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  1. Looking good, LK! ^^ Don't worry too much about release dates; taking care of yourself is more important. -Inferna
  2. I'm having the worst luck trying to tame horses. Admittedly, part of the problem might be that I've been going after the giant horse that's in the Gerudo section of the map. I refuse to give up, though. Clearly I just need a lot more stamina potions. Also, since my last entry was made a while ago, I do in fact have a job now. Not a particularly glamourous job, but it's busy, I have good coworkers, and it's not in downtown Seattle, so there's no traffic to deal with on the way to work. =)
  3. >insert snazzy picture of Fern facepalming in response here< =P
  4. Inferna Firesword


    So, not much has been happening, outside of the job search. Went and saw Kubo and the Two Strings the other night; I loved it. If you haven't seen it yet, please do so; it's wonderful. Also, I've been preparing for both Rise of Iron and BrickCon; I should hopefully be planning transportation for the latter better than I did last year. Reborn's next chapter is in the works; there's just a scene that's been causing me trouble. I'll hopefully have it done by BrickCon itself.
  5. I'm coming, don't worry. I'm dragging Potu and Akaku along for the ride as well. =P
  6. I'll make sure he sticks to that, guys. =P (Or try to, at least.) Well, I would've given this to you earlier, but thanks to various things (*glares at wi-fi*), here it is now. Page 10: The scene with Rivnak works a bit better this time around, partly because Ak's sword isn't comically oversized and partly because Ak looks legitimately angry about Rivnak being there. (Also your style has improved a lot, but I've said that many times before =P) Page 11: For some weird reason, I'm finding the fact that background character fell out of her seat face-first really funny xD Page 12: And now she's running away. (I don't blame her at all.) Also, Nemesis looks really sinister in that first panel. =P -Inferna
  7. @Letagi: Probably, if we're going by historical value. Though a four-year college degree costs about four years and roughly $10,000 in student loans, plus whatever interest I have to pay before I get rid of it, so I think my point still stands.
  8. Inferna Firesword


    I now am in possession of the most expensive piece of paper in the world: a United States college degree. Go me. Time to find a job and prepare for the crushing weight of debts. Hopefully I can update Reborn soon; I have all the pieces for the next chapter here, they just need to be put on paper.
  9. No idea, but I'll try and make it this year.
  10. When, definitely when.
  11. Apologies for the silence; college work and preparing for graduation have been sucking my motivation to write and do so stuff for a while. Anyway, I managed to gather up the Guest Stars that signed up for recruitment and organized them into a loose command structure for the Matoran Militia. Thank you, everyone who signed up: not only does it mean I don't have to think of dozens of names for members of the group, it allowed me to flesh out the organization itself. Anyway, for those of you who want to know how it looks, here's the command structure I created, and where your characters went on it. Apologies if some of your bios are a bit short right now; I'm hoping that once your characters appear in Reborn and I put your bios in the character sheet, I'll have extendeded them. The Matoran Militia Affiliated Toa Toa of Psionics Rhonwen Under the laws of the City, Rhonwen would be within her rights to act as the commander of the Militia, the same way her second-in-command Voriki commands the Wall. However, she believes that the Militia should be under the control of a Matoran, and has left command to Sindri. However, she still works closely with the organization, and is the first to respond when a squad calls for Toa aid. Commander Matoran of Stone Sindri The Commander of the Militia for the past 877 years, his charge is the entire city of Aonui, with his captains overseeing the command of the 7 districts. He reports directly to the Administrator, Fallon; it is through this connection that he obtains prototype weapons for the Militia to test and eventually use. While stern, he knows when it is best to stand aside and let the Toa handle a situation, rather than risk the lives of those under his command. Second-in-Command Matoran of Lightning Taki Sindri’s closest companion since before they joined the Militia, Taki is in charge of overseeing the training of raw recruits, and preparing them for active service. Her command is the 7th District, which houses civilians. Captains Matoran of Air Xirris The strict Captain of the 2nd District, Xirris commands the safety of the City Center, where the Administrator and her fellows work to keep Aonui running smoothly. She also commands the elite Chronicler’s Company, a handpicked squadron that is in charge of security for high-value persons. While she drills her recruits harshly, she never pushes them past what they are capable of giving. Matoran of Gravity Voltex The Captain of the 5th District, Voltex is extremely dry with his subordinates and equals alike. He respects his superiors, but he takes his command of the intellectual district seriously. Matoran of Psionics Azeran The Captain of the 1st District, Azeran worked his way to his position, training under Captains Xirris and Taki to temper his natural fears and confusions into his ability to lead others. He has a strong rapport with the other captains, with rumors abounding about his relationship with the Matoran of Air. Lieutenants Matoran of Fire Halyx A member of the Chronicler’s Company, Halyx was snatched up for Xirris’ command many years ago when he was on the verge of washing out of the Militia for his attitude. While the attitude isn’t gone, merely tempered, he is a reliable subordinate for Captain Xirris. Matoran of Water Decaia As a part of the 2nd District and a member of the Chronicler’s Company, Decaia is Captain Xirris’ lieutenant in the Company, and assistant when training new recruits to join the Company. His melancholy makes him less strict than his commander, but he is never to be doubted in a fight. Matoran of Sound Lorika Part of the 2nd District and the Chronicler’s Company, Lorika is the friendliest member of the Company, and often is the one who interacts with civilians when on the job. Aside from Xirris, she is the only member of the Company that interacts with any prisoners they might be assigned to guard. Matoran of Plasma Jalicax Part of the 5th District, Jalicax is Voltex’s lieutenant. While as dry as her Captain, she is a calming presence to those recruits placed under their command. Matoran of the Green Kultela Part of the 1st District, Kultela is Azeran’s lieutenant and right-hand Matoran. While she was a difficult recruit in training, she is a reliable member of the District Milita, and Azeran’s trusted partner in battle. Recruits Matoran of Air Sumaka A recruit from the destroyed village of Pareo, Sumaka is cheerful despite the hardships and misfortune she and her friends have faced. Assigned to the 1st District, she’s not all that keen on being partnered with Ghidora. Matoran of Lightning Rekansi A recruit from the destroyed village of Pareo, Rekansi has been assigned to the 5th District, under Voltex’s command. He’s still a bit quiet, despite his surroundings, but he’s determined to protect his new home.
  12. It is a bit of a swerve after the last couple chapters, but its still very well-written. Am I detecting an RvB reference in the name of the Maxlios robot? =P -Inferna
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