design. She had been chosen because even under enormous pressure, enough to break a person, enough that nobody would blame her if she gave in and just withdrew… Kei would not. She would drag herself, broken and bleeding, from a fall or a beating and drag herself forward. She always had something to fight for, and when she did not she found something in no short order. Firelight danced across her dusky gold armor, and violet-indigo sparks danced within her eyes. Joints aching, hands still trembling, Keitara, Toa of Light, Nynrah crafter, and duly appointed guardian of Metru-Koro straightened herself until she stood at her full height. It could not have been more than fifteen seconds, but a small eternity had passed for the slight warrior. Red-orange firelight crackled and ran like quicksilver across her shield, pooling in its rhotuka launcher. Her other hand was coated in a grieve of starlight, set hard across her fist like a knuckleduster. Keitara made herself meet Kat's eyes. "That's the signal." She said, her voice almost cold with a new emotion: the same defensive anger that had led her to attack a demonic ussal crab for her friends. "Laser fire. Skorm's fighting. The negotiations failed. I'm ready to fight." There it was. No lies, no half-truths. If they survived this experience perhaps she could ask Kat about the fear still attempting to claw its way into her heart. But until then, they had one goal. Throwing caution to the winds, the Toa arrow-dived through the hole, tucking and rolling on impact before bounding to her feet, shield brought to bear and fist ready to throw an armor-shattering haymaker. No more impulsive, showy attacks. No more tackling a gigantic problem without thought for the ramifications. Keitara looked around her, rapidly assessing the situation. The first enemy to make a move, she would cut down with her shield. The next would receive a blow capable of deforming protosteel. (OOC: @The UltimoScorp, @Tarn, @Keeper of Kraata, @Conway)
  5. IC: Keitara (The airship Tranquility) Trigger warning: depiction of PTSD symptoms and an acute panic attack. Kei's heart sank to her protosteel-clad boots as she watched shrapnel and molten slag spray from the wounded Taku. When she felt Irna's strong grip on her shoulder she reached up and placed her own slight hand over the zyglak's. There was too much to say. Too many emotions. "Please be safe." She whispered as Irna moved back to Skorm. She knew that, no matter what happened, part of her would forever wonder what would have happened if she had run over and demanded to join them. But the Av-Toa had grown a great deal that day. Swallowing down a kohlii-ball sized lump in her throat, she turned to her own team. "Let's go." She choked out, her gauntlet creaking against her shield's handle. "While the Taku is still in the air. Let's buy them as much time as we can." As she spoke, Toa Keitara stood between the two. Screwing her eyes shut in concentration, she bent the frail starlight around the others as best as she could without having to maintain contact. The result was not perfect, but once they were inside a daisy chain of Toa would be too easy a target. As her face rippled out of sight, hot tears welled in the Toa's eyes. Suddenly, the idea of hand-to-hand combat was not some distant hypothetical, but an immediate reality. Keitara had been trying, hard, to convince herself that she was ready for this. But something inside her was absolutely terrified of jumping through that hole. She tried to quash it down. Now wasn't the time to discover she was a coward. The others needed her. Another round of gunfire nearly caused Kei to scream. Had it been that loud a second ago? Shaking her head furiously, she tried to regain the relative composure of a minute ago. However, to her horror, the cloak over her comrades was degrading, holes showing through. The Kolhii ball rose back up in Kei's throat. She struggled to breathe. As hard as she tried. the cloak would not function the way it had been. Her powers felt like they were drying up, even though she'd just felt as though she had a bit left in her. "I'm sorry," she whispered as the cloak broke apart, "I'm sorry," as she slid to her knees, "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'msorryI'msorryI'msorryI'msorry…." The world became very small around Keitara. As she knelt all she knew was the world an inch from her own eyes. Even as she dragged herself back up, armor rattling slightly as she shook, she still felt as though she was moving her body from outside, the panic within too great for her to even dip a toe into. She didn't even have the energy to lie about what had happened, to say she was really okay or that it had been a sudden attack of nerves. Raw, paralyzing fear still had her in its steely grip. (OOC: @The UltimoScorp, @Tarn, @Keeper of Kraata, @Conway)
  6. IC: Keitara (Atop the airship Tranquility) "Gonna be honest, any plan that potentially means not having to kill an entire crew seems good to me-" Kei stumbled as the wind rushing by them changed direction. Looking towards the front of the airship, she saw to her horror that it had begun to swing towards the Taku. "Karz. I think they're targeting the Taku. Skorm, I'm with you on this. But whatever we're doing, we need to do it fast. I'll cloak everyone for as long as I can, but especially out of the light my powers won't hold out forever. I'm running on fumes as is. I swear, if after tonight I discover my kanohi projects invisibility or something I'm gonna be slagging livid." The slight Toa turned toward her fiery counterpart. "Whaddya say, Kat? You up for a little covert operations before we tear the place apart?" (OOC: @The UltimoScorp, @Tarn, @Keeper of Kraata, @Conway)
