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Reborn: Now Recruiting!

Inferna Firesword


I dunno how many people here read my stuff, but there's an organization in Reborn called the Matoran Militia, which acts as the police force for the city of Aonui.


While I have some characters set for it (mostly the leadership), I do need a few characters to help fill out the roster. That's where you come in.


I'm opening up slots for guest stars in my epic to act as the protectors of the City. Starting from the next chapter (Chapter 3), said guest stars will begin to appear and take part in the story.


To make sure I don't make promises I can't keep, I'm setting the max number of GS to the first 20 applicants for now; I might open this up again if I need more recruits.


Will I appear right away?


Some will. If you're not in Chapter 3, be patient and you'll appear in a later chapter.


How do I sign up?


Just fill out and post your character's profile below. Here's your template:


Name: (please try to have it appropriately Bionicle-ish)


Element: (any of the existing tribes, aside from Light or Shadow)

Mask: (if its an original mask, describe what it's Great version would do)

Weapon: (all members have a sword, a shield, and a Kanoka launcher, but can use one personal weapon as well. No firearms)

Personality: (give a few personality traits so I can write them appropriately)


Do I have to be a Matoran?


Yes. There are only a few Toa in Aonui, and no Turaga. Members of the other races (ie. Vortixx, Steltians, Skakdi, etc.) join the Wall, who guard the city from attacks from the outside.


I'll be recruiting Guest Stars for the Wall in the future, so it you have a character that fits that bill, keep an eye out! :)

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Recommended Comments

Name: Voltex
Gender: Male or Female, I care not
Element: Gravity
Mask: Silver Kanohi Volitak
Weapon: In lieu of a separate weapon, the blade of Voltex's sword can burst into flames, turning it into an even more deadly weapon
Personality: Sarcastic to the extreme

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Name: Jalicax

Gender: Eh, I would say male but if you need another female character go for it. 

Element: Fire/Plasma

Mask: Hau (Metru red if Fire, Silver if Plasma) 
Weapon: Double-edged spear/staff.
Personality: Dry sense of humor, but ultimately good-hearted and caring. 

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Name: Kutelo

Gender: female

Element: Jungle

Mask: Cadin

Weapon: Grappling hook

Personality: Kutelo is a dreamer. She is more capable than she gives herself credit for. While she is generally kind, she keeps mostly to herself. It takes a lot to anger her, but once on her bad side, she is unforgiving.

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Name: Decaia
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Mask: Kanohi Kamahi, Mask of Sloth (Great Version: Instills slowness and/or apathy in a target.)
Weapon: Tomahawk
Personality: Very melancholic; clearly an unrepentant pessimist, though he can smile when the situation calls for it.

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Name: Azeran
Gender: Male
Element: Psionics
Mask: Kanohi Suletu
Weapon: Greatsword
Personality: He used to be an adventurer like some, then he took a Cordak to the knee. Azeran is generally nice to those he meets, but isn't the most social Matoran in the world. He's often confused, quick to panic, and extremely afraid of fikou.


--Akaku: Master of Flight

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Name: Rekansi

Gender: Male

Element: Lightning (But has a Medium Azure and Keetongorange color scheme)

Mask: Kakama (Brown)

Weapon: Dual blades (They look like Gohrast's wings)

Personality: Generally a chill guy and friendly guy, Rekansi is an introvert and is almost as "reflecting-y" as a Ko-Matoran. He generally has a positive outlook on life and likes to have fun. He can seem a bi serious when you first meet him, but this quickly clears away and you see the friendly but calm Matoran as he is.

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Name: Halyx

Gender: Male

Element: Fire (with a color scheme similar to Jaller Inika's)

Mask: Kanohi Mahiki

Weapons: Twin air blades (similar to Tanma's)

Personality: Halyx is a grumpy, cynical Matoran with a sarcastic side. He has no filter and says whatever he feels like, whether or not people actually want to hear it.

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