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    Monster Musume

    Monty Python
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    And food. Food is a relevant interest. But I am very picky. I'd much rather have a bag of raw green beans and two hard boiled eggs than a pizza or burger. (Despite the fact that I wrote this in, like, 2012, its still true!)

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  1. Dang, it's incredible how accurate this is! I especially like the weathered look some of the parts have.
  2. It's amazing how well those shells fit together! Must have been hard to align them.
  3. Made by the artist who did the chibi Bohrok up there, although I added the owo Vezok.
  4. IC: Squid A moment of dumb realization hit Squid. With a gesture of forgetfulness straight out of some anime, he responded. "Ohhhhhhhh that was Rain? Yeah, I don't recall ever hearing their name but I remember them now. Pretty nice guy, responsible for my room not looking so... drab. I've always been a fan of the arts, so we got along great. We never really interacted much outside of that, so I don't know too much about them outside of "painted my room." Well, now I know their name I guess." OOC: Yeah I forgot...
  5. IC: Squid Squid thought for a few moments. "Rain? I've heard that name before- referring to the Rahkshi, not the weather- but I've never met them. I know of them, but I don't them. Are you trying to find them for something?"
  6. IC: Squid "Alright, ask away!"
  7. IC: Squid Looking up from the table, Squid saw a familiar face. "Oh, hey Canvas. That was your name, right? Its been a long time since I've seen you. What's been going on?" He cheerfully asked.
  8. Clean up the stuff on Bara Magna- have it revolve around Mata Nui, introduce supporting characters as it goes along. No need for arena fights and "wow Bara Magna is bad" because Mata Nui can see all of that when he arrives. The whole arc would have been better if viewed from his perspective. He gets the robot, hints towards Bara Magna's past are strewn about and the series ends with a great big fanservicey battle like it actually does. Also, cut out or heavily revise the post-ending web serials.
  9. For years, I've wished to have some animating skill to make a Corpus Rahkshi anime intro. And now, I still want it. Does anyone here know how to animate?
  10. IC: Squid Much to Squid's chagrin, the food had not improved. He sullenly scooped slop onto his plate and sat at one of the numerous tables, shrinking into the old cloak haphazardly covering his spiked back. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but any food that looks *that* bad has no chance of tasting good. On this rare occasion, Squid frowned. Without Phantom-On-The-Water or trips to other towns, his chances at getting some good food were next to none.
  11. IC: Squid The silver-armored Rahkshi waded in the shallow water of the Causeway close to the land. He'd been keeping to himself even more than usual for what seemed like forever now. Squid had been one of the first at the school, but he'd faded out of the spotlight as time went on, practically becoming an irrelevant background character. A lot of stuff had happened, and he just hadn't been involved. The Rahkshi fought and made up, Makuta did their things and the food was still just as bad as it had always been. Well, there was always hope it might be better. Hauling himself back on shore, Squid picked up his sword, shield and back and headed for the Refectory. It was time to do... something.
  12. To be honest, my original intent for making him was to use up all of those blue pieces I had, and eventually he shifted to being a humanoid Creature of Water, like something you might see as a Lego set. Thanks for the input!
  13. It was my first time actually making a gun out of Lego, and I was more focused on making it be break action than making it look really good. None of the pictures here are a good angle of it, but I can't take a picture of it because I'm at college now. The head's probably my favorite part though.
  14. Hey yo! Howya doin? I don't think you know who I am, but where I come from I'm kinda a big deal. So my species originally evolved in this huge river, I dunno where cuz it was forever ago but that's not where I'm from. I come from this coastal city with the hippest name ever: Coastal City. Yeah, as you might have expected those early settlers weren't exactly the most creative folk. But me? I'm another story. I'm not gonna lie and say all of the stuff I'm famous for was created by me, but it would be lying if I said I didn't make them the way they are today. Oh yeah, you probably don't even know what I'm famous for! Hah, well you're about to learn. Ever heard of surfing? Course you have. Ya see, I'm basically a surfing deity. I was the one that turned surfing from a dinky ol' human pastime to something more... extreme. We don't have the same kind of insane waves that Earth does over here, so when human surfers brought their sport here, we had to improvise. I'd done study abroad on Earth, and fell in love with surfing instantly. I was like, "Why didn't I think of this?" and they were like "this is thousands of years old" and I was like, "Dude." As it turns out, I was naturally gifted for surfing. So since my species is still amphibious, I'm super well adapted to stuff in the water, and somehow surfing. I became the talk of the town and decided to become the best surfer my planet had ever seen- cuz at the time, there was no way that I was gonna be better than the species that INVENTED the sport. Anyways, when I got back home I realized our waves were pretty trash. So I had an idea- but I ain't gonna tell you. Trade secret. Basically, I found a way to surf on milder waters. I made up my own tricks, drawing from other human sports like skateboarding that I had dabbled in on Earth. Before I knew it, I was the best surfer my world had ever seen. I made the sport big and totally new. And then I had to go off to war. I'm still salty about this, but not as much because I wouldn't be as cool as I am now. Long story short: they told me I was gonna be an underwater spy with my shark-like form, taught me how to fight, and gave me a sicknasty sword and armor. So then I went to fight in the war, kicked some butt, (Don't worry, no one died. The only thing I kill are those waves) and helped our side win. I'm not even exaggerating here, yo- I'm the reason why so few people died. I infiltrated some creepy hideout, slashed up their super-weapons and got out. Then they were like "Aw snap, we've got no chance now. We'll just all die if we keep going, so let's see if they forgive us." And since we were pretty chill, we were like "Yeah but you gotta make amends." So anyways, that's what I am. Godlike surfer and decorated war hero. As I said, kinda a big deal. I'll be seeing you later. I've got some rivals to challenge. (This guy was a fun build, and I'm pretty proud of him. Sadly, I don't have any pictures of him surfing, but I'm OK with that. He's an cool dude for sure. Oh, here's the link to the Brickshelf Gallery for when it goes public.)
