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  1. Hey all, Just a bit of fun during these strange times. I was staring at my Onua 2015 build and I started thinking to myself... 'Michael Clarke Duncan would have made an excellent voice for Onua'. So that got me thinking... if you were to cast the perfect person for a Bionicle character, who would it be? You can do one character, a whole Toa team, or any characters that spring to mind! ~Skol~
  2. What a cute little guy! 13/10 would risk my hand to pat his head
  3. I had the Voya Nui logo as my wallpaper on my phone last year for 10 years since 2006. Haven't done it before. Haven't done it since. I guess getting a tattoo of a Hau made me sentimental. I appreciate Bionicle but a wallpaper is as far as celebration goes for me.
  4. It's to be expected. Most of the G1 generation of fans have 'grown up', the of CCBS threw away others, and the marketing for G2 was, well, terrible. I cannot believe that the third year of G2 never arrived but that surely must be down to poor sales... Whilst I for one am upset about this, we must move forward as a community, and look forward to the future whilst embracing the past. Hopefully LEGO can pull their finger out and do something new, original, exciting and better marketed when G3 inevitibly happens.
  5. Beautiful! I love restricting the gold to the mask as well. You can instantly tell it is Takanuva.
  6. Dude these are absolutely awesome! I especially love Onewa and Nuju for their masks just work so perfectly. Also Nuju's and Whenua's weapons are different yet brilliant. Awesome job
  7. This is like choosing which is your favourite Cullen from Twilight... but I went with Gali for the unique colour scheme and aesthetic. Onua is the most fun to play with I think.
  8. How about winter 2017 sees new Toa and new small... whatevers... and the summer wave sees 6 defected villagers with their mounts and our Makuta set?
  9. I don't think the problem with Bionicle G2 is its theme. I think its following a similar start to G1. My problems would be the character development, simplistic writing in the animartions, weak support characters and villains, and a lack of supporting story material. Unfortunately Bionicle is centralized around the toys. The story is 'tacked on' to support sales. And when the toys ain't sellin, the story ain't developing. Thus we see a very similar story run from 2015 to 2016.
  10. Absolutely beautiful, looks like it's been pulled straight from MNOG
  11. I've used Uniter Gali's smaller blue plates to finally remove all trans colours from Master Gali. I've only had the Uniters for 2 days and they're already broken up and put away, with bits and pieces going on other figures. But I applaud LEGO for attempting to meld Technic and CCBS. They came very close to making great sets. I do love the new masks though, and tend to tinker with the Master sets so that I can swap the masks if I feel like it.
  12. I'm not a fan of blended silver masks. Especially on Tahu and Onua, seeing as they have gold in their sets. Single coloured masks would have been better.
  13. Pohatu - Awful colour scheme. Lewa - Simple and effective. Could have done with some yellow in his build. Mask looks great. Gali - A boring weapon. But the colour scheme is interesting. Tahu - Bland set really. Not a fan of his weapons. Onua - Oh god... so ugly Kopaka - I really like this set. Different coloured lower arm armour would have made this really good. Umarak - Cool, could be done a little better I feel. Overall Toa: VOROX ARMOUR IS BACK! I don't like the half-silver masks. Overall, I'm not too happy with. Hopefully they grow on me.
  14. I really like what you've done here, he looks quite gorilla-like, which is exactly what I imagine the Hordika to be like. The general ascetic looks great, both arms and the legs look very cool too. I'm personally not sold on the posable mouth, but its a decent attempt
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