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  1. I was in awe until I realized that I hit that milestone in February, so now I just feel solidarity, xp
  2. Tried adding my own attachments, so hopefully this works for you too: Go to the blog entry, hit "Entry actions" at the bottom Scroll down, and you should see the image: Hit the little trash bin, then save the entry. That should remove the attachment from the entry and also from the "My Attachments" list.
  3. Is it possible to use the list to go to the topics where you added the attachments, and see if you can do anything from the post themselves? Maybe by editing them? I don't have any of my own right now, so I can't try it myself.
  4. -Windrider-


  5. -Windrider-


    Wow SPIRIT, still in form all these years later
  6. Every time a topic like this comes up, I'm always tempted to quote the last line from "Hotel California," but I always FORGET, dangit.
  7. -Windrider-


    Life's been a whirlwind of some kind of magnitude, but I've been up in Canada successfully working toward my PhD. Poutine is amazing. Even more amazing than mashed potatoes in french fry form is that after having started a relationship and working toward a life together, Aanchir (Skye) proposed on Valentine's Day! It's been an incredible feeling - warm, peaceful, and also how I end up just beaming like a dork when I get to say "my fiancée" in conversation at school and everywhere, really. We don't have a specific time fixed for the wedding yet, since Skye's going to get everything in place to move up here permanently in place first, but consider: LEGOLAND wedding.
  8. And I didn't mean that in a good way, but go watch Kohaku's shows~
  9. I think there's a newer one, Given, that follows the trend of those pretty well <3
  10. What about gals being pals utterly in love and smooching? :*
  11. Same, except for the pool. Can confirm you're a big deal though.
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