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Rock Lion

Lesovikk Lion Rahi MOC Click

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#1 Offline Click

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Posted Nov 15 2012 - 05:59 PM

Okay, with the Lesovikk's Hiatus Contest going on right now, I was doing a bit of research, and found out the Rock Lion actually had a model built, but it never got shipped in time to make it into the Rahi Guide book, and thus, we have no idea how it's supposed to look. Then, that got me thinking, and piece by piece I built what I think the Rock Lion could look like.This is what BS01 says about it:

Toa Lesovikk once tried to kill a wounded Rock Lion that had gone mad in order to put it out of its misery. The fight lasted for three days, and the Rock Lion eventually defeated the Toa of Air.Rock Lions were also said to inhabit the lowest levels of the Onu-Metru Archives in Metru Nui, which few Matoran have seen. None were ever sighted on the island of Mata Nui....The teeth and claws of the Rock Lion are extremely sharp and the tendrils of their mane become white hot if the Rahi becomes agitated.

StandingIt was mostly the mane that inspired me to do this guy, and I really wanted to try it out. The head was brickbuilt, since I don't have a piece that would look nice, especially in Tan. The red pins in the mane were actually intentional (as you might notice I put black everywhere else), as they are supposed to represent the combusting mane. Sitting SideHere's a nice side view, I used as many tan pins as I could, just to fill in color gaps. I'm also pretty proud of those paws, since they took me a while to figure out, and came out nicely, but unfortunately, it didn't leave room for the "extremely sharp" claws.Sitting FrontUnfortunately, I had to use some MegaBloks pieces, but it doesn't show much. The Piraka limbs for the forelegs were actually mostly unintentional, because I wanted to make it stand up before I figured out how I wanted to make the forelegs, but when I looked at it, I realized it fits very well, and so I added some tan slopes to beef it up and try to keep the color scheme consistant, one of the hardest parts of a MOC with rare colors like tan.Sneak PreviewHere's a shot of the Lion chasing a Matoran, also a sneak peak to my next project that I ordered a ton of pieces for.Hope you like it!

Edited by Click, Nov 15 2012 - 10:38 PM.

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#2 Offline Chro

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  • 07-August 12
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Posted Nov 15 2012 - 06:09 PM

This is excellent! Very nice organic shaping, and I like the mane. I think the body could be bulked up a little, specifically around the upper back / shoulders area. The tail looks too big for an actual lion, but this is Bionicle, so whatever. Also, good use of system in the head. That Huki revamp is neat too- I think I might know what you're planning, it'll be great if you pull it off.
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#3 Offline Curious Knight Isniel

Curious Knight Isniel
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Posted Nov 15 2012 - 07:05 PM

Run, Hewkii, run! Anyways, as Chro said, the organic shaping is really good. The mane is also nicely built although it doesn't look very threatening (it's probably the size). Awesome job on this and I look forward to your next project!

Edited by FrozenFlash, Nov 15 2012 - 07:05 PM.

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#4 Offline -Jaller-

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Posted Nov 20 2012 - 12:03 AM

I like the head a lot
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#5 Offline Zalty

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Posted Nov 20 2012 - 10:43 AM

Hey, that's really cool! Not quite how I pictured the Rock Lion, but there's nothing wrong with that. It definitely looks like it could pack a punch!
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