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  1. And I didn't mean that in a good way, but go watch Kohaku's shows~
  2. I think there's a newer one, Given, that follows the trend of those pretty well <3
  3. What about gals being pals utterly in love and smooching? :*
  4. Same, except for the pool. Can confirm you're a big deal though.
  5. And why is that important? Because in episode 29 of Diamond is Unbreakable, this gets animated. Happy birthday once again to my birthday senpai. I'd race you to 30, but I would lose.
  6. Hi, I'm actually not a 'he' tbh But I am moving up to Ontario :3
  7. people haunt this ghost town to try to argue that it isn't one
  8. -Windrider-

    Big Announcement

    I'll never cease saying how happy I am to see you come more and more into your own self. It'll only become even more of a beautiful thing for yourself and those who love you from here, and not to mention, you will as well. I've been through all the logistical stuff about transitioning now, so hit me up on Discord whenever. For now, take peace in that existential comfort that comes with proclaiming who you are. It's an incomparably strong foundation. Love you <3
  9. Ginastera's Piano Concerto No. 2, Op. 39
  10. #oops So if you want one, or aren't able to get one yourself, let me know. The code works with... Sun - Yveltal lvl 60 Ultra Sun - Yveltal lvl 100 and Gold Bottle Cap Moon - Xerneas lvl 60 Ultra Moon - Xerneas lvl 100 and Gold Bottle Cap So even if you want four, that's cool, because I have literally 50 codes now RIP
  11. Love you and love seeing you take joy in each of these chapters of your life <3
  12. Hi, it's definitely Dr. Hidaka's birthday, aka Evan, the Sandstorm Star. So get ready to give up your lunch money, because this birthday boy is going to destroy you in a Pokemon battle. It can't be helped! Happy birthday, fampai~ !! If you participate in this topic, you MUST post a Garchomp !!
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