  15. You're out in the wilderness of a distant moon, when suddenly you encounter a gang of thieves robbing a group of fellow travelers! You turn to run when one of them points to you, but as soon as you get to the top of the hill you just came from, there he is. SHOTGUN DINOSAUR! Terrified, you turn back towards the thieves, but now they're coming after you. The terrible lizard looks at you, looks at them and loads his weapon. He saunters towards the criminals on lanky legs and you take this chance to escape from the chaos as the sounds of gunfire echo throughout the valley... While not actually a dinosaur, everyone calls him SHOTGUN DINOSAUR (You yell it while speaking) because there isn't really anyone left alive or willing to call him otherwise. An explorer and mercenary of questionable sanity, SHOTGUN DINOSAUR is most famous for two things: 1. Having a shotgun. 2. Being some sort of dinosaur-like creature. Wait, make that three things- 3. His eagerness to shoot first and ask questions never. Despite his behavior, SHOTGUN DINOSAUR is actually a pretty nice guy if you can stay on his nice side. He's willing to take any sort of job he deems moral, something officials are still trying to figure out the pattern behind. From what they know, he's all for freedom and kindness, and believes that the best way to make the world a kinder and more free place is to simply remove those in opposition. If his attitude was more... stable, he'd be a remarkable asset to the world. Unfortunately, SHOTGUN DINOSAUR doesn't care about the law. He does what he wants and what he feels is best for the world. Surprisingly, he understands that his impulsiveness is one of his biggest flaws... does nothing to change it. He's not loved, he's not hated, he's just kind of... accepted. The following quotes are from inhabitants of Qyltor-5B, the moon where SHOTGUN DINOSAUR lives and operates. "Yeah, I've seen him before. He actually just shopped here yesterday. I don't know what he needed a six-pack of soda, thirteen lamps and a can of paint for, but as long as he's not bothering me and my store stays safe, I'm fine with it." "Well, he's technically an outlaw but we let his... often gruesome actions slide because somehow the greater good always benefits. We certainly don't condone what he does, like blasting criminal robots apart in broad daylight, but he could be much worse. But rest assured- if he ever turns on the public, we've got contingency plans galore to bring that cyborg dinosaur to justice." "SHOTGUN DINOSAUR? He's super cool, like I even drew a picture of him and the teacher said I shouldn't admire criminals but this guy is like Robin Hood because he cares about people and just wants them to be nice. So, um, he can be a pretty mean guy and I don't like that, but SHOTGUN DINOSAUR is only like that to mean people does it to make sure nice people don't get hurt." "My feelings on SHOTGUN DINOSAUR are mixed. As the mayor of this town, it is my duty to uphold the law and protect the public peace. SHOTGUN DINOSAUR acts in direct opposition to these virtues- he carries loaded lethal weapons in the open, disregards the law and enforces his sense of justice with no mercy. However, I can't deny that his actions typically result in happy endings. Who could forget the time he single-handily fought off a small fleet of space pirates, or, em... "eliminated" the highwaymen plaguing those travelling to and from the local spaceport? I cannot say I approve or condemn SHOTGUN DINOSAUR, and that's all you're getting from me. As you can see, there is generally a feeling of approval and gratitude towards SHOTGUN DINOSAUR, but at the same time he his feared and treated as an outsider. There are similar feelings and incidents from the other towns as well- SHOTGUN DINOSAUR has no defined area he patrols, and has been spotted in nearly every town on the Yorhj continent at some time or another. For better or for worse, SHOTGUN DINOSAUR is here to stay, fighting for freedom with all his force, crusading for kindness with no remorse. (This guy isn't one of my best MOCS, and was more of an experiment in two things: making a shotgun and making something that can balance well in a variety of poses. His legs are very posable, although holding those poses is another story. His feet were one of the main focuses of the model, and they can also take many positions with stability, although they are not shown here. Here's a link to the Brickshelf Gallery when it becomes public. Hopefully the gun part doesn't break any BZP rules, I haven't been around in a while and from what I can see in the rules it should be allowed.)
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