  7. IC: Keitara (Reunited, and it feels so good!) Kei's heartlight skipped a beat as she looked up. For a brief, tense moment her grip tightened on her shield, but suddenly relaxed as she realized who had made the noise. Her heartbeat returned to normal, and in fact sped up a bit. Skorm! Irna! And… what was her name again? Knichou's friend, the Toa of Magnetism. Kei partially dropped her cloak and waved like a madbeing. "Irna! Skorm! Erm… Magnet Girl?" Kei called out in a voice she hoped was loud enough to carry across the ship but not to alert the crew below. "Fancy meeting you in a place like this!" Kei made a 'come hither' motion with her shield-free arm and added "Strategize with us?" (OOC: @The UltimoScorp, @Tarn, @Keeper of Kraata, @Conway)
  8. IC: Keitara (Atop the Taku) A faint chattering noise filled the air from below, followed by the drumming of bullets raining against the underside hull of the *Taku.* Adrenaline shot through Kei's body. Aches forgotten, she yanked her shield free and slid and staggered until she'd planted herself between her fellow Toa and the sound of impacting bullets. "Kat! Stargazing tour is over! Those bullets sound like they're moving this way, and I highly doubt there's enough protosteel on my tiny butt to keep us both safe!" (OOC: @The UltimoScorp)
  9. IC: Keitara (Atop the Taku) The glowing light from Kat's attack flowed through Kei like warm milk. The cold, melancholy starlight was suffused with rich, golden firelight. It shot through Kei's system like adrenaline. Her stomach was sour, her joints ached, her head was starting to throb… but she was still in the game. "Kat," she winced out through her migraine, "got enough… more in me for a bit. I'll try… try and cover us until you head below." Bold words, she thought as she swooned slightly against her shield. Spots were dancing at the corners of her eyes, although they'd already begun to fade by the time she processed this. Her body had been through Karz and back in the last day, and while it had yet to present its bill it had begun hanging around the table meaningfully, whistling as though to suggest that while of course the customer's business was always appreciated in such an establishment the restaurant had closed several hours ago and the wait staff would very much like to be getting home, as it were. Kei shook her head muzzily. Her thoughts really were getting woozy. "Um… but the sooner the better, perhaps?" The Av-Toa squeaked out as she leaned against her shield for support, the cloak rippling slightly. (OOC: @The UltimoScorp)
  10. IC: Keitara (Atop the Taku) Keitara gave the Ta-Toa a tremulous smile, the light flowing across her body giving her a watery, glasslike appearance. A leaden ache was settling into her stomach from the effort, and it was becoming harder and harder for her to keep track of the various thoughts racing about in her head. "Thank you." She said, and meant it. A slight sunny glow suffused the Av-toa, then vanished into the shimmering cloak around the ship. Kei's mind cleared slightly, enough to fully feel the ache in her body from all the power she had expended in the last twenty-four hours. Just a little longer, she told herself. Come on, girl. You've got this. (ooc: @The UltimoScorp)
  11. IC: Keitara (The Taku.) The Toa of Light nodded back toward her captain and friend. If by some miracle they all survived this, she'd have to ask him more about their past. Especially what had happened to lead him to trust her with the safety of the entire ship. Kei's thoughts were roiling beneath the veneer of focus she was devoting to hiding the Taku. What he'd said… ghosts. What had that meant? She could have sworn she'd remembered, briefly, but her mind was so fragmented. Any traces of the memory were scattered and lost in the shards of her forgotten past. Kei poured her frustration at the situation out through her hands and into the latticework of light which was doing the job of several rather exotic metamaterials. It was finicky, but somehow she was able to intuit parts of it. The rest was just… feeling. She was going with a strange combination of brain and gut, which was somehow more disheartening than trusting either on its own would have felt. She had been Knichou's apprentice. He seemed to be very technically minded. Part of Kei was awed by his casual mechanical knowledge, and her heart ached slightly with… was that jealousy? No, not jealousy… admiration. The others seemed to respect him as an expert on mechanical matters. Kei felt a warmth within whenever she looked at mechanisms. Perhaps that was their connection. But how could a ghost work on mechanisms? She shook her head slightly. Already her joints were beginning to feel stiff, and a slow leadenness was just beginning to enter the pit of her stomach. How long can I keep this up? She thought. Please… whoever is out there, don't let me fail my friends. Let me have the strength to keep them safe. (OOC: @BULiK. Alao, if anybody Aspect-y wanted to invade Kei's brain @Vezok's Friend, the door is officially open. Though mind, if Kei loses her focus things might go bad for the Taku....)
