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  1. These were Bionicle G2 Masks that I modeled in Blender a while back in early 2017. This was when I was starting to experiment more with blender and I got more comfortable at 3D modeling. Don't really have any plans for Bionicle now since I'm learning a new version of Blender, version 2.79, so I don't know if I will ever model or animate Bionicle again.
  2. Back on Vimeo once again...

  3. Had to re-upload Lhikan animation again to new vimeo account. Apologies to those who couldn't find the link to the video. It's back up now.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I will re-upload my videos soon. Had to make a new Vimeo account due to difficulty signing in my old one.
  5. You're great at 3D modeling! :D Do you also animate in Blender?

  6. might go back to vimeo again...

  7. A snow animation test made in Blender. I made a plane emit particles to simulate snow and used an icosphere to act as the snow object. Still testing some other things as well in blender. https://vimeo.com/237522155
  8. hmmm.. I might enter this contest... but what to write
  9. This is how I animate a walk cycle in Blender. I recorded the screencast in Blender by pressing Alt F3, but first, I had to create a file to save to for Blender's screencast to work correctly. https://vimeo.com/237519795
  10. Some animations I made of Bionicle using their Kanohi mask powers. Took me about a week or so to animate and in doing so, I learned some new things in Blender, such as making an object turn invisible and more. (I'm currently working on the Olmak mask power of dimensional gates. To do this, I would use render layers.) Bionicle parts from ldraw, brickshelf, and Maphrox BNG asset. Matatu mask, Ekimu mask, and Protector mask modeled by me. https://vimeo.com/237524531
  11. Currently modeling Ekimu's mask in Blender. Very difficult to model!!!

  12. A beach scenery I made in Blender a few weeks ago. Tahu G2 is in there as well. Bionicle parts from ldraw. Tahu mask and protector mask modeled by me. https://vimeo.com/216945411
  13. A run cycle test of Vakama, Tahu, Jaller, Lhikan, and Norik in Blender. This is a test to see if actions from one armature can be shared and copied/pasted to another rig. Models provided from ldraw and brickshelf. https://vimeo.com/216121549
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