  12. Name: Myka Breed: Matoran Element: stone Faction: Crichton Description: Myka was one of Zakaz' original inhabitants, before the Skakdi took the island for themselves. Despite what one might expect, she took to the chaos and violence of her new home to heart. Assisting her guardian, Crichton, Myka is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none who assists the Toa however she can. History: Before the fall, Myka was a fairly ordinary, if a bit excitable, Po-matoran. She lived in a village neighboring a local jungle, and thought of little else besides foraging for food and catching the gaze of a certain charming Le-Matoran. Eventually, the two women began courting. Myka's love in turn loved flowers deeply, and so Myka would always surprise her with bouquets of freshly-gathered wildflowers when they would meet. The attack came while Myka was in the forest. When she returned to her home, the village was in smoldering ruin. She found her love among the ashes, the flowers dropping from her nerveless fingers. She slumped beside her heart, now lying scorched and broken on the barren ground. She has no memory of how long she stayed there. The smoke was so thick it could have been hours, or days. Eventually, a Toa searching for survivors found her, and dragged the nerveless matoran to safety. Myka may come across as an almost incurably cheerful individual well adapted to the brutality of the Wasteland. But in reality much of her demeanor is meant to keep others at arm's length. She will make acquaintances, buddies, but hesitates to make true friends. Part of her still lies burning in that village, leaf-green armor withered to charcoal. Personality: If you have ever played the game Borderlands 2, I would like you to imagine Tiny Tina's personality. This will bring you a long way towards understanding Myka. She is boisterous, impulsive, goofy to a fault. and more than eager to punch first and forget she was supposed to ask questions later. In spite of this, she takes great pride in her work as a mechanic, even going so far as to paint flowers on her favorite creations in honor of her lost love. Despite her seemingly bizarre violent tendencies Myka is actually quite personable, and loves company dearly. What few people get past all of her defenses and become, despite her best efforts, important to her… she would give absolutely anything for them. At the current time this number solely includes Crichton Flaws: Myka is very slight, and though she is wiry for her size she is still simply a matoran. If it came to a real fight she likely would not be able to hold her own. Additionally, her armor isn't in the best of repair and has been occasionally known to seize up or creak ominously. It is not truly known if Myka's seemingly unstable nature is due to her personality, the events she witnessed during the assault, or some other factor as of yet unknown. Equipment: She wears a tool belt whose pockets are filled with everything from spare bolts to small explosives. Nobody ever steals from her, as the last skak to try and pick her pockets needed to find a replacement hand. Slung across her back two weapons: an aged hatchet with a rag grip and a broken-headed wrench whose handle has been shaved to a ragged edge, making it the world's strangest sword. There is a filthy, ragged plush hanging from her belt named Laika. If one tries to touch her without Myka's permission there is no aspect or great being who can save them. She wears a cracked Great Kakama, whose bottom half has long ago been broken off. This half of the mask has been refitted into a breathing apparatus which filters out solvents and shrapnel in the air as well as several nasty kinds of chemicals once used by skakdi warriors. The mask's lenses have inserts that can block out bright light. allowing her to weld with solely the mask as face protection.
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